Private Coaching

It’s time to create next level success in your business

You’ve got a BIG vision you’re holding
for your business

What would life and business look like if you were on track to
hit 6 figures (or more) in your business?

What if that often touted ease in business was starting to become your reality? 

Imagine your business starting to work like that well oiled machine; where you feel certain about yourself and your income,
you know exactly what you need to do each week, your clients are kicking goals and having an exceptional experience and know you’re on track to your 6 figure dream while making a difference in the world.

It’s your version of next level success on your terms. The business where you are quite literally living the dream.

Working as a Coach fulfilling your passion, living the lifestyle you want whether that’s based around time,
flexibility, travel and the cash is seriously flowing your way.

You know you’re ready to uplevel your income and ensure it’s consistent!

You know you’re ready to be supported and feel confident in yourself as a 6 figure business owner.

You’ve invested in yourself before and know the value of having someone walk alongside you to guide you,
ask the big questions and fast track your growth.

If you’re nodding your head YES to ANY of the above and you know it’s your time to move into consistent cash, clients and six figure status, you’re in exactly the right place.

Is this you?

  • You’ve started seeing your initial goals come to life in terms of results (although as a high achiever A-type, you’ve barely celebrated those and have quickly re-focused on the next big goal, right?!). In fact, maybe even acknowledging this here makes you question yourself.
  • You already have some paying clients and have achieved a level of success already but it doesn’t feel like enough, you want the next level business vision.
  • Maybe you’ve had a couple of $5k months and let’s be honest. You barely celebrated those because it’s all feeling inconsistent on a good day and kinda messy when you get in your head about it.
  • You’re not exactly sure how your people are finding you so right now, it feels like more like a fluke than repeatable and replicable.
  • You notice you’re not as productive as you could be in the time you have, your minds always in the business and it’s just not clear to you how you’re going to elevate into your real goal of 6 figures this year. Seriously – you can’t see the path AT ALL even though you know you want it.
There’s a lot of questions
coming up for you:
  • How can I attract clients CONSISTENTLY and get out of the feast/famine cycle?
  • Can I stop selling offers that either I no longer enjoy or are a time suck and focus in on just coaching?
  • Do I need to increase my prices?
  • How can I grow my income without substantially growing my hours?
  • How do I consistently generate the income I want and be able to know it’s coming?
  • Is 6 figures something someone like me can REALLY do?
  • Do I need to have a podcast/blog/FB group/run challenges to get to the next level? And while we’re here, how much work is that going to take me?
  • What’s really required to go to 6 figures and beyond as a Coach?
  • How do I need to be thinking differently to grow from here?
  • What systems, structures and maybe even team do I need in place to grow?

Six Figure Success Coaching

My 6 Month Coaching program, your path to Six Figure Success,
is exactly what you are searching for.

What if in the next 6 months you set the foundations for your first 6 figure year

What if you were out there becoming a recognised name and leader in your industry, you were in demand
and people were reaching out to you to work together?

What if you trusted in your ability as a coach and knew how to consistently generate the client base you need
to have consistent income and the pathway to your first 6 figure year?

“I went from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months
and my first $5k cash month!”

In our time working together I have completely shifted my business with a clear focus on 1-1 coaching.

I now have a clear strategy for marketing and sales and it works! I have so much more confidence in myself and my business and my mindset is stronger than ever.

What I loved about working with Laura is her down-to-earth & relatable energy, the blend of strategy and mindset, how simple and clear she makes things. There is no fluff at all which is so refreshing!

If I were to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be
simplifying, expanding and life-changing.

– Sarah Lewis, Intuitive Business Coach

 Working together in my signature
private coaching program will focus
on results like:

– Getting your mindset working for you with a deep belief in yourself and your ability as a coach so that you can consistently make sales 

– Giving you the confidence to share your message so that you become a leader in your field and people asking to work with you consistently 

– Solidifying the foundations of your business so that it’s ready to hold more; your niche, signature program, marketing plan, content and selling so that you are in a place to sustainably grow

– Creating replicable processes that work so that you always know exactly
what you need to do to get the results you want

– Mastering money so that not only are you confident managing money you are able to breakthrough any limits you currently have on yourself so that you can be beautifully rewarded and compensated for the work you do

– Transitioning you from seeing yourself as the ‘service provider’ in your business to becoming a true business owner and badass CEO  

– Growing your support with team and assessing what may be needed as you grow to six figures in terms of systems and support

Real results from clients who have worked with me have included:

  • Pivoting their businesses with ease into Coaching (from previous businesses such as massage, personal training, social media management and bookkeeping as well as complete career changes from employee to biz owner)
  • Doubling their income
  • Going from 0 to 5 clients in three months after changing their business model
  • All the record cash months; their first $5k cash month, five figure months through to 20k cash months
  • Multiple clients growing into their first 6 figure year
  • Being published in large media outlets like Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global and Medium
  • Empowering themselves financially to hire in home support like cleaners, buy their dream car (a Jaguar no less), book overseas trips for themselves and their family, purchase a designer handbag, save for the deposit for their first home, their holiday beach house and a backyard pool

I’m the best person to help you because what
you want in business, I’ve done too!

