In this trailer as we get ready for the first offical full length episode of Prosper and Profit to launch, we explore why the words Prosper and Profit spoke to me as the name for the episode and use this discussion to showcase what you can expect from this podcast.

You ready to Prosper and Profit? Let’s dive in.

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Episode Transcript

Hello. And welcome back to this second instalment to give you a little taster of what is to come. I am busy working away behind the scenes. I’m obviously working with my clients. I’ve got my family, I’ve got all of the things. But I am also busily working away, getting this podcast ready to share with you. And I cannot wait to do that. But while I do that, I thought a great place to take you a little bit deeper on what you can expect here. Is to look at the words prosper and profit. And why I chose these as the name for the podcast. And this, funnily enough is also the name of my signature program. 

So these words are important. They’re important to me. And they’re important to many of the business owners I speak to. So let’s dive in. Prosper. To succeed in an enterprise or activity. To become strong and flourishing. To develop in a successful way. It also means to thrive and flourish. So this term is a really good one because it shows us that prospering is not just about profiting. 

Although profiting is an important component of that. And we’ll explore that in one sec. But prospering is about thriving, flourishing, succeeding. Becoming strong. Developing, right. All of these amazing words that speak to this concept of not just what we do in our business, but who we are as a business owner and what we want as a business owner, living a complete life. Many people have lifestyle pieces that they envision for themselves when they start their business, and the vision that they see for their business. The lifestyle and who they see themselves being and how they ultimately want to live, all play a part in that. 

I don’t think we’re truly profiting if we’re not also prospering. And the beautiful thing about this, as we see from these words is, it’s really up to you to define what prospering means to you. What does thrive and flourish look like in your life? What does becoming strong, developing, creating success, all of those, fantastic words, you get to define what all of them mean to you, because they’re really, really open to interpretation.

And so I hope this gives you a little insight into the fact that this podcast and my approach is about yes, getting you profiting. Yes. Having a successful business. Yes. Growing that business, but not at the cost of your life. Not at your own personal expense. Yes. There are some times trade offs in business and we decide to, focus on one thing and perhaps put a little bit less attention on another. But I want these two things coexisting for you, for myself, for my clients, for all of the people that find this in their ears and have come here for some reason. I want to see you prospering personally, as well as profiting. So let’s explore profit. 

Profit is defined as the money you have left over after passing through all business expenses, right? It is the money that is earned in trade or business after paying the cost of producing and selling the goods or services. Many of us know in business that profit. Is what we get as a reward for being a business owner. 

Now it’s interesting. That this definition is very traditional in its approach. We’re going to challenge that definition a little bit in some upcoming episodes. So stay tuned for that. But I think we can all relate to the idea that profit is the financial reward that goes to the owners of the business as the reward for the risk that they’ve taken. Profit is ultimately, a measurable, specific, and really tangible result that we can see and we can make a direct impact on, and yes business owners start their businesses for many reasons in terms of calling their own shots, doing the work they love on their own terms, you know, maybe lifestyle, freedom, choice, all of those things. But I’ve never met a business owner who doesn’t want to make profit, right? 

Whether that’s paying themselves or going above and beyond and creating profit, we’re going to explore all of these in weeks to come. But just know that I am here to help you create profit. And to me, that translates to financial reward to you. As the owner of the business. For being in business.

And we’re not truly profiting, if we’re not prospering in life. We don’t want one to come at the expense of the other. So that is why there’s such clear and strong intention for me around these words that I’ve selected. Again, I hope this just gives you a little bit insight as to what’s to come. It’s not a straight black and white business podcast here we’re going to be diving into technical business terms, but also your growth, your success as a human and how these two things come together. 

I cannot wait to be back in your ears very soon with our first episode. Talk soon. Bye.