Did you know just over two years ago in April 2019 I made an overnight decision to completely change my business?​

I’d had enough of sitting on the sidelines and watching others create the success I wanted and I was tired of keeping myself in my own way.​

I literally woke up one day and changed everything. My business. Who I believed I was. What I thought was possible for me.​

Here are some of the results I’ve created in my business since then:​

✔️ In the first 6 months with two children under 5 and only 1 day a week with no kids at home with me, I had my first $5k cash month​

✔️ Within 12 months I was fully booked and had my first five-figure month (which came in at a whopping $14k) – I’ve had consistently five-figure months since then​

✔️ I’ve been fully booked with private clients for the last 18 months and have maintained a waitlist for most of this time​

✔️ I expanded my offerings beyond 1-1 and my first group coaching program was a five-figure launch​

✔️ Working an average of 20ish hours a week my business had its first $100k year​

✔️ The last 12 months my business had its first multiple 6 figure year. ​

✔️ I’ve experienced not only consistent $10k months but as the business has grown we’ve seen $20k and $30k months all while I’m still working an average of 25 hours a week!​

✔️ I’m now launching a second group offering which is an exclusive invite only Mastermind ​

✔️ I’ve developed a business model that can scale into the high multiple 6 figures (and even $1million in the next few years!)​

These actions are exactly what led to a multiple 6 figure business in 2.5 years. The thing is, most of the steps and tasks I’ve had to do along the way have been super uncomfortable. Often it doesn’t feel easy. As they say if it was easy, everyone would be doing it! The difference maker though, is taking a handful of uncomfortable actions day after day – it is not at all about working harder, more hours, or adding to your to-do list BUT it will require discomfort, doing things that don’t feel good in the moment and repetition.

This is exactly why I mentor Coaches across their entire business journey, I’m the Coach you hire to support you through ALL of it and I have the unique perspective of seeing the bigger picture of what you’re building, regardless of whether you’re signing your first client, hitting your first 6 figures, doing your first launch or looking to scale. I’ve been there! That’s exactly why my clients end up working with me over and over. I can see them through uplevel after uplevel and into more and more growth and stay in the process even when it feels hard.

Do you like to hire someone who has the results you want in both the short and long term?​