Profitability benchmarks – Assess Your Business Instantly

How much profit should my business be making?

How much should I be paying myself?


Is my business where it needs to be or where should I focus to move it to a stronger financial position?


All really great and valid questions and ones you can get answered immediately.


This guide gives you target benchmarks tailored to the size of your business and a step by step process to follow so you can instantly assess your business and get crystal clear on your business performance and if neccessary, where to focus to improve the financial performance.

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Hi, I’m Laura!

Laura is a Profit and Growth Consultant and helps health, beauty and professional services business owners to pay themselves more, consistently, increase profit and reap more financial reward from their business while they grow the business aligned with their ultimate vision, ensuring profitability is prioritised every step of the way. She is a Profit First Professional, a Chartered Accountant and certified coach and brings a unique multi-modal approach blending strategic advisory, the Profit First framework, mindset coaching and consulting. 

Personally she has been in business for over 5 years and lives on the Gold Coast with her family and loves soaking up the outdoors and beach lifestyle the Gold Coast offers.

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