As I step more into leadership and being the voice for my tribe, I notice there are things I fundamentally believe in and have been hiding away because they clearly place a stake in the ground for me.

I know some won’t agree; that’s ok! I’m laying out what I stand for anyway.

What do I believe in as a female, online service based business owner?

So here they are; 5 things I believe in when building yourself a personal branded online business.

I believe in investing in yourself.

At some point in your business you realise that the actual thing that’s holding you back isn’t that you don’t know ‘how’, it’s not that the algorithm is against you, it’s not that you haven’t found the right strategy. With shock horror, you realise it’s YOU. Your beliefs, your patterns, your thinking, your sabotage, your everything! It’s you.

You know what? I know you can totally work through this on your own and that eventually, given enough time, it will all click into place but in my heart of hearts, I don’t actually think that’s the best approach. I BELIEVE IN INVESTING IN YOU. Everything changed in my business when I started investing in myself. If I’m asking people to pay me as a coach, I better be willing to walk the walk, move through my own fear and invest in my own coaching and mentoring, is that a truth for you?

I believe in investing in your business.

I spent more time than I’d like to admit dabbling away, trying to get my business working without being willing to invest in it (guess what drove that? I hadn’t decided that I was going to create a successful business – a topic for another day).

Here’s a funny example, I had 3 different calendar systems because the free version of each one would only let you have 1 type of appointment. Instead of making life easier for myself and just paying for something that would let me manage everything in one place, I cobbled together a mess of trial and free offers because I was afraid of investing in myself.

I know now what my time needs to be spent on and happily invest in things that save me time, energy and stress where it’s not needed.

I believe that it takes time to get results.

I’m kind of over people saying that you can start today and earn some huge sum of money in the next 30 days. It leads to false expectations, it leads to frustration and it just isn’t the experience for most coaches and entrepreneurs. Can you sign a 10 figure client in the next 2 weeks, sure! I absolutely believe you can, BUT from a standing start I just don’t think that’s what you should be aiming for.

Unsexy opinion here….  I completely transformed my business in 3 months, I believe you can too. In 3 or 4 months from now you can be looking back saying “Wow! Look how far I’ve come” but most people are stuck in a cycle of looking for the silver bullet, not getting results and giving up and then coming back a month later to do the same thing again! It actually takes longer to keep searching for something that doesn’t exist then to just put your head down and doing the damn thing for 90 days straight. Boom. 

I believe in starting where you are.

Don’t feel comfortable charging $5000 for a 6 week program? Than my love, please don’t do it. I started my coaching business working with pro-bono clients (that means for FREE). Then, I took a step forward and started charging for my services. Then after a while, when I saw how good I was and how much value I brought, I doubled my rates. Then again, after more experience, more testimonials, more trust in the value I brought, I increased my prices and so on. I’m not saying undervalue yourself or charge the lowest amount you think someone will pay, no, no no, I don’t believe in that at all. If you don’t believe in the price you’re charging (either high or low), then my love, your audience certainly won’t. There’s no such thing as charging your worth. Charge what you believe is fair for the results and value you deliver. Then grow from there. 

I believe in energy.

You know what I changed when I transformed my business? My energy. I didn’t change the steps I was taking, where I was showing up or how often I was sharing content. I changed my energy. I got to work on me behind the scenes. My values, my vibration, my belief. And that changed everything!

So there’s a couple of little things that I believe in. They might not be sexy, they might not be what you want to hear but they’re my truth and what I believe.

What do you stand for as a leader? 

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