Scale your success

For the 6 or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who knows success is as much about how your life FEELS as your killer business results

You Did It!

You became one of the few female led business that cracked through six figures.

And while that is epic, there’s just so much more you know is possible for you.

Whether you want to impact more, lead and influence at the next level, bring visions to life that were put on hold til you’d hit six figures, you’re here because deep down you know even at this stage of hitting 6 figures there is so much more for you. 

AND you want to bring your vision of more in business to life while also creating more in your life. More time and space for you. 

You’re here because yes, you want more AND you want to do it in the way that has you living out your ultimate version of success, not just in business but in life too.

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You’re here for one of two reasons:

You’ve created an incredible business already, turning over 6 or low multiple 6 figures (go you! You’re awesome!) and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Does this resonate?

  • Your business is GOOD but you know it could be GREAT although you feel stuck when you think about taking it to the next level.
  • There’s a tonne of thoughts and decisions swirling in your mind about how to go about it and it gets confusing knowing which path to take. This keeps you playing safe and not taking action aligned with the next level version of you. 
  • There’s some niggles around your belief and you wonder if you’re really the type of person who can have the multiple 6 figure business you see in your minds eye without needing to compromise on other priorities and values for you.
  • You know there’s some fear around stepping into that next level when it comes to really allowing yourself to be seen as a leader, trusting yourself and being able to hold all that comes with a business of this scale.
  • As much as you’ve done work on your money mindset, you can see old and new stories creep in when it comes to expanding into and receiving more

Or perhaps your story is more like this:

  • You feel a bit like the wind’s been knocked out of the sail of your business.
  • For a while it felt like everything you touched in business turned to gold. You were fully booked, launching successfully, the money was always there until it just felt like you lost that ‘midas touch’. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you’ve lost your mojo.
  • Your income has plateaued and much of what seemed to work before isn’t working as well.
  • You’re doubting yourself and your offers and wondering whether scaling is possible, in truth you’re questioning whether even sustaining where you are now is possible
  • You want to get back to feeling in control, get back to being who you know you can be. You want business to feel certain, abundant and clear again.
  • And you want business to feel good and enable that dream life you’ve been living.

If you’re feeling any combination of these, then take a deep breath. You’re exactly where you need to be. I’ve got you.  


Scale your success

The 6 Month Coaching program supporting six and multiple-6 figure entrepreneurs to scale their success in business AND life. 

What if in the next 6 months you expanded personally while business continued to grow into the next level, carving out that path for sustainable multiple six figure years.

What if your business was even more aligned to who you are and took your unique strengths and lifestyle into account, heck what if instead of taking it into account it was designed with all of this in mind ?

What if you scaled your business, your self-trust, your success mindset all the while feeling more supported than you ever have before?

Let’s be real

The last couple of years have seen you jumping from Mastermind to Mastermind, coach to coach and while you’ve taken good stuff from them, something seems to be missing.

Your business.

Your way.

Your uniqueness.

Your trust.

It’s been lost as you’ve unintentionally been told “the way” to build your business inside these containers.

What you need instead is the space to hear your own thoughts again, get back to what feels best to you and be coached through your unique mindset blocks and decisions.

You’re craving that dedicated space for you – in fact you’ve reached the point in business my friend, where that is a necessity. 

If I was to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be; Transformative. Pivotal. Next level

While working with Laura I gained more 1-on-1 clients, I shifted my business model and I launched my group program for the third time. This resulted in a $25k launch and I’m just $18K away from my first $200K year.

Laura was able to pull out the root cause behind the muddy thoughts I would have and I was able to be honest about how I was really feeling in my business. Not once did I ever feel an ounce of judgment. Laura was able to hold space for me and every emotion that I was experiencing.

I’m more confident in my business. Creating sales feels easier and I have a different energy around my entire business. I feel most like myself than I ever have.

If I was to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be; Transformative. Pivotal. Next level

– Tracey Thomas, (Tracey Jazmin) NLP Business Mindset Coach

Real results from clients who have worked with me have included:

  • Pivoting their businesses into the business of their absolute dreams (instead of the path of everyone else’s shoulds)
  • More time available outside of their business without compromising on income and growth
  • Scaling through the introduction of memberships, group coaching, masterminds and courses
  • Letting go of 1-1 services completely to focus on their most enjoyed (and scaled) way of working
  • Successful launches! We’re talking $25k, $40k and £40k launches
  • Next level income months, I’ve celebrated so many money milestones with my clients I’ve lost count. From first five figure months, $17k, $18k, $20k, $25k and even $33k cash months
  • Raising prices leading to income doubling and tripling without any extra work
  • Increased profitability (meaning more take home!), clients have gone from effectively break even to 77% profit margins
  • Buying their dream cars (I’ve celebrated Jaguars, Tesla’s and Mercs) I’d love to add yours to this list!
  • Being fully booked with 1-1 clients with waitlists out 3 and 6 months
  • Waitlists for group programs and increasing the size of group programs and masterminds
  • First multiple 6 figure years, we’re talking $200k and $300k YEARS!
  • And most importantly clients tell me that while the financial and external results are great (hell yeah, they are fun!) what they’ve loved the most is the increase in self-trust, in confidence, in bringing their own desires to life, to quietening the noise from the online space and going all in on their way, to having FUN in their business again.

