Helping Service Based Businesses Control Their Cashflow, increase Profit and Grow.

Combining a unique blend of mindset, strategy and behavioural cash flow management to end the month to month cycle. For good. 


You started your business with a vision in mind.

I’m guessing it was to offer an incredible service, feel in control of your life and create financial independence.

What’s happened instead?

Your business is stressing you out. Every month there seems to be as many bills to pay as there is income coming in (and that’s persisted even when you notice that revenue has been growing each year), your overwhelmed when it comes to your finances, the pay you’ve intended for yourself always comes last and you haven’t been paying yourself consistently as much as you want to.

And profit? Oh that’s something for the future when you’ve grown your revenue enough…. except that revenue keeps growing and that profit is nowhere to be seen. 

Whether your goal is to get your business out of debt, reduce your payroll stress, eliminate tax bill shock, pay yourself consistently, get a reward for being a business owner (ie PROFIT) or map out how you can achieve your growth plans, you’re in the right place.

I’m Laura and I’m so glad you’re here!

Profit Coach + Business Strategist

As a business owner myself I know the passion and purpose you bring to your business. What I want to see that translate to? Profit for you, the end of the month to month cash cycle and a feeling of calm when you check your business account on your banking app.

Ultimately? Well that, is financial freedom AND puts you in a position to achieve your business growth goals and the vision your currently holding for your business.

I use a multi-modal approach including business strategic advisory, Profit First and mindset coaching to help service based businesses just like yours to feel in control, to run profitable business and grow their business aligned to their personal goals.

With a background in Big 4 consulting, as a Chartered Accountant, world-class coaching techniques and behavioural based cashflow management, I bring a unique skillset and experience that translates into change AND new results in your business.  

How can I support you?

Private Coaching to Create Your 6 fIGURE BUSINESS

Bringing together cutting edge mindset coaching with proven business strategy, set the path for your first 6 figure year.

Learn how to become a recognised name and leader in your industry, in demand with people reaching out to work together, consistently generate the client base you need to have consistent income and a scaleable, sustainable business.

Private Coaching for 6/multi-6 Figure Entrepreneurs

Scale the success of your unique business without compromising on life.

Support for the 6 figure and multiple 6 figure entrepreneur to scale their business, their self-trust and their income while keeping that vision of your best life in mind. This is support to do your business, you way as you grow your income, your thought leadership and your dream life.

Strategy Immersion Day

Combining strategy, planning, mindset, mentoring and space for you to move forward quickly  all in a luxurious setting.

Think of this as your CEO business planning day where you get 1:1 time with me to dive deeply into strategising and planning for hitting the next level in your business, mentoring, mindset and a touch of luxe for you!

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"I signed the first client at my new rate and subsequently had my biggest month in business yet."

– Michelle Maurer, Holistic Health + Empowerment Coach

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!"

– Tori Kopke, The Rural Business Coach

“I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch!”

– Aimee Browne, Time and Business Strategist

"I have a clearer vision of my business and feel in a short time I have made leaps and bounds!”

– Ashley Winning, Post Partum Doula and Motherhood Guide, The Motherhood Circle

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