There comes a time in every Coaches’ business where the time taken to manage the admin associated with working with clients starts to get into overwhelm overdrive.

For me the point came where, while I wasn’t maxxed out at the load of clients I wanted, I was literally struggling to keep up with the all the behind-the-scenes admin that goes into having clients on your books and in your business. That includes things like:

  • Booking free sessions or Discovery Calls
  • Getting the pre-coaching questionnaire off to the client and back before that call
  • Signing and returning contracts
  • Issuing invoices and tracking whether payments had been made
  • Scheduling out sessions
  • Sending reminders for sessions
  • Sending pre-coaching sessions questionnaires before each session

OMG, I feel overwhelmed just writing that list, let alone how I felt doing it for not one but many clients every week. I got to the point where I was simply struggling to keep up with all of this and I felt like the admin side of working with clients was starting to take up more time than I had – and scarily, was preventing me from doing the revenue-generating tasks to bring in new clients. In a way, it made me feel like I didn’t have room for my clients as the admin grew every time someone new started working with me.

I realised at this point I needed to do something about this as I simply was not able to grow my client base any further from that position (and I wanted to be working with more clients).

There were two options I was considering, either hiring a VA to manage all of the above tasks manually on my behalf or to systemise it in some way.

Thankfully during that process I found Satori and never looked back. Satori enabled me to continue to grow my client base, automating all of the above tasks I mentioned and also saved me money from hiring a VA to do tasks in a manual way when they could all be automated within a system.

Satori has all the features I was looking for in a system.

I could:

  • Set up different types of offers, making it easy to book clients onto Discovery Calls, one off-sessions and into my coaching packages by simply sharing a link
  • Automate client onboarding with a simple process for them to sign the contract and pay their invoice (and the ability to automate both upfront payments and payment plans in the system saves so much time)
  • Allow clients to schedule all their own sessions and manage their bookings themselves (no more back and forth on that one)
  • Set session reminders and questionnaires to suit my business, they’re adaptable and automatically sent (no more remembering to send those off)
  • Client details like email, phone number are all stored in a system so you never have to waste time collecting that information

Satori literally had everything I needed to continue to grow my coaching business and has continued to serve me in working with clients up to a now 6 figure business. It saves time, saves money and allows you to get on with the things you’d much rather be doing. Connecting with and working with clients.

You can try Satori for 30 days for free and see if it suits your coaching business (most likely, you won’t look back). Click here to set up your free 30 day trial.