How to Hit Your First $10k Month

The things you need to know, see, and do differently to hit your first $10k month.

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Want to know what it really takes to create $10k months in your business?

You’re an incredible coach and you’ve started doing amazing work with your clients.

While you know you’ve got this life changing work to offer, it seems like you’re watching everyone else online take it to the next level and you’re asking, “how have they done that?” You’re wondering, “What do I really need to hit those $10k months?”

There’s an interesting thing I see over and over; creating $10k months isn’t as complicated or far away as you think. I promise you, my clients and I are creating 6 figures and more in our business without fancy funnels, FB ads or 10’s of thousands of followers (ok a few of my clients DO have large followings but they’re the exception rather than the rule).

There’s a handful of things we all have and are doing that lead to these results and the good news….? I’m sharing them with you.

These are areas I’ve worked on in my own business which saw me hit my first 5 figure month while working 20 hours a week (and scaling to multiple 5 figure months without increasing my working hours).

It’s also the work I’ve supported my clients with which has created results like:

  • Going from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months
  • Hitting a $10k month after years charging $40 per hour
  • Increasing monthly income fourfold after bringing in more clients and increasing prices
  • Signing 4 high ticket Executive clients after developing a new high value offer
  • Bringing in 6 figures in her first year “full time” in her business after leaving her day job
  • I’ve also supported numerous clients to hit 6 figure years and their first $10k months and more!

We’re going to explore what you need and how you to think about each of these things to double or triple your income from where you are now, up to that business changing milestone of $10k months.

We do things differently around here; this isn’t your standard business training . We’re going to tweak each of the pieces of the puzzle you probably already have (or will be able to identify if you don’t) so that it all “clicks” and gives you a holistic view of what you really need to hit those $10k months.

You ready to hone in on what you do need and leave the rest?

If your answer is yes then you need to join.

Ok, I know the internet is full of trainings, webinars and programs to get you to your first $10k month and I want you to know that this training isn’t the same as everything else. Here’s why it’s different; you’re not getting worksheets or another 7 step teaching you the same mind-numbing version of everything you’ve heard before. There’s no shortage of information on the internet. Everything about the “how” is already out there, what we’re doing instead is uncovering WHY what you’ve got so far isn’t working for you (and the tweaks to make to bring it ALL together).

Want to know what we’ll be exploring on this journey together?

You’ll walk away with an insight into:

  • The one thing most business owners think they know but don’t 
  • How to actually do the numbers to ensure $10k months in your business 
  • The two secrets all highly visible business owners know 
  • The real reason your content isn’t converting  
  • Knowing what selling actually is and making it work for you (not against you) 
  • Plus a $10k/month checklist so you are clear that you have the pieces you need in place (and quickly identify any missing parts so you know exactly what work is needed) to get your business ready to finally crack those $10k months. 

How it works:

I know you want to start this, like yesterday. Am I right?

I know you don’t want to wait. You’re itching to get going which is exactly why I created this as a mini-course and all easily accessible straight in your inbox. When you sign up now, you will instantly get an email from me with your first training. Then each day, an email will land in your inbox with the next training so you can easily work through this in the next 5 days. 

And that’s it. 5 topics you need to know, dropped into your inbox over 5 days with your bonus checklist on Day 3.

So the only question left for you is….. what on Earth are you waiting for?

Sign up now and get your first video training instantly.

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and I help Coaches and Consultants grow their business in a way they love.

I grew my own coaching business to multiple 6 figures in just 2.5 years and a good chunk of that time I had two kids under 5 so I had limited time each week. I learnt to focus on ONLY the things that actually move the needle and get results in your business and just completely let go of everything else. I have helped numerous clients get fully booked, hit 6 figures, launch group programs and masterminds and even scale into multiple 6 figures, so not only did I figure it out for me, I know how to help people apply proven strategy in their own unique way to leverage time and create their own incredible results. 

I’ve bundled up my years of experience and expertise to help you focus on the things that actually matter to grow your business, saving you time, money and let’s be honest, stress in the process. If you want to create a business beyond your wildest dreams, then you’re in the right place.

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