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Show Notes

Can you sell more and drive greater profitability in your business while also enhancing the quality of your client experience?

Yes! And in today’s guest episode we have a conversation on how you can sell in a way that feel’s really natural and authentic increasing the performance of your business while ALSO loving on your clients!

In this episode I’m joined by Briony De La Fontaine who is the founder of the Spa Academy and we’re diving deep into selling, authenticity and giving clients an amazing spa experience.

Briony shares incredible wisdom on HOW to sell naturally and to integrate this with what you’re already doing in your treatments that makes your clients feel seen, understood and cared for. It’s truly a win-win and a clear message that selling does not come at the cost of the client, it’s actually an enhancement.

Dive in and join us for this insightful and practical conversation.

About Briony

Briony is a wellbeing ambassador with over 15 years of award-winning industry experience. She’s a qualified aromatherapist, beauty and spa therapist, and Ayurvedic wellness coach and is passionate about all things wellness. Her belief is that leading by example is the most potent way of teaching.

Before entering the spa and beauty industry, Briony was in sales, which allowed retailing in the spa and beauty industry to become authentic and effortless.

Throughout her career, she has trained, managed, and opened Spa’s as well as creating the Spa Academy. Her mission is to equip therapists with everything she has learnt so as to elevate the standards and skills within the industry.

Briony is also a vegan who meditates and works out daily and advocates for tuning into nature and finding balance as the fastest path to ultimate health. Her journey and dedication to wellness inspire others to embrace a holistic approach to their own health and wellbeing.

Connect with Briony
Instagram www.instagram.com/spaacademyaus/
Website www.spa-academy.com.au

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