Wondering why aren’t you selling out or completely booked by now? If you’re caught up trying to do all the things to get your coaching business off the ground and you’re not signing the clients you want, what are yoy missing?

Over the past two years I have consistently filled my Coaching business with dream clients (seriously, love my clients) and supported them to do the same. I’ve come to see that I do things simply, effectively and know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing a thriving coaching practice. Over the course of this time, I’ve come to see there is a clear process and method to becoming fully booked as a coach and I have brought this together now into my own signature method. Introducing the Simply Sold Out Method.

The Simply Sold Out Method

In the video training below I’m walking you through the four phases that make up the Simply Sold Out Method™. Using this you can identify exactly where you need to focus your attention in your business even if you’re at an early stage to get sold out, whether your goal is to sign your first few clients, get fully booked or grow to six figures and beyond.

So, how is the Simply Sold Out Method going to help you and your business? Let me explain it all in this video training below.

It will cover: 

  • How I got to my biggest month ever (30k in cash)
  • The three mistakes you need to make sure you’re not making as a coach that are stopping you from getting fully booked
  • The four phases of the Simply Sold Out Method
  • Why you don’t need to lower your price even if your clients say the can’t afford it

I want you to start thinking about where you are in your business and which of these things is not working the way you think it needs to be. This framework helps you identify where you really need to focus your attention in your business at any stage you’re in. 

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X. Laura.