Plan to profit

It’s time to truly understand the CASH profit in your business and set a simple plan to increase profitability (from your next client invoice)

Is your Business Profitable?

I don’t mean “did your end of year Profit and Loss show a profit”?

What I want to know is have you ever paid out a profit distribution to yourself in actual cash?

Do you know if your business is truly turning a profit or how financially healthy it really is?

Are you reaping the rewards for the risk you took into business ownership?

I’m guessing you’re here because either you know you’re not as profitable as you could be and you really want to understand HOW to get more financial reward for you out of your business


You’re tired of the stress and overwhelm over your business finances, the sleepless nights worrying about how to pay your quarterly BAS or end of year tax bill, you want to pay yourself consistently and feel confident you can make payroll and know that you’re making profit on every payment made to your business.

Am I right? If so, keep reading. 

Are any of these you?

  • You’ve created something great in your business, revenue has grown, business has grown and you keep thinking surely profit must have too… but it seems to either remain non-existent or the same as it always has been no matter how much you’ve grown
  • You’ve had sleepless nights about BAS payments, your end of year tax bill, paying yourself or paying your employees because no matter how good your month or quarter has been, there always seems to be more month than money
  • You’re stuck in the feast famine cycle and find yourself chasing new clients and customers at any cost to cover expenses you’ve already incurred (wondering how you went through that money so quickly?!?!)
  • You have a sense that you could be more profitable and you’re curious to explore HOW this could look and what more financial health will translate into for you
  • You’re heard about Profit First and everything resonated with it but it’s felt overwhelming or hard to implement yourself and you want to shortcut the process with experienced guidance

You need to create your Plan to Profit with a Profitability Assessment


Who this is for:

I specialise in working with established service based businesses in the following areas:

  • Professional Services
  • Health and beauty salons and services
  • Trade Services
  • Coaches, Online service providers and digital creators


This is for you if you’re a established service based small businesses and are looking to:

  • Understand the full picture of you businesses financial health (beyond the end of year compliance provided by your Accountant)
  • Break the feast famine cycle and feel like you’re fully in control of your cashflow
  • Implement the principles of Profit First into your business but are stuck with how to actually do this in your business (I mean allocations – what?!)
  • Reverse engineer your big picture vision and personal financial goals into a plan for your business
  • Become confident and empowered when it comes to managing the finances in your business
  • Increase the profitability of your business

The Plan for Profit utilises the Profit first framework and delivers you an assessment outlining the exact state of your businsses current profitability and a tailored to you roll out plan.

It is designed to have you banking profit from your next client or customer payment.

In 90 days you could be rewarding yourself with your first ever profit distribution in cold hard cash.

This package includes:

Review and Assessment of your:

  • Business and personal financial goals
  • Current business financials and profitability
  • Current financial status

Profitability Report and Recommendations including:

  • A personalised Profitability Report delivered and walk through with you 
  • Recommendations for improving profitability and discussion on your plan for implementation
  • Recommendati0ns for achieving your financial goals

We will also walk through the Profit First implementation and you will be provided with your action steps as well as tools to enable you to start banking profit from your next client/customer payment.

How it works:

We meet three times over the course of a month:

  • Sessi0n 1: Goal setting and preparing for Profit First (60 minutes)
  • Session 2: Walk through of your Profitability Report and Recommendations (60 minutes)
  • Session 3: Execute your your first allocations that means bank your first profit (60 minutes)

Your investment AU $1,990 (including GST for Australian businesses)

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