The number one thing you need to be sold on to create a successful coaching business is…. You!

You’ve heard it before because it’s absolutely true, If you don’t stand up, sing your praises from the rooftop and own your value as a Coach, you will not stand out. Ain’t nobody else going to do it for you. Even more frustratingly, you’ll see that other people who are sold on themselves and willing to tell people about it, move forward faster in their business. Even when they’re not as skilled as you, have less experience than you or just flat out aren’t as good a Coach as you.

Why? Because if you ain’t sold on yourself, it’s a truth, nobody else will be and your potential clients will put their money into those that are. Confidence begets confidence. Once you know, like really, truly, know your value and why you are the absolute best person someone could work with, everything from your confidence, your content, your sales process, your clients speaks to that. You become a magnet for the people who need you.

Once you know your value you become a magnet for the people who need you.

I worked with a client recently who was struggling to show up consistently in her business. She’s not alone, it’s a common theme for new Coaches as they move into the world of business. When we dove into it in one of our sessions, it became clear that while she was passionate about her work and really wanted to help people, she wasn’t sold on herself as a coach. She had question marks over whether people would really get results working with her and if she was a good coach.

It made complete sense that she was holding herself back from really being seen because she worried that if she did sign that first paid client, she would let them down and not deliver. Right?! Self sabotage is real and one of the very FIRST things we need to get behind when we start a new Coaching business is ourselves. Owning our value is imperative. If we’re not convinced, then honey, nobody else is and this doubt gets mirrored back from potential clients.

Signs you’re not sold on yourself

One of the signs that you’re not owning your value is attracting people who aren’t ready, who aren’t sure or feel ‘wishy-washy’. It’s like they don’t even know what they want, why they’d work with you and it can feel like pulling teeth every step because all they seem to know is that they don’t know. Ever experienced that?

It can be a hard truth to accept but more often than not, our people are reflecting back something within us, to us. Some other signs that could indicate your not sold on yourself is fear of actually signing clients, over-thinking, self doubt and questioning everything you say or do, a fear of showing up and being seen, the feeling that sales are in some way slimey or imposter syndrome.

Here’s some powerful, sharp questions to ask yourself to help bring this out, 

  • Am I sold on myself and owning my value as a Coach?
  • Am I clear on who I help and how I help them?
  • Am I selling a result rather than steps, processes or coaching sessions?
  • Do I believe I’m the best person someone could work with?
  • Why should someone invest their money into me versus someone else in my industry?

If you’re struggling with these questions, it’s a good indicator that your not sold on yourself.

So you’ve come this far and you’re realising that you probably aren’t owning your incredible value as much as you need to. This activity will help

How to get sold on yourself

One of the first exercises I get my clients to do is a ‘Value Inventory’ on themselves.

This means starting with a blank piece of paper and writing out everything they bring to the table to their Coaching clients. This can include things like:

  • Their experience, 
  • Their personal characteristics
  • Challenges they’ve overcome in the past
  • Client Results
  • Qualifications
  • Things people always say about them
  • Things that set them apart from others

Basically everything they ALREADY have that makes them amazing at what they do.

I’ve found that in the transition from a previous career or business to Coach, there is a tendency to write off (or forget) all the amazing things you are bringing to the table and instead of owning the incredible value, a habit is formed of waiting until …. Something external…. To prove their value.

The thing is, those external validations either are never enough, or don’t come until we’re already sold on ourselves, it just works that way.

So go away, create your own value inventory and get sold on yourself first, it’s amazing how quickly this gets reflected back to you through opportunities, new clients, feedback and all types of other wins, AFTER you already believe it for yourself. 

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