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Success Mindset + Online Business Mentoring - Laura O'Hagan
Are you ready to create the business you’ve been talking about forever?

What if you could launch 8 weeks from now?

What would having your business out in the world mean? 

  • Meeting your girlfriends for brunch and declaring that you “finally did it”.
  • No longer telling hubby why it’s “not the right time” and you’ll do it eventually.
  • Planning to cut back your hours at work because your business is running with some serious momentum
  • Working with dream clients and feeling that sense of accomplishment and impact that coaching was always about for you.

What if I told you that was absolutely possible?

That 8 weeks from now we could be celebrating your launch, connecting with dream clients and starting to bring some money in the door and feeling a new confidence and belief in yourself as a business owner.

Hi, I’m Laura

A lover of the ocean, business, yoga and a smoothie, coffee or crisp white wine depending on the time of day. I’m a mum to two little cherubs and I’m also a damn good Mindset Coach, Money Mentor + Business Strategist.

I help new and emerging online business owners kick-off and launch their business so they can make an impact and an income helping people as well as the success, freedom and achievement that running your own thriving business brings.


Are you done waiting for ‘one day’ and ready to kickstart your coaching dream?

If you answered “Hell Yes!” than you’re in exactly the right place.

My Story

When I started my first coaching business in 2016, I was excited about the possibility for me. What I did though, was spent months in the backend building a website, getting my branding down and tinkering about creating and consuming endless freebies and content.

While I thought I was growing my business, I was actually focusing on tasks that didn’t immediately grow my business, my confidence or my ability to work with clients. Looking back I realise that there are things I could have done to bring in clients and income into my business much more quickly and I’m ready to share this all with you.


Let’s fast track to today


I now know exactly what needs to be done to establish a coaching business, connect with clients immediately (without a huge audience or following) and realise that many of the things we’re sold as “must haves” for online business are wasting our time, energy and sacrificing the number 1 priority, working with clients. I know the tasks and activities to focus on, so you can compress your timeframe, cut through overwhelm and focus on what will actually serve your clients and have them want to work with you.

  • Like you’ve been talking about your business forever and that it’s time to make it happen?
  • Like you don’t want to spend more time in your head thinking about it?
  • Like 8 weeks from now you want to be able to tell your family and friends about the business you’ve created and the incredible new momentum and results?
  • Like you want support, accountability and the ability to focus quickly and efficiently on the tasks that matter to launch your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re in exactly the right place.


The Coaches Kickstarter is going to appeal to you if are either:

  • Sick of the overthinking, daydreaming, analysis-paralysis and are simply ready to do this, or
  • You’re the type of person who likes to get things done efficiently and quickly once you’ve made a decision

Over 8 weeks we will:


Use my signature Kickstarter framework to go from idea to business. We’ll hone your success mindset, a clear niche and message, business model and marketing strategy and have you up and running, producing content and making offers to clients within 2 months.

While all programs are 1-on-1 and completely tailored to you, some of the things we are likely to cover in our time together are:

  • Clarity on your goals for your business and how this fits in with your life
  • Nailing your niche
  • Messaging
  • Your business model
  • Content creation
  • Crafting signature packages
  • Money blocks and owning your value
  • Organisation, time management and automation
  • Deep dives into your mindset and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

How does the Coaches Kickstarter work?


This is an 8 week VIP coaching program where you have ongoing access to me both at AND in between sessions.

The Business Accelerator includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute coaching session (using Zoom videoconference) to kick off your program. We take the idea you have in your head for your coaching business and map out the plan for our time together
  • 6 x 45 minute 1-on-1 Coaching calls (using Zoom videoconference) with me to move you through each of the pillars of the program, keep you accountable and set actions for the next week so you are rapidly moving forward sessions will be held weekly with a 1 week break between session 3 and 4 for implementation and integration
  • Unlimited Voxer (voice + text memo) support between sessions to update me, ask questions and share wins to ensure you are constantly moving forward (previous clients have commented that this combined with reviewing content is JUST AS VALUABLE as the coaching sessions themselves).
  • Ongoing access to me to review documentation: this includes things like business and marketing plans, web copy, sales pages, social media content etc.
  • Worksheets and personally recommended resources that have been created and curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business
  • BONUS: 90 Minute Video Masterclass, ‘How to Create Content that Connects and Converts in an Hour a Week’ with slides and accompanying workbook
  • BONUS: 60 Minute Marketing Strategy Training Video
  • welcome gift shipped straight to your door (but I can’t tell you anything else or it won’t be a surprise)
  • A private personal project board to list actions, wins, to-do’s and other communication in between sessions
  • The ability to enrol into the Coaches Accelerator at the end of the 2 months at a 15% discount

Your investment in you and your business

AU $2,770  (when paid upfront and in full)

Or 2 monthly payments of AU $1,500

You’re ready and the time is now. If you feel a hit of excitement in your belly and a nudge to explore this further, that’s your sign to do this.

Got a question? You can get in touch via email at hello@laurajohagan.com and I’ll make sure to answer all your questions and make sure this is the right program for you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Book Your Complimentary Call Today!