Are you Ready to Make more money in your Business

So you’ve got big dreams for your business?

And business in the end is about money, right? No money, no business.

Too often I see incredible people, with all the heart and talent in the world not do the things they need to create a sustainable business. Are you thinking any of these?

  • You’re hesitant about asking for the sale.
  • You don’t want to promote your work ‘again’
  • You say your not doing it for the money (even though you need money to quit your job and live)
  • You have a fear about making other people feel ‘bad’ by becoming uber successful
  • You think people won’t like you if your wealthy or have money
  • You think it’s ‘bad’ to want more

Guess, what? These are all indicators that what is actually holding you back is your relationship with money.

You are simply NOT going to get the financial results you want in your business until you:

  • Get to the bottom of your thoughts and beliefs about money
  • Revolutionise your relationship with money
  • Plan exactly how to achieve your dream income

Not sure how to do that? My love, that is exactly why I’ve created Money Goals for you.


This FREE guide is jampacked with over 12 pages of value, walking you through:

  • How your thoughts about money are creating your bank account
  • A series of prompts to give you insight into your relationship with money (and see EXACTLY what’s going on)
  • Rewriting your money story to create the income you want in your biz and life
  • A step by step guide to turn your income figure into a clear plan for the year

How good is that? Get yours now so you can move quickly to #KickingYourMoneyGoals

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Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and I help incredible heart driven coaches, consultants and service based business owners master their mindset, get visible and sign clients so they create the impact and income they dreamt of when they first started their business.

I want you to have it all in your life and business because I truly believe that is how we help people in the long term and create a ripple effect out into the world. I’m obsessed with personal development, money and business (I’m an Accountant and business consultant by background).

I’ve bundled up my years of experience and expertise to help you focus on the things that actually matter to grow your business, saving you time, money and let’s be honest, stress in the process. If you want to create a business beyond your wildest dreams, then you’re in the right place.

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