Living THE DREAM: a bts peek at my schedule

The real deal on how I spend my time as a 6 figure business owner, working 25 hours a week, with 2 kids and time for life

 In this 60-minute Masterclass I’m going to snapshot my calendar for you so you can see exactly how I spent and managed my time as a Coach/CEO/mum/with my own downtime at each of the key milestones in my business to date:

  • My first $5k month working 18 hours a week
  • My first five figure month still as a solo-preneur (ie no team) working under 25 hours a week (during the global pandemic)
  • Now as I scale into multi 5 figure months, with 1 team member and 25-27 hours of work a week

If you’re wondering how to run your business with more impact and less time, this is for YOU!

6 figure coaching business. 25 hours a week of work. 2 kids, a dog and a house to run.

What’s the secret? Listen in, I’m about to tell you.

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and I help incredible heart driven coaches, consultants and service based business owners master their mindset, get visible and sign clients so they create the impact and income they dreamt of when they first started their business.

I want you to have it all in your life and business because I truly believe that is how we help people in the long term and create a ripple effect out into the world. I’m obsessed with personal development, money and business (I’m an Accountant and business consultant by background).

I’ve bundled up my years of experience and expertise to help you focus on the things that actually matter to grow your business, saving you time, money and let’s be honest, stress in the process. If you want to create a business beyond your wildest dreams, then you’re in the right place.

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