When I made the decision at the end of 2019 that I wanted to take my business from $5k to $10k months, I had a pretty clear idea that there were things in my business that were not aligned with a 6 figure year/ $10k months business.

As I look back I can clearly see what served me and my business best to move to $10k months and it comes to 3 core things Mindset, Marketing and Money Mastery. I want to share with you the insight on each of these pieces of the puzzle so you can focus on the right things to take your business to $10k months whether you’re currently looking to sign your first client or at $5k .


I always look at mindset through two lenses. The first is clearing all the BS thoughts, beliefs and fears that do not align with where you’re going. Mopping these up and working through them is the thing that stops the inconsistency, the sabotaging behaviours. It’s what gets you out of your own way.

The second is the proactive and intentional creation of what you want. Literally a process of telling your brain what you want and seeing yourself becoming, thinking, feeling, taking action and showing up in the energy of that person who already has what you want. Simple but effective, if you show up, speak, think, believe and take action like a person that has what you want, how can it not appear?! Trick question because it can’t not appear.


Crystal clear messaging, powerful content and a strategy that gets you visible and in front of your ideal clients and compels them into action is not negotiable at this stage. To scale to that next income level, you need to ensure you have a process that works and can scale with you. As you uplevel into $10k months, time becomes a scarce resource (and we don’t want to be compromising on your life outside of your business through inefficient practices).

You won’t move forward into that next level with ease while you’re flinging spaghetti (at the old saying of seeing what sticks). You need a locked down marketing strategy that works for you and that you know exactly how to execute.

Money Mastery

Do you know what? You can get away with messy finances at the $5k month mark (I’m not advocating it, it’s just often what happens). As your business becomes more complex and revenue grows, you’ll find the tax office has a new interest in your business, your requirements increase, you’ll probably make investments into systems and support and the structure of your business may need to change. These are wonderful things to experience because it means your business is growing but it can quickly shift to overwhelm if you do not feel in control and (at least on your way to) mastery of finances.

So if you’re working on going from $0-$5k here’s three steps you can take:

  1. Mindset: Identify what you’re thinking about creating $5k months and determine what narrative you are going to take on to enable you to take action every day.
  2. Marketing: Get crystal clear on who you serve and the problem you solve and form a new connection every week. Generic coaching terms can sign a couple of clients but speaking to the hearts, minds and deeply understanding what your people want is the way to get to $5k months.
  3. Money Mastery: Record all the income and expenses in your business and get comfortable being across them. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A spreadsheet will do, the sooner you start flexing your CEO muscle the easier it will be.

If you’re working on going from $5k -> $10k here’s your three steps

  1. Mindset: Fear of success is the most common thing to creep in here, it’s not what we hear a lot when talking about mindset but taking the time to identify and work through all of the fears about going to that next level is key to allowing you to actually create it in reality. List out all your fears and lovingly determine which ones need to be ‘solved for’, which ones need to be accepted and which ones need to be let go of. Most of us need help here and my view is a Coach of your own becomes non-negotiable to elevate into $10k months.
  2. Marketing: Ensure you know what is working in your marketing strategy and double down on that. There is no need to be everywhere, so use the data that’s brought you to $5k months, determine what’s working and refine, tweak and perfect that process so you know you can sign clients whenever you decide. Growth and power comes from knowing exactly what you need to do to sign your next client.
  3. Money Mastery: CEO mindset is crucial at $10k months. It may be time to review your company structure, make sure you have separate business bank accounts and you need to know how much it costs to run your business, how you generate revenue and ensure that you can identify a ‘mud map’ of what your client load is to take you to $10k. These basic pieces will inform a lot of decisions on strategy, pricing, outsourcing etc so take the time to set yourself up now. It’s much easier than cobbling together in retrospect.

I am beyond passionate about seeing more female coaches elevate their income and impact. It drives what I do everyday. I know it creates a ripple effect in the lives of others through coaching work and your clients becoming empowered in their own lives. I also know that more money in the hands of conscious women is always a good thing, money amplifies the good you’re here to do.

Are you ready to uplevel your business and create that next level of income to change your life and the lives of those around you? To talk about creating success on your terms and what that would look like working together simply book a Discovery Call here