When I first started in business, I was looking around at all the people creating success and ingrained a belief in myself that they had something I didn’t. It’s easy to buy into and it’s not serving, it’s probably distracting you from what you really need to be doing and that’s why I want to share with you…. All the things I didn’t have when I hit my first $14k cash month (during the corona virus pandemic)

I didn’t have:

  • Ad spend (I haven’t spent a cent on paid advertising in over 6 months)
  • 10,000 followers on Instagram (nope, less than 2,000)
  • A large facebook group (uh-uh, I had less than 200 (amazing!!) members)
  • Time (LOL the pandemic meant school was out for my 5 year old and my 2 year old hasn’t been to daycare in 6 weeks)
  • A large email list (whoops, not ideal but I haven’t sent an email since January to my list that has less than 400 people)

So what DID I have?

  • Daily mindset practices to foster a success CEO mindset
  • A commitment to working through the fears I had around hitting the next level in my business
  • A workable strategy I knew worked and played to my strengths that I could CONSISTENTLY work in small pockets of time
  • Cohesive and conversion focused content that spoke to my audience where they were at
  • A commitment to being insanely visible, continuing to sell and help people regardless of the global circumstances
  • A clear, simple funnel that involved delivering value to people BEFORE they paid me
  • A Coach to continuously hold me to account to the vision I had for my business and life

All of the things I DID have are EXACTLY what I coach and teach my clients so that they know an email list, a following size or amount spent on ads isn’t the determiner of success. It’s not even about time, having your kids at home or whether you’re an Instagram model. It IS about getting focused on the right strategy for YOUR unique business and getting out of your way enough to allow you to implement. That’s ultimately what creates results, growth, impact and income in your business.

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