Let’s talk about Instagram Reels for a minute.

Have you created your first Reel yet?

Last week I challenged myself to creating 1 Reel every day of the week. Why? Well, they’re being heavily utilised on Insta at the moment and seemingly prioritised by the IG algorithm, making them a great way to increase your visibility and get seen by people who aren’t currently following you through the explore feature.

I was curious to give them a go and experiment with sharing reels in my feed so I could peer into the data and see whether they’re worth the effort. Turns out, they are.

Here’s what happened in my stats after 5 reels in a week:

  • Accounts reached: up 132.2% versus the previous week (that means I got seen by more than double the amount of people than the previous week)
  • Impressions up 70%
  • Profile Visits up 5.7%
  • Website taps up a whopping 50%

What this means?

A reel a day meant I got seen by more people, got discovered by new people and had more people clicking through to my website, booking calls and joining my list. All pretty cool from a 15 second video, right?

Instagram is absolutely prioritising ‘reels’ at the moment, so it’s a great time to experiment, have some fun and know that it does correlate with the metrics that matter like enquiries, website clicks and email list growth.

If you’re ready to get more eyes on your content, DM me on Instagram and tell me how many times you commit to posting on Reels this week.

To give you some inspiration to get started here is one of the most popular Reels I created last week. Enjoy!

Watch the Reel here so you can try it out as well!

And if you want to see more Reels like the ones I shared above, head over to Instagram and give me a follow @laurajohagan.

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