Supercharge Mastermind

A 6 month mastermind to supercharge
your sales and scalability

I know this is you…

  • You’re creating content, upping your visibility and are either ready to or have started working with clients, so you know you deliver on results but need support moving into mastery in your business
  • You’re ready to be supported to take what’s working and scale it
  • You’re tired of watching on and seeing Coaches who aren’t as experienced or newer in the space scale their business past $10k months
  • You’ve had enough of hearing about everyone else’s ‘ease’ in their business and you’re ready to create your own killer results
  • You know you need to focus, stay on your path and be seriously coached to stay out of fear, procrastination, overwhelm and sometimes even your own way and in the momentum you’ve already begun to create

A successful, sustainable and scalable coaching business is absolutely possible for you.

You want a business full of dream clients, to feel confident and in mastery of your sales and client processes and to know that you are making an impact and changing lives with your work.

You dream of more time and more money, the availability of lifestyle luxuries like going to yoga in the
middle of the day, having spare cash in the bank all the while doing work you enjoy, helping people
and creating freedom in your own life.

You’re ready to live out your purpose and ensure that you’ve created success in the way YOU want that to be.

You’re ready to be:

  • A consistently booked out coach (and have a waitlist if you want it)
  • Confident in your ability to attract and coach clients on autopilot without second guessing yourself
  • Experiencing $5k-$15k cash months on repeat
  • Hiring your first team member to support you so you can focus on what you need to and have more time to grow your business and have that beautiful life outside it (and knowing that you have the cash to be able to do this!)

I know what it’s like to watch on and see other’s achieve what you want.

And on the flipside, I also know what it takes in terms of strategy, action-taking and the mindset to create these results.

I sat on the sidelines for too long wondering what others had that I didn’t and when I committed to a handful of tasks done daily my business started to grow.

I signed clients in the first month after I drew that line in the sand and within a year had grown my business to consistent five figure months working an average of under 20 hours a week.

I know exactly what moves the needle in your business.
I know exactly where to focus to grow to five figure months.
And not only do I know it, the results in my business
and those of my clients speak for it too.

That’s what this mastermind is all about.

Supercharging your sales and scaleability without the busy work or burnout.

That means working smarter in the time you do have so there is more time for the work you love (that’s working with clients!) and less hours in the chair completing busy work that doesn’t move you forward like ‘pinning’, updating your logo or building endless worksheets or modules behind the scenes that you don’t have clear plans for.

All of this can be your reality too.

It simply comes down to sustainable business strategies to
attract and convert dream clients without the daily hustle.

This is why I created the…. 

Supercharge Mastermind

A 6 month mastermind to supercharge your sales and scaleability

In this mastermind you’ll plan and execute on the exact steps you need to propel your business
into the 6 figure category using my 6 pillar formula. 

This won’t be giving you more strategies and outdone tactics that will keep you in the “doing” hamster wheel
without the clients to back it up, but actually plan the specific steps you need to build traction
towards hitting your income goals.

You’ll focus on action, the compounding effect and constraint so that there is less trial and error,
less things to work on and instead move to mastery as your business supercharges.

This is really what that elusive ‘ease’ in business is and this is how I grew my business to six figures
working an average of 25 hours a week.  

Here are some of the things my clients have achieved while working together:

Rebecca created a clear business strategy and a way to attract clients
in the new coaching arm of her business

Julia signed 4 high ticket executive clients into her brand new offers

Kristen doubled her sales in 6 months

Imagine a business where you:

  • Are working with dream clients and feel confident in your process to bring them into your business on repeat
  • Love the sales process and feel mastery over making sales
  • Are fully booked and are starting to develop scalable options to help more people and grow your income
  • Feel supported by your first team member who you get to delegate tasks to so that you can focus on core business activities and have time for that life outside of business (and comfortably pay for that team member with your business revenue)
  • Believe in your ability to create six figure years and know you’re on track to do just that
  • Trust in yourself and your decisions as a Coach, business owner and CEO of a growing 6 figure business

This is exactly what we’re going to be working on
inside the Supercharge Mastermind.

