We all know that the journey of one thousand miles begins with the one step, but why is it so often that we put off taking that very first step? There is a whole scientific theory about why humans are procrastinators, but it seems to be boil down to the fact, that we focus more on the large and difficult parts of the task and so with the challenges in mind, we see something easier to do in the meantime and distract ourselves with that (reorganising your desk when you want to meditate, scrolling on your phone versus reading a book you really want to, watching Netflix when you know you want to do some journaling).

All well and good, except that in putting off the task, not only are we not taking control of the dream life we have in mind, we are missing out on opportunities and new ideas that will propel us forward.

Science also shows that just the power of just starting something, in some way, leaves our brains hanging and we just feel the need to complete the task, even when motivation and willpower wane (like leaving a good book unfinished, or never seeing the end to a movie, we think about it down the track and wonder what on earth happened…), scientists call this dissonance.

So no matter how small the task is, the science says, just starting is the most powerful thing you can do to get move towards your dream or goal. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, telling your accountability partner its time, booking a speaking gig, enrolling in a course, contacting a supplier or registering a business name. Taking that baby step will mean the second foot will follow and the metres and kilometres will very quickly begin adding up.

So tell us all, what first step are you going to take today to bring one of your dreams to life? I’d love to hear in the comments below.