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I know you’re busy… and maybe you just want a personalised plan on how to nail your pricing once and for all…

If you want to price for profit and increase the cashflow in your Beauty Business and skip this workshop for personalised advice…

then book a “Pricing for Profit Call” under the Masterclass video below…

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Book a 30-minute Pricing for Profit Call with Laura

If you’re a Spa, Salon or Clinic Owner turning over a minimum of 100k per year, you are likely able to increase profits, pay yourself more and grow your business with a few changes to how you are doing things.

In this fast-paced 30-minute Pricing for Profit Call, we will…

✅ Do a quick review of what’s been working in your business, and what hasn’t

✅ Review your current pricing and assess whether it’s profitable

 ✅ Identify 1-2 further profit opportunities in your Beauty Business

And we’ll see what’s possible for you in terms of

✔️ Increasing the weekly wage you draw from the business

✔️ Getting a cashflow process in place so you’re never caught short and know your managing the money in the right way 

✔️ You’ll leave the call clear on your next step to get increased profits in your business (sooner rather than later!).

There are limited spots available each week, so please only take a spot if you’re going to show up!


Book in a time to find the cash bottlnecks in your business and create a plan to overcome them so you can get exactly where you want to be.