Have you noticed the online space is shifting at the moment?

I know 2020 has asked that of so much of us, right?! And it’s something I’ve been observing recently in our space. There is currently a shift happening in our industry as we speak.

First thing I want to say, don’t panic!

It’s not a bad thing, in fact, as someone who’s been in the online world in different capacities since 2016 I’ve seen it happen many times. It always pairs with new opportunity as long as you’re willing to adapt.

One thing IS certain about the online business world and digital marketing – it’s always changing and shifting.

Recently, I went live to share The 4 big shifts that are currently happening within the online coaching world. In this livestream I talked about:

  • The 4 big shifts I’m seeing at the moment (and how to adapt with them)
  • What’s currently working and not working as well from a marketing perspective

It really seems like a ‘reset’ in the shifts that are occurring and I’m seeing powerful ways you can utilise the changing landscape to stand out, win clients and grow your business.

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Thinking about working together?

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