Prosper and profit

Accelerate your profits so you can take home more of the money that comes into your business without needing to work more and realise your business vision.

You’e got goals, am I right?

If you’re anything like the incredible business owners, founders and entrepreneurs I talk to day in and out; you’re ambitious, driven and have a vision for your business and life.

While you know more is possible in your business, you’ve also realised that business is actually doing well already. A lot of what you see happening day to day in your business is the reality you once dreamed of.

The only thing missing? The true financial reward coming to you as the owner.

If you’re here because you want to stop avoiding your finances, pay yourself more while working less.

And you want to end the money overwhelm and feel confident, in control while watching your profits increase, then you are in the right place.

Is this you?
  • You sense you could be getting MORE from your business as it is right now. You want to be financially rewarded for taking the leap into business ownership and even though revenue has grown and business seems to be doing well from the outside, on the inside you’re not reaping the financial reward and your not paying yourself the salary you want to.
  • You’ve had a chat with your Accountant hoping to get more insight around your business performance but the either weren’t able to help you or said “just keep doing what you’re doing” without any analysis or recommendations to improve financial or business performance. 
  • You’re a techincal expert at what you do – in health, beauty or professional services – but when it comes to the money side of things you don’t feel confident and don’t really know how to manage cash in the business or what benchmarks you could be working towards.
  • Your business is turning over a minimum of $150k per year
  • You are ready to step up and become an empowered financial manager in your business so that you can get more out of the business

If you’re experiencing any of these than first of all, know you’re in exactly the right place.

The good news? Things can be VERY different, in fact, you could paying yourself more than you are just 90 days from now with a clear plan to accelerating your profits in the next 12 months.

I know how to get your business humming along financially and I know exactly where to focus to have more of that reward coming to you.

After coaching business owners for years I noticed something. Every one was in the constant chase of more sales. More clients, more customers, more revenue, more locations, more, more, more. With the ultimate goal of eventually getting to the place where they’d hit their “pay day” and would have made it.

As I dug deeper with the owners the same theme kept emerging. They often were chasing the bigger business because they thought that was the way to paying themselves more and eventually getting their business to a healthy profit. Yes they had a vision in mind and often they saw their brand growing and expanding but what they wanted more than growth in the shorter term was cash in the bank and financial reward.

What if I told you:

You don’t need to grow first to see more financial reward.

You don’t need to keep extending your opening hours just to “see one more client”

You can make smart, informed decisions and investments in your business that drive key metrics that improve profitability.

You can pay yourself a 6 figure salary from your business, as it is today (and that’s before we’ve even spoken about the profit reserve you’ll be building up).

You get to put more in your pocket as a business owner without having to sell more (which just means delivering more and more and more hours on your plate). 

Imagine paying yourself more now, no more sleepless nights worrying about your tax bill. No more leaning on your credit card to cover the shortfalls or dipping into money you’d set aside for a holiday.

Let’s improve the financial position of your business now, increase profit margins now, have you paying yourself consistently NOW. Your money confidence grows and the financial reward is baked into the business right now. AND it stays with you as the business grows.

How do we do this? The Prosper and Profit Method

this method is your journey inside

Prosper and profit

A four month private consulting and coaching journey to assess and improve the financial health of your business, plan and start your path to a six figure salary and make your first profit distribution at the end of this quarter.

Imagine having an exact picture of how your business is performing and a plan to optimise, pay yourself a six figure salary AND ensure the ongoing profitability of your business.

Imagine funding that new car you want to upgrade to, the deposit for that investment property that you’ve wanted to buy or that overseas family holiday, pool or moving into a bigger home because you’re business is finally paying you a healthy and consistent salary.

Imagine no longer stressing about money in the business, letting go of the constant need to hustle and grow your business with that prayer for “one day” and instead be paying yourself a $100k salary from the business you have right now. 

Imagine having recommendations tailored to the vision you hold and the expertise and support to help you implement these in your business every step of the way.  

This is not your average ‘Business Coaching Program’

In fact it’s unlike any courses or programs you’ve taken before as this is NOT a coaching program but you working with a consultant implementing a framework and gaining analysis, insight and performance improvement recommendations as a result for your unique business.

This is the ONLY financial program you will need to take to confidently manage your business finances going forward.

There is no fluff and I don’t rely on you to come up with the answers. This is an educational and consulting program where you are taken through a proven process that works.

This is not an off-the-shelf-one-size-fits-all program. While there is a proven process we walk through, the details of how this looks is completely tailored to your goals and vision which we establish at the beginning of our work together.

You won’t be left wondering what to do and this program blends consulting with coaching, I do a full analysis of your business using your financials and provide a report to you (and walk you through it in every day language) and we use this as a basis to create more financial reward in YOUR business – not another business that is nothing like yours. 


In 4 months you will have complete clarity on the numbers and performance of your business, we’ll bust the overwhelm when it comes to money in your business, you’ll have a roadmap to increasing efficiency and profitability in your business so that you can take home more while working less. Identify and implement the top 3 priorities so that you take home and profit more.


What You’ll Get

  • 9 Private one-on-one sessions with Laura to analyse, understand and implement in your business with a mix of strategy, consulting, coaching and mindset
  • Bespoke business report with your personalised profitability plan
  • Done for you financial analysis to gives you instant understanding of what’s happening financially in your business 

    Tailored to you business profit improver plan with recommendations for the next 12-18 months to achieve your goals

    Implementation of a simple cashflow process (Profit First) that has you managing your finances in 15 minutes a week

    Cashflow calculator tailored to your business that you simply plug and play (you will be trained on how to use this)

    Back pocket coaching in our own dedicated chat app for the 4 months

    Business expense review

    Offer suite and pricing review

    Virtual business planning day with VIP clients

Something I hear in so many of the conversations I have with business owners is “the money side of things is stressful, overwhelming and just feels hard”. I get it! And this is what I say in these conversations, you are a technical expert in what you do, providing exceptional results and experiences for your clients. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Just in the same way you learnt that skillset, you can learn the business and money side of things too. One of the key parts of my role is to empower you and to grow your confidence with the money side of business. 

I know you can do this, it just takes being guided, a safe space and someone who can walk you through the process every step of the way as a partner with you in your business. That’s what I do. My superpower is turning what can be complex and confusing into a simple process and being there to answer any and all of your questions every step of the way. I’ve worked with business owners who have ignored the money side of things for years or who have found it stressful and confusing who have said “You make this so easy”.

Understanding the money side of business is key to you reaping more financial rewards, funding your growth plans and ultimately creating your vision. If you feel like any of this is speaking to you and deep down you know “it’s time” then you are exactly where you need to be. 


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