Profit and Growth Consultant

Helping service-based business owners to optimise business performance, increase profitability and confidently manage cashflow. 


You’re here because you want more financial and lifestyle reward from your business.

You know your business is doing well, money flows in, you have raving clients that love the service you provide. You’ve gone through a growth phase and have realised it’s just to important to continue on managing it “by the seat of your pants”.

As the owner of a 6 or 7 figure turnover business there is now a new level of complexity in your business finances and operations and you’ve either got one or many of these “Big 7” on your mind:

You want clarity and understanding of the financial performance of your business

You want to make smart, informed decisions that set you up for success

You want to confidently manage the cashflows in your business and know that you’ve got all bases covered

You want to increase profitability and pay yourself more from your business

You want to optimise and improve the business performance and know you are operating efficiently to get time and money back in your pocket

You want to grow sustainably and profitably

You want to get your house in order in preperation for exit in the next few years.

You’re seeking strategic advisory, someone who can get in and understand your business in depth and who has the experience and toolkit to partner alongside you and make true change as well as grow your knowledge and confidence on the way.

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

My Approach


Engineering your business specifially based on the vision you hold for your business and life.


Mindset Coaching

Cutting edge coaching methodologies to support you break through your blocks.

Profit First Implementation

Implement a simple cashflow process in your business that increase confidence and reduces overwhelm.

Performance Improvement

Expert guidance for business success with a focus on improving both the financial and business performance.

Business Strategy for Growth

Tailored to you business strategy to support your growth goals and aspirations.

Business Strategic Advisory

Bringing your vision, goals and financial performance together allows recommendations bespoke to you. 

Ready to unlock more FINANCIAL AND LIFESTYLE reward?


Together we will go on this journey to vison-eer your business, understand the current financial and business performance and work together to optimise your business so that your ultimate vision comes to life – whether that is more financial reward, more time back to you or reducing the stress that comes from managing a complex business – or some combination of all of these.

You ready to do this?

I’m Laura and I’m so glad you’re here!

Profit and Growth Consultant.

As a business owner myself I know the passion and purpose you bring to your business. What I want to see that translate to? The financial reward for business coming to you. The six figure salary being paid to you (not to mention profit on top, but we’ll get there) and a simpler way of managing the money side of the business while achieving your financial goals.

What I also want to see? You move from reactively managing the business and having the time, space and guidance to execute on and bring your big vision for your business to life.

I bring a unique set of experiences and approaches to the way I work with my clients. Having a background in Accounting, Corporate Advisory and Management Consulting as well as running my own business now for over 5 years and working with dozens of clients, I work in a way with my clients that most Business Coaches just can’t. Why? Because I understand the money side of business and how the financials are the language of business performance. We work and implement Profit First together in your business and always get a crystal clear picture of where you are now and the vision you have for your business. Using my expertise as a management consultant and strategic business advisor, I interpret this and create a series of recommendations for your business that will put you on the trajectory to build your vision AND I have the skillset to work right alongside you and help you implement every step of the way.

You can expect a more robust, financial healthy business AND improved overall business performance and growth as a result.

Hear from Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First about working with me

How can I support you?

Ready to Prosper and profit?

Become a confident money manager and bring your business vision to life!

Together we will go on this journey to visioneer your business, give you a simple way to manage money in your business, improve performance and set a simple path to having your service based business pay your a 6 figure salary without the need to grow first. You ready to pay your dream salary?

Strategic Planning Session

Are you looking for a dose of strategy, insight or planning?

This is strategic consulting and business advisory support available to you in a one-off session without the need to commit right now to a longer term package. Stuck with an idea, need a quarterly or annual plan, want to review your Profit First allocations at the end of the quarter? This is for you.   

Not sure where to start?

I know how difficult it can be combing the internet looking for “the thing”.

So, if you’re here and don’t know the best place to start, please schedule a call below and together we can come up with a plan on your next step to achieving your next big goal in business. My promise to you, no hard sales, no icky feels, just an honest conversation about your business.  

Unlock Your Profit Potential Quiz

Discover how to increase profitability, pay yourself six figures, and master cashflow with this quiz designed for small businesses.

"I signed the first client at my new rate and subsequently had my biggest month in business yet."

– Michelle Maurer, Holistic Health + Empowerment Coach

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!"

– Tori Kopke, The Rural Business Coach

“I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch!”

– Aimee Browne, Time and Business Strategist

"I have a clearer vision of my business and feel in a short time I have made leaps and bounds!”

– Ashley Winning, Post Partum Doula and Motherhood Guide, The Motherhood Circle

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