Helping coaches grow
their impact, their income,
and their CEO status.

Whether you’re looking to get fully booked for the first time, hit 6 figures
or scale your Coaching business, you’re in the right place.


You’re here because you have a vision for your coaching business.

In that vision you’re in demand, fully booked, a leader and making serious money as you do impactful work. You want to create a thriving, successful, impactful business, right?! I know exactly what it’s like to have that vision and walk that journey because I’ve done it.

My business blew up not from working harder or running on the treadmill of more, it changed when I committed to a handful of things done daily and working my mindset. I had my first $5k month with 2 kids under 5 working 15 hours a week, within 12 months I was creating consistent five figure months and hit 6 figures in my business working 20 hours a week.

In just 2.5 years I created a multi-six figure business all the while working less than I did in my Corporate job.

With the right strategy, support and success mindset the same is more than possible for you! 

Whether your next goal is to get fully booked for the first time, you’re ready to hit your first 6 figures
or you want to scale into a multi-6 figure coaching business, I’m the Coach to help you get there.

I’m Laura and I’m so glad you’re here!

Mindset Coach + Business Strategist, multi-6 figure business owner, mum of two and a believer that whatever vision you have, it’s there for a reason. That reason? It’s meant for you! I spent years of my life with a vision for more. More impact, more freedom, more income, more balance. More of the things that my 9-5 corporate role just didn’t give me.

My life completely changed when I realised I could create all those things on my ‘more’ list AND I got to work creating it. While my entire background and experience is in business, I found the “secret” to creating and building a successful business was the combination of mindset and strategy. I built my skills in coaching by training with both Beautiful You in Australia and The Life Coach School and blew the lid off the box I didn’t even realise I was in. This is the exact work I now do with my clients so they can unleash the impact, success, freedom and income they desire.  

I work with the most incredible, driven Coaches who want to build a business on their terms doing work they love and being financially rewarded for it. 

You’re here because you want that too, right?! 

How can I support you?

Private Coaching to Create Your 6 fIGURE BUSINESS

Bringing together cutting edge mindset coaching with proven business strategy, set the path for your first 6 figure year.

Learn how to become a recognised name and leader in your industry, in demand with people reaching out to work together, consistently generate the client base you need to have consistent income and a scaleable, sustainable business.

Private Coaching for 6/multi-6 Figure Entrepreneurs

Scale the success of your unique business without compromising on life.

Support for the 6 figure and multiple 6 figure entrepreneur to scale their business, their self-trust and their income while keeping that vision of your best life in mind. This is support to do your business, you way as you grow your income, your thought leadership and your dream life.

Strategy Immersion Day

Combining strategy, planning, mindset, mentoring and space for you to move forward quickly  all in a luxurious setting.

Think of this as your CEO business planning day where you get 1:1 time with me to dive deeply into strategising and planning for hitting the next level in your business, mentoring, mindset and a touch of luxe for you!

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Craft Content
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Learn how to create your content in one sitting a week
so that you have more time for connecting, having sales
conversations, working with clients and having a life!

Ready to create
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get visible online?

Powerful content is key to building know, like, trust.
The foundation of dream clients wanting to work with you…
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This guide gives you 21 prompts to get started straight away.
Stop wondering what to write and start right now!

"I signed the first client at my new rate and subsequently had my biggest month in business yet."

– Michelle Maurer, Holistic Health + Empowerment Coach

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!"

– Tori Kopke, The Rural Business Coach

“I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch!”

– Aimee Browne, Time and Business Strategist

"I have a clearer vision of my business and feel in a short time I have made leaps and bounds!”

– Ashley Winning, Post Partum Doula and Motherhood Guide, The Motherhood Circle

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