Have you ever thought about how sometimes we resist that which we really need?

For years the thought of working 1:1 with a coach kept coming to me. I knew it was what I needed, to go where I wanted to go but I kept putting it off, fighting it. Telling myself that maybe the next thing, the next book, freebie, online course or anything else would be the thing that helped me.

What I didn’t realise was that the strongest thing to do, was to actually call in support to help me get to where I wanted to go. Have you ever thought that? That saying you needed help to achieve something was in some way an admission of failure.

It’s so warped because if we know we’re sick but not what’s wrong, we ask a doctor.

If we want to get fit but struggle with motivation we join a gym or get a personal trainer.

If we want help with the housework or studying or learning something new, then we call in the help we need and we know that none of these things are a sign of failure.

So why did I have so much resistance calling in the help I wanted to achieve more specific goals in my life and with my mindset? In the end it all came down to fear.

Fear of being seen, judged, failing, succeeding, not being good enough. Big fat fears.

What actually happened was I wasted so much time and money dabbling. Yes, moving forward but not getting the REAL results I was looking for. Eventually, having not made the progress alone I really wanted, I decided to call in the help I’d known I wanted all along. The last thing to try before giving up on my dreams completely. I finally hired the coach.

Can you guess what happened? The goal I’d been chasing for years happened in 3 weeks. Three fricken weeks!

I also realised with the help of new insight from my coach, that it wasn’t a sign of failure or admitting defeat. I was simply acknowledging that I didn’t know what I didn’t know and once I knew I was able to do.

So here’s what I want you to know. You don’t need to go it alone. There are so many benefits to going together.

  • You go faster
  • You see things in a new way that you haven’t been able to alone (i.e. someone is calling you out on your BS)
  • You are kept accountable
  • You’ll learn new things, perspectives, tools and strategies
  • You’ll breakthrough your current level of normal and create new habits and evidence to show you that anything is possible
  • You’ll stretch and grow
  • It’s more fun

And it shows strength of character when you put up your hand and say ‘Hell yeah, I’m ready for more’. The Universe is always listening.

I wish I’d understood this SO much earlier and saved myself some time, money and heartache. So let me know, when have you asked for help with something that’s paid off?