Have you ever heard people say “Your only limit is you”? It’s hard sometimes to see it but what this saying means is that we are only limited by what we currently believe about ourselves.

Just like other self-fulfilling prophecies, our mind creates our reality for us based on what we believe. Our beliefs about the world, ourselves and our lives are actually the things creating results, not the other way around. You’ve probably seen it with your friends before. They’re always saying something like, “all the good guys are already taken” and guess what? They never seem to meet a nice guy, even though we know it’s not a fact.

Whether you believe that, work can’t be fun, I’m no good with money, life is hard, nothing ever goes my way, I’m not worthy of that, those things seem to work for her but never for me…. whatever it is that you believe. The external world you create, matches those things you believe.

So, if your external world isn’t matching up to what you want it to be, here’s four steps you can take, to start reprogramming those beliefs

1. Catch – now that you have awareness, start catching yourself in the act. Just notice when you start defaulting into the habits of believing things about yourself that you no longer want to.

2. Question – ask yourself is this helping you? Is the belief supporting you achieve what you want? Would the person you want to BE believe this? You need to dig deep here and get honest. Truth is, if your not achieving the things you want out of life and your stuck in this way of thinking, then my 2 cents says the belief is not helping you.

3. Reframe – turn it around into a new statement you want to believe. It could be as simple as, I’m able to learn about money. I’m willing to look at myself differently. There is as much opportunity for me as there is everyone else. Over time you can go bigger and bolder! Start where you are and grow from there.

4. Reprogram – repetition and becoming bolder with your reframes. Every day, over and over again. My success is guaranteed. I am a magnet for money. I can do work that I love and earn more than enough doing so. I am worthy. I am enough.

Feel better already?

What beliefs are you ready to reprogram? Download a free a self worth affirmations printable here and reprogram your thinking.