Free Masterclass: ‘How to Create Consistent Content that Connects and Converts in an Hour a Week

Content is the cornerstone to booking out your personal brand, service based business. It’s a foundation that allows you to connect with dream clients and build know, like, trust so that they can’t wait to work with you.

In September 2019 I hosted this Live Masterclass and the feedback was incredible, so much so I decided to take the recording and make it available to you at any time! You can sign up and watch the replay of this hugely valuable Masterclass instantly.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn

1. The common barriers to creating content

And how to overcome them


2. The essential elements you need to include

To craft content that connects and converts


3. A 5 pillar framework to create content with ease

That makes sure your content is cohesive, structured and showcases your depth and credibility


4. A process to create your content in an hour a week

So you know you can always show up consistently no matter what’s going on


5. How to use this framework to create a content plan for the next 30 days and beyond 

That you can rinse and repeat time and again to create content that connects and converts into clients 

Simply enter your name and email in the signup box and you will be emailed a link straight away so that you can instantly begin watching the Masterclass and completely change the way you’ve been creating content so that is is impactful, efficient and magnetising to your dream clients. 

You know content marketing is the way to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your dream clients and that it’s something you ‘should’ be doing, right?

We all know it’s true, content is queen but each and every week I speak to clients and amazing women in my community who are struggling to share content because they don’t know what to write, they don’t have time, or it feels like an overwhelming task to show up consistently, so they do nothing instead (been there?!).

I felt exactly the same when I burst out into the world full of excitement and passion for my business. I was like “what, I have to create original content every week, but I just want to work with people and coach them!”. It became obvious that to fulfil my dream of growing a thriving coaching business, I had to get cosy with content creation and find a way that allowed me to consistently create and share with the world (so I could work with my dream clients).

I want to demystify the process and show you how for the last year, I’ve consistently created content for my community in around an hour per week. The type of content where people say, “I needed to hear this today” and “I love your content” and “I want to work with you”.

In this masterclass I will teach you the exact framework I’ve used for the last year, with two young children and a growing business so that you can show up consistently and grow your business. Whether you’re still working your day job, your new to the online business world and haven’t mastered consistent content, have a young family, have other business and work commitments and still want to fit in a life. This is for you!
To watch this Masterclass now, simply enter your name and email and you will be sent a link to begin watching at any time .

Let’s do this.

My promise to you is always authenticity, real talk and jam packed with value so you walk away with valuable know-how that you can start implementing straight away.

No BS, no slimey sales tactics.

Are you ready?

About your host

Hi, I’m Laura! I’m a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and I help incredible heart driven coaches, consultants and service based business owners master their mindset, get visible and sign clients so they create the impact and income they dreamt of when they first started their business.

I want you to have it all in your life and business because I truly believe that is how we help people in the long term and create a ripple effect out into the world. I’m obsessed with personal development, money and business (I’m an Accountant and business consultant by background).

I’ve bundled up my years of experience and expertise to help you focus on the things that actually matter to grow your business, saving you time, money and let’s be honest, stress in the process. If you want to create a business beyond your wildest dreams, then you’re in the right place.