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Scaling Strategies that create

More Clients

More Wealth

More Time

Tuesday 26 April 2022 9.30am AEST (Monday 25th, 4.30pm PDT)

Free Zoom Masterclass with Multiple 6 figure Coach Laura O’Hagan 

You desire More.

More Clients.

More Income.

More Time.

More Wealth.

More scaling your business your way and carving your own unique path in this industry.

And in this 90 minute Masterclass together, we’re going to dial in on strategies and principles to create exactly that.

More of what you want in business. Without it costing you your life (because I know that no matter how much you don’t want to admit it, when you’re honest with yourself, that’s what it’s starting to feel like right now).

If you’re anything like me or my clients you want to play big, you do want a 6 figure (and even more) business, you do want financial independence and you do want to create it through your business.

You’re an A-type, high achiever. You’ve carved a path of success in most things you’ve applied yourself to in life up until now. And you want the same for your Coaching Business. 

You’re willing to take action.

You’re willing to do the work on you.

You do want the business and the growth that comes with that. 

What you don’t want is 50 hour working weeks, overwhelm, burnout and less in your hand financially then when you were working a 9-5.

This is the conversation we’re going to have in this Masterclass: 

More. Scaling strategies that create more clients, more wealth and more time.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear scalability plan of your 6 (or multi-6) figure business
  • Clarity on your strategy to consistently attract and convert the clients you desire (whether thats more 1:1 or you’re ready to launch on a bigger scale!)
  • Demystifying and redefining wealth so you can confidently go after what you want and get it (no shame, guilt or justification required here)
  • A full understanding of what drives results in your business and identifying ways to continue to create bigger results and scale without doing more (we’re going for leverage here!)
  • Strategies for managing your time and energy so you scale to six and multi-six figures without depletion, overwhelm and burnout 

It’s happening Tuesday 26 April at 9.30am AEST (That’s Monday 25 April 4.30pm PST)

Meet Your Host

Hi. I’m Laura O’Hagan, multiple 6 figure business owner, Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and your host for this Masterclass.

In a little less than 3 years,:

  • I took my business to $5k cash months working 18 hours a week
  • Followed by five figure months working 25 hours a week and within 18 months had my first 6 figure year. 
  • The following year was a multiple 6 figure year. 

I also did this with two kids in tow, who were both under 5 when I started and probably like you, had extended periods at home during the pandemic. And I still did it without sacrificing me life or time with them. As have many of my clients, so I know you can too!

Over this time I’ve continuously booked out my business, successfully had a 5 figure launch and supported clients to achieve incredible results like their first $5k, $10k and 6 figure years. Have five figure and multi-5 figure launches, scale into $20k and multiple 6 figures all without costing them their life. Over here we leverage our mindset and proven business strategy so that we move the needle, do the work that matters and ditch the never-ending to do list so we can enjoy our life outside of business. That’s what I want for you and that’s exactly why I’m running this masterclass.

I can’t wait to share strategies and principle so you can bring More Clients, Time, Wealth and Freedom into your business and life. Sign up below and join me for this business changing masterclass

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