Consistency is your greatest ally when working towards goals and making change in your life. You might be thinking, “hmm, yeah, that seems pretty obvious” but so many of us aren’t showing up to daily action and wondering, where are the results?.

Most people want to create change in their life to create happiness, purpose, fulfilment and inner peace – and so they think it’s counter-intuitive to create structures and routines to enable that. Here’s what I’ve personally found, routines, create consistency which creates freedom.

I know right? I’ve found that the more I’ve committed to the action of showing up daily for myself, my goals, my visions and my energy, the greater the results into my life. Which makes so much sense – but – sometimes when we’re looking at the bigger picture of our lives, we forget how important it is to show up daily for it.

I’ve often thought to myself “can I do it all in one big session once a week and be done with it?” Have you ever trained for a fun run, wanted to improve your yoga or greater health? Can you commit to it once a week and get the outcome you want? We all know, the answer, my friend is no.

If you’re wanting to create lasting change who you are being, who you are feeling and what you are bringing into your life, you’ve got to show up to it on the regular. It makes so much sense that you’re going to get greater results to showing up to it daily and taking the action than if you go all out once a week. I mean, not only are you unlikely to get results that way – you’re actually likely to injure yourself and actually send yourself backwards.

When I’ve created discipline in my life, routines, rhythms and practices and done them daily (even just 15-30 minutes per day) versus doing them when I “feel like it”, I always notice such a difference in myself. The results compound day after day. Imagine the impact of 1% daily compounding for a a year versus a sporadic 10% here and there…. It’s mind boggling to think about.

I recently committed re-invigorating my morning routine (because yes, I’m human and I struggled to keep it going with a new baby in the house the previous year), I was astounded and amazed to see how much more I was in a high vibe state after just a short amount of time. The state carries longer into the day and takes less time to get into the more I practice. I noticed this too with my yoga. As part of yoga teacher training I need to put a lot of hours on the mat this year. Where previously I might go to a yoga class 1 time a week, I’m now going to 3 classes a week with additional daily ome practice. The change in my body’s ability to go deeper, move a little bit further and begin more advanced positions has been astounding in really only 2 months. My flexibility is like it has never been before. That’s what comes from consistency and showing up in small pockets regularly.

How consistently are you showing up for the things you want to achieve in your life? Do you think a routine will actually better support you to take the regularly action required?

Want help creating a routine that includes yoga, meditation and journaling? I have a free guide you can download by clicking here.