Craft Content with Ease

Are you ready to create consistent content with ease in your business?

Consistent, conversion-focused content is key – absolutely key – to attracting clients if you have an online service based business. There is no other way to show up online without content (unless spamming the DM’s is your thing – which I totally know it’s not!) and it creates connection, builds community and forms the foundation for people taking up offers to work with  you.

So you know it’s important but I also know currently you’re thinking content:

  • Feels like a stressful daily to do with little to no strategy
  • Has you asking how the heck you’re going to create consistently so that you can actually grow your business and work with clients – the thing you really want to be doing
  • Takes a lot of brain space and time and feels overwhelming, cumbersome and probably even fills you with dread
  • Is possibly in the ‘too hard basket’ and you’re looking for other strategies but not really getting anywhere, so in a constant circle of battling content creation
  • Takes too much time and wondering whether it’s really worth committing to

What if instead you could create killer content
that connects and converts with ease?

What if there was a way to simply and effectively create regular content that fosters relationships in your community, draws in your ideal client and frees up more time for working with clients?

There is, and I’m ready to show you how!

Are you ready to feel clear, organised and EXCITED (yes, you can be excited about your content!)?

Do you want a plan you can refer back and execute on repeat?

What about a newfound belief in your message and content strategy as a coach or consultant?

Not to mention a process that works, is proven and can be completed in 1 hour a week.

Are you tired of…

Forever moving content down your to-do list (ie procrastinating)...

…and seeing that you’re never putting anything out there and not moving your business forward?

Skimming the surface with your content...

…and knowing that it’s not really positioning you as the credible expert and coach that you are

Feeling stressed everyday...

…because you “have to create content to be seen” and it feels like pulling a cat out of the bag every day and you know it doesn’t have to be this way

Putting content out...

…and realising it’s not really doing anything for your business (you know, sharing other people’s inspirational quotes or sharing a one-liner with a pretty pic that may be ‘likeable’ but does nothing for clients, sales, or money in the bank)

If any of the above resonated with you then good news! Craft Content with Ease is for you.

I want you to know something.

Craft Content with Ease is the course where you will learn how to create cohesive, credibility-building and conversion-based content and good news! In this course you will also learn how to create your content in one sitting a week so that you have more time for connecting, having sales conversations, working with clients and having a life! All the while showcasing your depth, providing value to your audience while growing that all important know, like, trust all before they’ve even had a conversation with you.

The process you will learn in this course is ALL about simplicity.

Truly it’s called Craft Content with Ease because the content creation process has been stripped back and simplified. This is not a convoluted or overwhelming process. You will be amazed at the simplicity, the clarity and the ease within this process.

This is literally what previous clients have said about this process; that it’s so simple, it’s so easy to implement and how overcomplicated they were making this process and the beauty there is that instead of spending huge amounts of time learning and planning complex content strategies, they got to move quickly into implementation, which means getting in front of clients, connecting and growing their business. The same is possible for you.


Over time,  I’ve tried lots of things but the simplicity and results that this process creates are unmatched. Our brain wants to tell us that it can’t be simple or easy but I want you to know it can and this is a proven framework and process that works.

I’m going to show you how to:

Develop a framework that ensures all your content is on message, clear and cohesive as well as positions you as the credible expert you are

Create 20 content ideas in 20 minutes and help you see how this becomes 20 weeks worth of content

Explore content in a variety of ways to engage storytelling, inspiration, client results and allows you to add value to your audience - meaning they get results ahead of time and step in closer to working with you

Create content consistently so that you are visible often and are seen as a thought leader in your niche

Write a weeks worth of content in one hour and how it easily becomes a ‘master’ piece of content (think blog, podcast, video) as well as 4-5 social posts

Do this all in a way that feels simple, manageable and even easy because I’m teaching you a proven process that is simple, manageable and easy!

This is the exact process I’ve used to book out my business, grow to 6 figures, work with my clients AND be sharing powerful content daily that my audience love.

Did I mention I do all of this while working 25 hours a week (and for a period a lot less than that), with 2 young kids?! You can absolutely learn to do this and get on with growing the client base, business and life you want.

When I first started my online business, I did not enjoy the content creation process.

If I’m honest, my thoughts ranged from hating, avoiding and wondering how the heck I could outsource it. I realised though, that to grow the business I wanted and to work with clients, I NEEDED to find a way to fall in love with content creation (and let’s be honest, I was in no position to outsource anything without any regular clients coming through the door).

I found a way to create content consistently in my business that allowed me to get visible, build my expert status and bring clients into my business and I regularly sat down and created a week’s worth of content in a single one hour sitting a week.

When I committed to this, not only did I start getting feedback from my audience about how consistent, how much value and how much they loved my content – my business also significantly shifted. People started to take up offers to work with me, people started to reach out and ask about working together and without any significant investment into advertising or outsourcing I booked out my business with clients who all found me through social media! 

This is a process that I have taught to dozens of coaches, mentors and strategists in a 1-1 coaching format. This means it’s tested, proven and has worked for not only myself but numerous clients across the coaching and consulting space. I’ve taught this process to health coaches, motherhood support consultants, life coaches, business coaches and consultants and it works time and time again.

I know you’re busy and don’t want to mess around with log-ins or spend hours and hours learning so this course has been developed in a very unique way. It is focused on getting everything you need to know to you in a way that is simple and focused, so that you can get on with implementing and growing your business.

This course is:

Delivered to you via email over two and a half weeks (no logins or passwords required!)

