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Build your Three Step Sales Funnel so you can sell out your 1-1 Coaching offer in a way that feels good. 









Three Step Sale – A three part course series that teaches you everything you need to design an offer ladder that makes it easy to attract new clients and get the ‘Yes’ with ease

Are you ready to book out your Coaching business?

Are you done wondering when the Hell someone is going to book in a Discovery Call and instead feel in-charge and empowered about bringing potential clients into your pipeline and your business?

Are you ready to have a strategic offer funnel that makes it easy for people to say “Yes” every step of the way without second guessing yourself or having to do things to feel awful and out of integrity to you?

Does any of this ^^^ feel like you?

The 3 Step Sales Funnel is a three part training series that will teach you to build a strategic and intentional ladder (or funnel) of offers.


When you purchase this training you will learn the exact strategy I used to:

  • Take my business to consistent 5 figure months
  • Sell out a high ticket 1-1 coaching offer (actually overbooked with a 3 month waitlist) in less than 6 months
  • Cultivate the confidence that comes from knowing exactly HOW to sign clients and how to make it easy for them to say YES at every step
  • Take clients from saying “maybe in a few months” to saying yes to working together and even signed clients who weren’t following me on any of my channels! Truly you can leverage this in other audiences and take someone from cold to hot in 30 minutes!
  • Grow my business with ‘numbers’ that conventionally we’re told aren’t big enough to create this kind of result (I’m talking Instagram following of 2000, email list of <400, a Facebook group of 200 and a Facebook business page similarly at 200). You do NOT need a big audience to create big results with this strategy.

Not only has this worked for me, this is exactly what I teach my clients too so I can tell you it works time and again!

Through this training you will get everything you need to design your own 3 step strategic sales funnel that makes it easy for clients to say ‘Yes’ to.

When you purchase this product you receive:


  • A beautiful ebook that guides you through the three part training series
  • 3 high value video lessons teaching you how to design your own funnel and a walkthrough of my real life funnel so you can see exactly what a 5 figure month example looks like
  • 3 accompanying workbooks to guide you through implementing each lesson into your own business
  • Replay of the live round Q&A call
  • A complete walk through and breakdown of my own 3 step funnel so you can see exactly what this looks like and the intent behind each step
  • The video trainings included are:
    • Lesson 1: Start with the end in mind so that you get the result you want every time. Bonus: Anatomy of a killer sales page
    • Lesson 2: Filling your business with a pipeline of leads. Bonus: Tips to sell with heart
    • Lesson 3: How to get the ‘Yes’ with ease. Bonus: Tips to create urgency 

    This three part training series has everything you need to build an offer ladder that brings in completely cold (and warm) audience members and empowers you to guide them into working with you in a way that feels good for both parties.Are you ready to book out your business? Purchase The Three Step Sale training series now.

What people are saying:

I loved that the training was practical and specific. The way that the training was delivered allowed me to address what previously felt like a big task; working through small chunks at a time but achieving a big outcome that will make a difference in my business.

The Three Step Sales Funnel  has allowed me to refine each of my offerings and develop a clear sales funnel for my business. I feel confident about how I’m presenting my business and now have a clear path for my clients to progress through”


“The Three Step Sales funnel training was so clear and informative. I watch so many trainings that just don’t give you any real strategy or information. I just want to say thank you so much! Fantastic training. I have a clear strategy to implement now.”


“There was so much value & step-by- step guidance in the Three Step Sales Funnel training. Also Laura has a great tone of voice – easy to listen to!”


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3 Step Sales Funnel

3 Step Sales Funnel Training