So your kind of wondering what actually makes someone a Life Coach. Is it someone who has a ‘perfect’ life? Who’s good at solving other people’s problems? Who’s uber cool and Instaworthy? Lol! No, no and NO!

I’ve had a number of conversations with people lately who have wanted to dive into my background. What makes my qualified to be a coach and how I know I can support them. I love this question and thought, there may be others who want to know.

So, let’s dive in.

Qualifications and Certifications

The first place to start is the more formal study I’ve undertaken. Coaching is an unregulated industry and many people call themselves Life Coaches with very little evidence to back it up. That I am qualified as a Coach is hugely important to me and I’m a lifelong learner.

Here are my formal qualifications

Certified Life Coach

I undertook a 6 month coaching program through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. As part of this training not only did I complete the 6 months of study, I also completed more than 20 hours of pro-bono coaching with 4 seperate clients.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

As a complement to my life coaching studies, I’ve undertaken NLP practitioner training. A large focus of my work is on mindset, limiting beliefs and rewriting inner stories. This is a big part of what it is to be an NLP practitioner and I’m proud to be able to blend NLP techinques into my work with my clients. I’ve undertaken 30 hours of NLP training to become a certified practitioner.

350 hour Yoga Teacher Training

I am starting this in March this year (2019). I am a lover of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, movement and breath. I also witnessed in myself and now often in my clients that we spend a lot of time living up in our heads. Yoga is a practice to move out of the mind and into the present moment. It also allows us to move and inhabit the body. I want to be able to support my clients with learnings from this and my word for the year is embodiment – which is all about living in the body. I’m excited to learn and grow over the next 9 months.

A couple of other more formal qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Development + Adult Learning)
  • Masters in Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Chartered Accounting.

Phew are you still with me? I am totally committed to learning and growing and I always want to have all the tools to support you on your journey of inner transformation and rewriting your worthiness story.


As a Coach myself, I believe in the power of coaching. I think it is such a valuable process. I can honestely say that we could all gain a lot more from working with coaches more often. Coaching is not just when you have a problem or get stuck, it can be whenever you’re strecthing for a big goal, whenever you want to uplevel yourself and your life and when there’s change and transition happening in your life.

So what’s a Life Coach to do whenever she wants to uplevel, stretch and grow? I’ve worked with a Life Coach myself for 3 months and have just finished up working with a Mindset Coach for 6 months to uplevel myself in order to grow my business. The amount I’ve invested in my own coaching to date is in excess of AUD $8,000. I’ve joined a Mastermind for support for my growth for the next 6 months and expect to take on a coach again in the second half of this year.

Everybody needs a coach, no matter who you are or what you’re doing.

My Life Experience

There’s a saying that knowledge becomes wisdom when you implement (practice and live) it. I do so much inner work on myself all the time. Weekly yoga, daily meditation, mindset work and journalling, visioning and everyday working on myself to be the best version of me I can be (am I perfect, no! I never want you to think I am, I’ve simply committed to practicing). I walk my walk.

I’ve also had some really profound life experiences which to me, show you, that I’ve personally taken the journey of transformation. I’m thrilled that I now get to do this with my clients on.

Here’s a quick list of some of the changes, transitions and powerful things that have shaped me.

  • My own journey. Transforming from a party girl who ran away from her feelings to avoid the feelings of not enough, to where I am today.
  • A 10 year career, climbing the corporate ladder
  • 2 interstate moves
  • I’ve had 2 children and a miscarriage
  • Travelled for months on end and for 3 months solo in my early 20’s
  • My career change from Corporate to becoming a Life Coach
  • Letting go of my unworthiness, my need to please and live my life for other validation
  • Being the primary person responsible for my dad when he had a stroke (when my first child was 3 weeks old) for 18 months and being with him – just me and him – when he passed
  • Buying and selling homes, renovation, running a business with two children

I’ve lived a lot and these are some of the biggest things that have impacted me. Along with all the everyday challenges we all face like my inner talk, body image, career progression and the journey to getting to know and really embrace me.

Why I know I am the best Coach for you?

If you want to quit the crazy talk in your head, rewrite your worthiness story and reconnect with yourself so that your life FEELS amazing. I know I am your woman. How do I know this? I’ve been where you are. I’ve experienced the journey, the same painpoints, the same challenges. Then after my experience I’ve made it my mission to learn techniques, tools and practices that mean it doesn’t have to take you anywhere near as long as it took me. I’ve become the person I wish I’d worked with a decade ago.

If you’d like to get in touch and book a call to discuss working with me, click here. I’ll be in touch very soon. Get in touch here.