in your Coaching Business

Let’s grow your business, client base and bank account

If you’re ready to make your first $1000 in your coaching business there’s really on two things you need. A pathway to guide your clients into your main coaching offer and consistent conversion based content!

In the programs shown below you can learn how to do exactly that with minimal spend, these two programs walk you through the only things you need to have in place to make your first thousand dollars:

  • How to design your offers for maximum impact and how to guide people to make selling oh so easy for you
  • How to create consistent convent that is conversion focused so that you can grow an audience, be seen as the expert and have people that are ready to take you up on your coaching offers.

You can buy each individually or you can bundle the two together to give you everything you need and get a $20 saving.

3-Step Sales Funnel

Are you ready to book out your business? 

This three-part training series has everything you need to build an offer ladder that brings in completely cold (and warm) audience members and empowers you to guide them into working with you in a way that feels good for both parties.

Craft Content with Ease 

Are you ready to feel clear, organised and EXCITED about your content?

Craft Content with Ease is the course where you will learn how to create cohesive, credibility-building and conversion-based content so that you have more time for connecting, having sales conversations, working with clients and having a life! 

Your First $1K Bundle

Purchase the 3 Step Sales Funnel and Craft Content with Ease together

Your first $1k Bundle

Got a question? Not sure which program is right for you? Want to ask me something? Get in touch via email and I’ll make sure your questions are answered hello@laurajohagan.com