Hi, I’m Laura. I help Coaches grow their impact, their income and their CEO status. 


Whether you’re looking to make your first thousand, your first hundred thousand, or scaling you’re in the right place.


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Do you want a clear plan to hit your business financial goals?

Ready to figure out how to create your first 6 figure year? This guide uncovers for you you what has stopped you from achieving this to date and gives you the tools to create a plan to hit your first 6 figure year. 

Ready to create killer content and get visible online?

Powerful content is key to building know, like, trust. The foundation of  dream clients wanting to work with you… but you already know this… this guide gives you 21 prompts to get started straight away. Stop wondering what to write and start right now!

 Want to know I spend my time as a 6-figure coaching business owner?

Get the real deal on how I spend my time as a 6 figure business owner, working 25 hours a week, with 2 kids and time for life. From how I manage my time, what I do (and don’t do), and how I structure each week to blend business, clients, children, and life!

Welcome Coach,

You’re here because you have a vision for your coaching business. In that vision, you clearly see yourself in demand and fully booked, a leader and making serious money as you do impactful work helping people as a Coach.

Wherever you are on your journey you want to create a thriving, successful, impactful business, right?! Whether that’s getting fully booked for the first time, carving out success and hitting your first 6 figures or scaling into a multi-6 figure coaching business, I can support you.

I work with coaches at each of these stages with frameworks that have been developed by personally taking my business through each of these milestones as well as consistently supporting my clients to create their absolute dream business.

Using a unique style of coaching and mentoring I support coaches to transform their business using:

The Simply Sold Out Method

The Six Figure Success Framework 

If you’re ready to share your message, become a leader and build your dream business – making that IMPACT on your heart and the INCOME to live life on YOUR terms, then fabulous! Let’s get into it.

It’s my mission to help more women create the coaching business they’ve always wanted. The one that fulfils, impacts and pays. My clients have booked out their businesses, doubled and tripled their incomes, had their first 6 figure year, $10k, $13k and even £20k months.

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Looking to make your first $1000 in your coaching business?

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Ready to Simply Sell Out, Create 6 Figure Success or Scale Your Business?

Hear what my clients say

“I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch”

Aimee Browne

Time and Business Strategist

“In 6 months I have made the same amount of sales that I made for the entire last financial year”

Kristen Vink

Small Business Coach + Consultant

I’ve had my first $10k month and later hit a $13.6k month.

I now have such ease in my business.”

Tori Kopke

The Rural Business Coach

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