Here’s what you can expect:

1 x 1-1 Call to evaluate your business and clarify your plan at the beginning of the mastermind so you know exactly what areas you will focus on and master around over the 6 months

A diagnostic tool so that you evaluate your business and set your key priorities for your time in the mastermind. This is not a place to do everything, together with this tool we can identify a constrained focus in your business that will have the biggest impact for you in your business

Access to the Simply Sold Out Method™ Program – with 7 training modules and supporting workbooks so that you can focus specifically on gaps in strategy in your business and work on applying immediately (includes bonus Craft Content with Ease and 3 Step Sales Funnel training programs)

18 x Group Calls – this is your time to get coached, get tactical support and experience breakthroughs. You will be seen by both your Coach, your new business besties and held in a container where you grow right alongside others. (these calls are set three per month with a one week break each month for integration and implementation)

Facebook Community – this is your space to access ongoing support outside of our calls to connect with your mastermind sisters, ask your questions, get feedback on your business assets, be in the energy of likeminded people so that you feel superbly supported throughout your entire journey

Office hours support where you get to submit your documents for copy and content review each week (that’s up to 4 pages of content you can submit for me to review each week) so you get my eyes on your most important outputs when you need it

Each of the 6 months is themed where each of the key pillars of a successful and sustainable 6 figure business
are deepened with a monthly training and support resources and you can expand the way you think about
your business without ever needing to feel like you are changing strategies or bringing in more.

Want to join us?

This Mastermind is invitation only to women who have worked with me before either as a private client or inside a group experience.

This means these are Coaches just like you, at a similar stage in business, using strategies like you and with that important like-mindedness for a sense of camaraderie inside the Mastermind.

One thing I love about my clients is that they are go-getters, driven, passionate and supportive so everyone being invited into this Mastermind already fits the bill.

This also means we won’t be spending most of our time teaching strategy or going over the foundations again – while there are resources to support you and we will work on the application of the strategies within the business – the focus is on refining, bringing in more precision, coaching and application so that you don’t have to waste time going through foundational work we have already covered.

You will be guided along every step of the way through each key pillar of
a sustainable and scalable coaching business using two unique methodologies
that incorporate mindset and strategy and can take your business through all the key
milestones from initially getting fully booked through to multiple 6 figures.

The theme for each of the 6 months is set out below, however these are not all required for you in each round.

Together we will identify your focus and goals and have you mastering what your business needs,
so you can focus only on what your business needs
to get the biggest and best results and to be able to
leave everything it doesn’t need (to cut down on the overwhelm).

Month One: Simple Client Attraction

In month one, we set the path to have you stand out online, be seen as a leader and have offers that solve real problems and are irresistible to your clients.

We also look at strategic decisions around pricing, content strategy and positioning so you become noticed and THE choice for your dream clients and develop a clear pathway for clients to come into your business on repeat so you’re no longer having to ‘hustle’ for clients.

Month Two: Successful Sales

In month two, we develop your sales skills and have you becoming a successful sales master. Most Coaches I speak to want to MAKE sales but haven’t built their skillset IN sales.

Together we do this and look at running powerful sales calls, making the ask, overcoming objections and follow up. All key to having a business full of paying clients!

Month Three: Money Making and Mastery

In month three, we review your business model to improve upon what’s already working and begin to develop a scalable model – this is not about lots of different offers, it is a simple yet strategic plan.

As you begin to make more money in your business, new money challenges come your way… this is becoming masterful at making money, managing money and the mindset of money as you create the shift into not just Coach but also CEO.

Month Four: Exceptional Client Experience

The most powerful marketing is a happy customer but the coaching industry often forgets to prioritise client delivery and creating exceptional client experiences.

In month four, you will be cultivating a culture of high value and exceptional delivery and we look at client delivery, the Craft of Coaching, retention and gathering amazing testimonials in your business to make it even easier to not only get great client results but to grow your business and income as well.

