I created my business to help Coaches grow their business, make an impact and create the income they desire. Unapologetic. I want you to state your dreams and go for them.

One of the absolute perks of this ‘job’ is getting to celebrate my clients wins and nothing lights me up more than when a client of mine, signs a client. You literally can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Want to know why?

Why I want Coaches signing more clients

There’s two big reasons that are part of my WHY that get activated every time a client of mine signs a client.

I know a person’s life is changed when they work with one of my incredible clients

The first reason is that I know I work with the most incredible Coaches. When they get hired by a client to deliver change, that person’s life will be transformed. The work we do as Coaches is literally LIFE CHANGING. Our clients lives are changed from the work we do.

Whether it’s helping them with their health, mindset, parenting, money, career, finding purpose, business, relationships or anything else…. I’ve seen it enough to know that the transformation that comes through working with a coach 100% changes lives. And you know what? That person with a new outlook, mindset and energy in the world sparks a ripple effect, touching their family, friends, colleagues and community.

I know it to be true that when people are living more fulfilled, healthy, happy and prosperous lives, their vibration alone makes an impact. Let alone all the very tangible flow on effects.

More women becoming financially empowered is a FANTASTIC things

The second is this. When my clients get hired by a client, they are stepping up and empowering themselves financially. Do you know what I know? Money in the hands of conscious women is circulated in ways that increase abundance for all. #werisetogethersister

When the wonderful women that I get to call clients are operating from abundance they’re creating another kind of effect out into the world. They’re providing jobs for other people in their business and in their home, they’re making conscious money decisions and spending in ways that make a difference, whether it’s organic food, handmade toys, higher end groceries with less plastic and packaging, conscious money decisions come from the overflow when you move beyond surviving. They donate and contribute to causes that matter and they get to gratefully splurge when THEY decide to. That my friend’s is power and I personally want to see more of it.

I’m on a mission to support Coaches to go out and make that impact through changing lives and the income they desire, likely MORE than they need as I know from that place of overflow, a special kind of magic is created!

Does that sound like something you want to be a part of?

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