Welcome to prosper and profit. The podcast for business owners who want to transform not only their business, but themselves too.

This podcast is designed to empower you with the finances in your business to work with proven business strategy. And to ultimately have you growing money in the bank so that you get the financial and importantly, the lifestyle rewards, you know, your business can give to you. I’m Laura, O’Hagan your host profit and growth consultant. I’m a certified profit first professional, a chartered accountant and management consultant. And I bring this really unique and interesting blend of skills to my clients to help them improve profitability, grow their business sustainably and get their business working in the way that ultimately engineer’s the lifestyle that they want.

You ready to prosper and profit? Let’s dive in.

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Episode Transcript

Hello. And welcome to our first episode or it’s really a little trailer to give you a taste tester of what’s to come for this new podcast that I am bringing out to the world prosper and profit. I am so excited to be doing this. In the last six months, I’ve been having more and more conversations with people around profit first financial empowerment, understanding the numbers, really bringing the conversation of those foundational pieces of business, but making it easy to understand for the everyday person, because, I don’t know about you, but a lot of my clients are really great technical experts in what they do, but words like profit margins and percentages and revenue and income, it can make them glaze over a little bit. And what that means is they actually avoid looking at their numbers. And so what I want to do is empower you. With the finances in your business. I want to empower you to be able to look at those numbers and understand. I want to empower you to drive more profitability and actually increase money in the bank.

I want to empower you to pay yourself more. I want to empower you to feel in control when it comes to the numbers in your business. When it comes to cashflow, when it comes to managing the money, because. While we think those terms aren’t super sexy. What is sexy, is not worrying about paying yourself is not worrying about how much money’s in the bank, not worrying about the tax office coming after you not worrying about making payroll this week.

And so. It’s my mission to be here. And empowering you. To do that because I know every business owner starts their business because they want to be profitable. They want to thrive. They want to bring an incredible service to their clients. And sometimes they get stuck in the spot between starting the business and actually getting to that place because. They’re not empowered around their numbers and they get caught up in a lot of the messages that the online world and the business world shares. That keeps them stuck.

So. In this podcast, we’re going to be exploring. How to make more profit in your business, how to become an empowered business owner, how to take charge and take control. And we’re going to do it in a way that’s fun. Right. That’s the aim. So if you’re here and you’re down for this type of conversation, Please do hit subscribe.

I cannot wait to be sharing more with you. I’m bringing so much like years of experience of working with clients. Of working in this field on a really big scale in terms of, billions of dollars in corporate. And down to the small business scale, you know, businesses ranging from 50 to a hundred K turnover. Through to, you know, that $1.5 million turnover.

So, , I’m bringing this really diverse experience and sharing the lessons we view so that you can. Thrive. In business. Now you can live the ultimate lifestyle you want in your business now. So I’m already getting excited and I’m going way longer than I wanted to chat with you here.

But I hope this leaves you excited and with a taste of what’s to come. And I cannot wait to be back in your ears really soon to help you prosper and profit. I’ll talk soon.