You’ve probably heard of a Life Coach before. It’s become a fast growing industry but if you haven’t ever met one, talked to one or worked with one, you may be wondering what exactly a Life Coach is. After that, the second question is usually, why would I work with a Life Coach?

There are two main reasons my clients hire me to work with them in a Coaching relationship. They know what they want (or where they want to be) and they haven’t been able to get their on their own or they don’t know what they want and are feeling lost, disconnected, unsure of their direction. These are the two biggest reasons for hiring a Life Coach.

So what is a Life Coach exactly?

A Life Coach is a person who is skilled at coaching clients. Using a blend of support, insight, mindset, accountability and perspective shifts a Coaches’ role is to guide their client on their journey to where they want to be. The focus of this working relationship is to make positive lasting change that improves a persons life. The end result is a person who transforms their inner world AS WELL AS creating external changes in their life.

My clients often come to me to change the way they think and feel about themselves – they want to feel worthy, good enough, confident. They also want to change the habits they have in their life – they want to feel more calm, present and at peace. They also want to discover things about themselves like what makes them happy and fulfilled, what a new career or business path may be for them as well as work towards personal goals such as up-skilling, doing new things, going for promotions, saving money and changing their relationship with money, create a business or blog or simply connect to themselves and know who they really are. They also come to me because they have big goals that they want to achieve and they don’t want to go alone.

So let’s look at the reasons you might work with a Life Coach

You haven’t been able to achieve your goals on your own yet

Sometimes achieving our goals can be downright hard. There’s fear, there’s procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt, there’s also analysis-paralysis and the complete opposite where we’ve tried a bunch of things and just don’t know what to do next. Having a Coach by your side helps with ALL these things and makes the journey FUN. I focus a lot on the inner work, the mindset and becoming the woman you want to be on the journey to achieving your goals – I want you to have as much fun on the way to the goal as you do achieving them. Combine that with accountability and practical action and you are unstoppable.

So often it feels exactly the opposite when we’re going at it alone. Have your cheerleader, your greatest support, your coach alongside you so you can stop getting in your own way, enjoy the journey and achieve new things in a completely new way.

You know you want something different and are looking for clarity

The second biggest reason my clients come to me is that they don’t know what they want. They know the way they’re living isn’t doing it for them. They feel like they’ve lived the life the thought they were supposed to and they’re coming to the realisation that different is possible. But when we begin questioning everything and finding who we are truely at our core, it can be difficult to cut through and work out what we really want, who we really are and what are the things in our life that are going to light us the fuck up #sorrynotsorry because honestly we only have one life, in this body as the person we are. That’s too precious to waste.

I support clients on this journey too, to reconnecting and rediscovering who they really are, developing a belief in themselves and the secret dreams that they have and get super clear on what it is they do want. Sometimes it can be easy to identify what we don’t want but knowing what we DO want, lights the path for us to get there.

So those are the two biggest reasons my clients come to work with me as a Life Coach and Self Worth Mentor. They come from all walks of life – just this year I’ve worked with a nurse, a teacher, a Personal Trainer, a social worker, women in Corporate careers and women with a dream for their own business. No matter your background if your on the search for more – whatever your flavour of more is, I could be your woman.

The best way to find out if working with a Life Coach will help you create the life you want is to speak to one. I offer a complimentary call for anyone who is interested in learning more about working with me as their coach (and there’s no obligation or hard sell, I promise). Why not get in touch and book your call today. Click here, enter your details and I’ll be in touch.