Month Five: Support and Structure

In month five we look at what support and systematic structures you need in place as you grow to 6 figures. As you consistently stay booked out you start to see that the key challenge becomes time and that requires the support of team and a new level of structure in your business.

In this element we look at your time and what is needed in your business to successfully and sustainably grow to six figures and beyond.

Month Six: CEO and Leadership

Growing to six figures and beyond requires you to shift from being the Coach in your business and expand into being the CEO. This requires big visioning, delegating, decision making and your personal growth as a human, Coach and business owner.

Together you will make that step into CEO and industry leader and watch your business take off because of it.

More results from more clients:

Anna had a goal to sign 3 clients in two months and ended up bringing in 6 brand new clients!

Tori went from doing all the random things (and underpricing) to a clear offer, a system to attract clients
and helping them get amazing results and her first five figure month

Sarah completely changed her business model from endless launching to one-on-one coaching,
went from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months and had her first $5k then $7k month

Stop spinning in comparison, shifting strategies and going it alone and start walking your path
to the sustainable, scaleable coaching business you want stabilising your income between $5k-$15k months (depending on your goals).

Now is the perfect time to supercharge the sales and growth of your business.

Inside the Supercharge Mastermind you get:

  • 1 x 1-1 session with Laura O’Hagan
  • Access to the Simply Sold Out Method Program
  • Bonus access to Craft Content with Ease and the 3 Step Sales Funnel
  • 18 x 1 hour mastermind sessions
  • Your own private Facebook community and ongoing support both from your coach and fellow mastermind sisters
  • 6 themed months with a training and supporting workbooks where applicable

Upgrade to the Platinum Track and get 5 additional individual coaching sessions,
meaning you have a monthly 1-1 call to gain cutting edge coaching, strategic insight and
business planning so that you’ll be on the fast track to your ultimate success.

The Supercharge Mastermind is
AU $5,000* pay in full or a monthly payment plan of $899* per month

*Australian residents will be invoiced plus 10% GST

Upgrade to Platinum Supercharge Mastermind is AU $7,000* pay in full or $1,250* per month

*Australian residents will be invoiced plus 10% GST

About your Coach and Mentor

You’ve already come to know me in some way during our work together, so you know I am straight shooting, honest and direct while also being fun and compassionate. I’m obsessed with business strategy and working with the mind to always uplevel your results.

When you work with me not only do you get what you’ve already seen when we’ve worked together in the past, you get someone who is doing the work daily in her own business right along side you.

  • In the 2.5 years since I redirected my business to Business Coaching I have taken my business to multi-6 figures
  • My business grew to $5k months working 15 hours a week, to five figure months working an average of 20 hours a week, the business has continued to grow into $20k and $30k cash months all while working less than 30 hours a week
  • My first public launch was a five figure launch and I expanded my business model into a 1-many with a group coaching offer 
  • My 1-1 coaching practice has been fully booked for the past 18 months

I share this with you not to brag, not at all, just to highlight that most of the things you may be thinking about bringing to life in your business, I’ve done.

While I still love 1-1, I’ve scaled my business beyond this, I’ve launched publicly, I’ve taken my business to 6 figures and multiple 6 figures and I work with clients on the entire spectrum of their business journey from starting out and looking to sign their first paying clients all the way through to clients who are now scaling beyond 6 figures. 

I believe business is not about doing more, working harder or adding in complexity. It’s about mastery of just a handful of critical processes, it’s about refining what’s already working for you and building on that to make it stronger and stronger, it’s about blowing the lid off what you think is possible for yourself and being supported to stay out of your own way.

Over the past year I’ve intentionally set out to surround myself with business owners at a similar stage in business as me, to create a community around me of like minded women and Coaches who are there for me in the wins and celebrations as much as the difficult situations and problem solving that is all part of the entrepreneurial journey. I want to create that same space for you as I have grown so much as a result.

I’d love to have you inside the Supercharge Mastermind.

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