Made up of 5 simple to implement modules covering everything you need to create killer content in your business

You will receive two modules in the first week – the first immediately upon purchase, two in the second week and the final module in the third week because I know you want to dive in and get started so you can make moves in your business.

Each module is made up of a series of video lessons and workbooks.

Every lesson has been intentionally designed to be 10 minutes or under.

I know how overwhelming it is to complete a course when each lesson is an hour long – I know you’re busy – with two kids and a booked out business, so am I – so that’s not how I roll, you get to consume the content in easy bites and move quickly to IMPLEMENTATION.

That is always where the results are and moving into action is what is more important than hours of video trainings

I have taken years worth of content creation personally and designed a process that is simple. It’s so easy to get caught up in the thinking that this needs to be a big, overwhelming and complex process. I’ve got news for you, it doesn’t.

It can be simple!

This process has been distilled into something that makes content straightforward and takes the guesswork out for you. Not only have I personally implemented this process, I’ve taught this to dozens of clients. It can be simple and it works.

If you’re looking for the complicated course with hour long lessons that makes you want to bang your head against the wall, this isn’t it.

If you’re ready to move through the learning so you can implement quickly and get results. This is it!

Over the course of 2.5 weeks you will recieve:

Module 1: The foundation of your ideal client

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Why you need to niche and how this helps you create content
  • How to niche as a coach or consultant and creating your niche
  • Understanding your ideal client so you can create content in a value based way

Module 2: Your Core Message

  • The bow that ties your content together
  • How to develop your core message

Module 3: Developing Your Content Framework

  • How to bring cohesion into your content
  • Positioning yourself as an expert through your content
  • Building the framework for your content
  • Creating 20 weeks of content ideas in the next 20 minutes

Module 4: Planning for Your Content Creation

  • Why ‘likeable’ content is not the aim
  • How to subtly sell you and your work through your content
  • The types of content and how to explore your content through these facets
  • Create a content plan for the next month using the framework

Module 5: Bringing It All Together

  • Your Unique Content Framework
  • Connecting the dots for your reader
  • Practical tips for stronger content
  • How to create content in 1 hour a week using your framework
  • Tips for filing and repurposing
  • It’s a Wrap

Bonus Masterclass: How to create consistent content that connects and converts in an hour a week

Craft Content with Ease Course

You will walk away from this course having:


Clarified your niche and defined your ideal client so that it’s easier then ever to write content that connects with them


Understand the difference between likeable and conversion based content and how to create this in your content so that your audience don't see you as a friend, but are ready to pay you


Learn the process and receive prompts that will guide you to very quickly brainstorm ideas for at least 20 weeks of content and how to continue to add to this all the time so that you always have ideas ready to go


Know how to position yourself as a thought leader and credible expert through your content so that you stand out as an expert in your niche


Develop your core message as the point of cohesion for all your content so that it’s on message, relevant and creates trust with your audience


Know how to nurture know like trust through content so that your ideal clients are ready to work with you


Build a high level content framework that makes content creation a breeze so that you never have to worry about what to say or getting visible


Learn how to take those ideas and turn each one into a full week’s worth of content (including one blog post and 4-5 social media posts) in a single sitting so that you get more time to focus on working with your clients and having a life outside of your business (remember the freedom it’s actually about!)

Upon completion you will have all the knowledge, ideas and confidence to start creating and sharing content that attracts clients in your coaching or consulting business each week.

What people are saying about the course:

“Laura! Your Craft Your Content with Ease course is absolutely incredible. I loved how you simplified it all and made it very digestible to actually create content that is magnetic and draws in the right people.

I am all about content and have been learning about content marketing for a while, but this course is by far the best I’ve seen and has so much value. I’ve been able to get some extremely valuable tips that I cannot wait to apply. Thank you!!”


“I felt a wave of relief wash over me as I completed this course at how simple the content creation process could be”


“I did your course and LOVED it! I feel like I have so much more clarity”


Here’s what people are saying about the process:

“I’ve noticed my following and engagement has increased and I have more people responding and reaching out.

As a result of the Craft Content with Ease Intensive I’ve noticed my following and engagement has increased and I have more people responding and reaching out.

The biggest takeaway from our session is that I now have a practical way to plan and create content. I’m able to target content for my ideal client and because we spent time brainstorming ideas I find I’m avoiding procrastination and am more intentional with my content.”

I am so grateful I did this intensive session. It certainly exceeded my expectations and has made a huge difference in my business. What I learnt in this session, I will be able to take with them throughout my entrepreneur journey.”

Renae O'Neill

Life Coach

Are you ready to craft content with ease,
get visible, connect with potential clients
and grow your business?

The last thing you’re probably thinking is, “Do I have the time and is this a good investment?”

If you can carve out 60 minutes a week to create content, this process will work for you. You can use those 60 minute to complete the course over the next two and a half weeks and from there know that your content can be done in that sitting every week going forward.

If you’re anything like I was, this will literally mean your content will be complete – in a proven way – in less time than you are currently spending thinking, worrying, attempting, procrastinating about content.

If you don’t have 1 hour a week to commit to bringing in clients and growing your business, then we need to talk.

This is a process I have taken clients through 1-on-1 both in a two hour intensive and in my VIP coaching program. This is literally the best price available to learn this process for me and less than half of the current investment to work together 1-on-1 inside the Craft Content with Ease Intensive. So ultimately the question is, do you have 1 hour per week and $297 to invest in signing clients, getting back your time and making more money?

If you’re ready to get consistently visible with content, stand out as a leader and cultivate connections with your audience that move them from loyal audience to loving client, then sign up now and let’s get started.

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Craft Content with Ease Course