I’m extremely proud to have been seen in the following media. 


Guest Writing

The Elephant Journal

How to get what you want right now > Click Here to read

A Girl In Progress

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality — Here’s How To Consciously Choose Them > Click Here to read


The Wild Sucess Podcast

Re-writing Your Self Worth with Laura O’Hagan

To check out the shownotes and stream the                  podcast > The Wild Success Podcast with Laura O’Hagan

To listen via iTunes > The Wild Success Podcast ep 48

The Manifesting Mums Podcast

Episode 11: The Power of Why with guest Laura O’Hagan

Click link to listen > The Manifesting Mums Podcast

Listen via iTunes > The Manifesting Mums Podcast on iTunes

A Harmony Inspired Life

Episode 4: Mindset for Success with Laura O’Hagan

Listen via iTunes > A Harmony Inspired Life

Want to Feature Me?

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About Laura

Laura O’Hagan is a Mindset + Business Strategist who works with coaches who are ready to launch, grow or scale their business so they can make the impact and income their business was about in the first place. With a core focus on Mindset, Marketing and Money Mastery, Laura’s approach is all about getting out of your own way, proven business strategy and building a business that works with your unique life so you have freedom, success, impact and income on your terms. 

Laura is a mum of two, avid reader and lives on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia with her young family and dog. You will most likely find her by the water, running after her children or sneaking in some quiet time for yoga, reading and meditation.

If you would like to speak with Laura about collaborations or media features, please get in touch via hello@laurajohagan.com or using the Contact Page

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