I’ve been thinking the past few days, about the massive changes I’ve undergone firstly in myself and also in life my over the past few years. I’m happier now, than I’ve ever been and people also comment frequently on my sense of calm, the inner peace and my openness to life (and coming from a chronic worrier, living with anxiety and feeling like a shell of a person, that is a massive thing for me).

I was reflecting on what I needed to let go of to create this greater sense of happiness, inner peace and an overall life upgrade – and here’s what I realised. Many of the things that were creating stress, dissatisfaction, overwhelm and general discontent were things that I had a choice about. They were things that I could decide to carry forward with me or things I could let go of.

In looking back I realised there were a bunch of ways of thinking, habits and behaviours that I chose to let go of. It wasn’t an overnight process for me, gradual baby steps day by day but in focusing always on who I wanted to be and the life I wanted to create, for the most part (because hey, I’m still human) I’ve let go of these happiness blockers. In doing so I’ve also completely transformed both my inner world and the external reality of my life.

How to become happier and cultivate inner peace

The top things I needed to let go of to become happier were:

  • People pleasing
  • Worrying about what everyone else might think
  • Expectations on others to make me feel a certain way
  • Fear of failing
  • Overthinking, over analysing and overall over-living in my head
  • Patterns of controlling everything, everyone and every outcome
  • Re-living old memories and wishing things had happened differently
  • The belief that there was only really one way to live life
  • Tying happiness and success together thinking that one was needed for the other
  • Labelling myself and boxing myself in (hello automatic cap on life)
  • Self doubt and the belief that I’m not good enough

Do any of these stand out for you as things that it’s time to let go of?

If you want to quit the crazy talk in your head, rewrite your worthiness story and reconnect to yourself so that your life feels amazing, let’s chat. You can make an enquiry here about working together so that we can create the inner and outer change you know you are ready for.