I’m the best person to help you because what
you want in business, I’ve done too!

If you’ve followed me at all online you might have heard my story.

My business grew fast. I had a 6 figure year just 18 months into my business and the following year had a multiple 6 figure year. I successfully launched a group program and was on the well trod path to scaling my coaching business.

While this was all fun and blew my mind on what’s possible, I started to notice that I was moving further away from the business I most wanted. I was forgetting to live my life outside of business and with all the voices in the online world, I was starting to lose who I was.

I came back to what I most wanted, my business, my terms, my way and delivering the results to my clients in the way I loved to do.

What’s important to note is that my six and multi-6 figure clients do not have replicas of my business. Just like you have your own unique business and ways that work for you. It’s not about wanting the exact business I have (which is why I have clients scaling through groups, memberships and courses as well as one-to-one) it’s about clearing the path to the exact business YOU want. One that allows you to deliver impact in the way you want, one that allows you to play to your unique strengths and live your most dreamy lifestyle.

Working with me at this stage of business is not about me telling you what I did and then you copying it. It’s about bringing true business principles and deep coaching to pull out what you most want – then getting to work on bringing that to life for you.

I bring my decade long career in Management Consulting and Accounting (as well as being a Certified Coach, I’m also a Chartered Accountant and have a Masters in Business) and my innate skill of getting to the core of what matters to you and then putting strategy, frameworks and your mindset around you to scaffold that vision for you. 

I know my stuff, I’ve guided numerous clients on this path and I’m right here with you walking the walk in my business every day. 

If you’re craving being supported deeply and in a bespoke way so that you scale your business and the feelings of success, freedom and abundance in your own life, you’re in the right place. 

"More clients, more enquiries, more revenue, more ease and flow and permission to work in a way that feels good to me and prioritise what I want to prioritise and park the 'shoulds'

Laura is lovely, supportive, kind, understanding while also being smart, astute, professional, to the point, focused and efficient with our time and discussions on each call.

– Paula Maidens, Hiring Strategist & Leadership Coach

How this Coaching program works:

Scale Your Success is a 6 month coaching container that is completely tailored
to you and your unique business. This includes:
  • 12 x 60 minute 1-1 coaching sessions set bi-weekly (fortnightly) so you know your support and time is always there for you and ensuring you have plenty of time to integrate, implement and get things done. This has been designed for the 6 and multi-6 figure entrpreneur in mind. During these sessions we will breakthrough mindset blocks, strategise, set plans and tasks and have the accountability you know you need for big results. 
  • Unlimited chat support between sessions got a question between sessions, a win to share or need support? I‘ve got you! We have our own communication app to ensure you are constantly moving forward in sessions AND outside of session and never stuck waiting for your next coaching session
  • Office Hours Support:Your unlimited support also includes my eyes on your work whenever you need it. Created a new opt-in you want a second set of eyes on? Re-worked that ever important website home page? Not sure how to word that final call to action? This support means I can take a look and give you specific feedback for your business
  • A welcome gift shipped straight to your door (but I can’t tell you anything else or it won’t be a surprise)

Imagine in the next 6 months being able to walk away with:

  • A business that is growing to multiple 6 figures, with less stress and more freedom.
  • An intentionally designed business that aligns with your values, how you most want to work and your unique lifestyle. All key ingredients to ensuring your building a business you love while growing and scaling.
  • Trust in yourself, your offers, your strategy and the sustainability of your business.
  • Strong boundaries and the confidence to hold them in business and with yourself 🙂 
  • A rock solid mindset so that you are equipped and empowered to deal with the challenges that inevitably arise in business without it completely derailing you.
  • An uplevelled version of you, the empowered and impactful CEO and Coach who is no longer standing between herself and success.
  • A money mindset that enables you to hold and receive more.
  • Established self care practices so that you are nourished, supported and ready to AMPLIFY absolutely everything.

Your Investment

AU $8,500* (a monthly payment plan of A$1,495 is available) plus 10% of new revenue generated through our work together

* Includes GST for Australian residents.

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars so don’t forget to convert this into your local currency. There are significant savings to be had when converting the Australian Dollar into Pounds, US Dollars or Euros as well as a number of other currencies.

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Together we can asses your current situation and I’ll make personalised recommendations to take your business to the next level.
I am all about right fit and results, so if I’m not the best person to support you,
I will always let you know and advise what specific support you need in your business.

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