You crave more freedom, making an impact, and having success on your own terms right? Yes.

So, you’re thinking the way to do it is to repeat the same thing over and over enough times, at a fast enough pace and that will create that ultimate level of success? False!

After taking my own business to multiple six figures and supporting dozens of clients to grow their business signing their first clients, becoming fully booked, have their first $5k, $10k and even 20k months, I’ve come to understand that there are 4 clear stages of Business Elevation. Each stage has nuances, challenges, and different requirements. So simply repeating what you did to get to where you are now, is NOT going to break you through to the next level.

What will? Understanding where you are in your Business Elevation Journey your coaching business is so you can get clear on what strategies, mindset work and focuses you required and what needs to change to elevate you into the next stage of business.

Four stages of Business Elevation:

1. Unseen

The first stage of business is Unseen. You’re excited about starting your business and quickly compile a long list of things to do but marketing is vague and you don’t really know what to do. Procrastination, imposter syndrome, and comparison have moved in and you’re feeling unseen and unnoticed (and have very little in the way of clients).

2. The Contender

Further on in your business journey, you elevate into The Contender. At this stage, you’re visible, consistent, and working with clients (yay!) but you’re never quite fully booked and it feels unpredictable (boo). Your current pricing and structure aren’t compatible with $10k months so you want to raise your rates but potential clients come to you price-shopping and interviewing 4 other coaches, so it doesn’t seem an option. Something is a little ‘off’ but you can’t quite articulate it.

3. Building

As your business grows and you sustain five figure months you are likely in the building phase. Here you are fully booked and building future demand. The money is good and you’re feeling solid in your processes with clients, however time has become scarce, there’s a lot to keep up with and as clients have increased a whole new round of challenges have presented and you know boundaries and business savvy is being asked of you.

4. In Demand

The stage most Coaches aspire to is In Demand. At this stage you’re fully booked with a waitlist and have expanded your offerings to begin scaling your business. People come to you already decided they want to work with you and you trust yourself as a Coach and as a CEO. You have a team that has freed up time and capacity, meaning you innovate, create, and have time to think. You are seen as a leader in your niche. You feel that sense of freedom, success, and impact and your business has scaled into multi 6-figures. You realise you are living the vision you created this whole thing for.

What did you think? Do you see yourself in any of those four stages?

Now that you’ve learnt about each of these stages, you can probably identify what stage your business is at. Now you might be thinking… “how do I elevate my business then?” It’s not as far away as you think and it’s not for the special few (although it is for those who value action taking, self-responsibility and want to not only coach but enjoy the process of business building).

So how do you do it? Setting the right strategy, solving the right problems, and doing the work to change who you’re being. Making all of that actionable, repeatable, and a priority each day based on exactly where you are now.

Which stage is your business at? And more importantly, where do you want it to be?

Whatever stage you’re in, if you want to take your business to the next level, I work with Coaches to elevate their business and grow into the stage that most aligns with their goals. Working together privately means you get the right support, a proven process tailored to you to confidently become the in demand you want to be. To make an enquiry and see if we’re the right fit, hit the button below.

X. Laura.