I’m here as your mentor and coach to support you to grow your business your way using my unique blend of coaching and consulting along with my signature framework of Mindset, Marketing and Money Mastery.

I grew my coaching business to 6 figures in 18 months while working 25 hours a week – oh by the way, I did this with two small children, no family help, no viral posts, no influencer status.

I focused purely on the things I knew were important to growing my business and left the rest AND I invested in myself as I knew my vision of 6 figures would be reached faster and with less stress with support around me.

When you work with me, you get my unique blend of Coaching, Mentoring + Consulting, giving you the full package that’s needed to become a successful coach running your thriving six figure business.

I bring my decade long career in Management Consulting and Accounting (as well as being a Certified Coach, I’m also a Chartered Accountant and have a Masters in Business). I’ve worked in top tier ‘Big 4’ accounting firms, some of Australia’s largest corporates in finance and accounting, business performance improvement and strategy consulting.

I totally GET coaching, I 100% GET business and I also know A LOT about money.
I’ve been featured in Yahoo Finance as one of the 10 Business Strategists to watch.

I know my stuff and I’m right here with you walking the walk in my business every day. 

I know that my signature framework of Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery paired with my experience is THE fastest route
to you blowing up your business, becoming a confident CEO and paving your path to your 6 figure business. But of course –
as a business owner you know it’s on you to take the action, make the investment and show up for it fully.
Just like these clients did…

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!"

I’ve had my first $10k month and then I hit $13.6k month which is unreal! I now have such ease in my business, which I think might be a bigger win than the financial win. Knowing that my system works, that clients want to work with me and that it all feels easy is SO nice.

Laura is incredible. She connects strategy and mindset really well and making mindset a tangible part of my goals has really helped me. I’m so proud of what we have done over the 5 months. I was struggling to call myself a coach, now I have confidence in how I work with clients. I have a system and I know how to recognise who I want as my clients and how I can help get them the best results.

– Tori Kopke, The Rural Business Coach

“Working with Laura was life-changing!"

During the time we worked together I completely transformed my business and in turn, my life. I successfully pivoted my business in only 6 months and now confidently own my new title as a Small Business Consultant & Coach – something I would have baulked at only months ago.

Working with Laura gave me permission to dream big and realise it was possible. I’m doing work that feels effortless and self actualising. I’m excited about the direction my business is headed, the exact opposite of the feeling of dread that I was experiencing 6 months ago.

– Kristin Vink, Small Business Coach
+ Consultant

“Laura is an incredible coach!"

When we started our sessions I had a goal to sign 3 clients and to gain confidence in the online coaching space.

By our last session I had 6 signed clients and a clear goal of where I wanted my business to go in 2020. I have already made it a mission of mine to work with her next year because our time together was invaluable.

Thank you Laura – you’re so much more than I could have hoped for!

– Anna Veale, Coach, Fresh Coaching

How this Coaching program works:

Six Figure Success is a 6 month journey that is completely tailored
to you and your unique business. This includes:
  • 1 x 60 minute kick-off session so we can dive deep immediately in your business and set you up for long-term success right from the start
  • 17 x 45 minute 1-on-1 Coaching calls – set weekly with one week off every month for implementation and integration (3 weeks on, 1 week off per month) to breakthrough mindset blocks, strategise, set plans and tasks and have the accountability you know you need for big results. 
  • Unlimited chat support between sessions got a question between sessions, a win to share or need support? I‘ve got you! We have our own communication app to ensure you are constantly moving forward in sessions AND outside of session (previous clients have commented that this is JUST AS VALUABLE as the coaching sessions themselves). Think of this as having access to me daily direct.
  • Office Hours Support:Your unlimited support also includes my eyes on your work whenever you need it. Created a new opt-in you want a second set of eyes on? Re-worked that ever important website home page? Not sure how to word that final call to action? This support means I can take a look and give you specific feedback for your business.
  • Worksheets and personally recommended resources that have been created and curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business
  • BONUS: 3 Step Sales Funnel Course that will support you to craft a suite of offers that guide your clients to saying ‘yes’ with ease 
  • BONUS: Craft Content with Ease Course so that you can get consistently visible, build relationships and create powerful conversion focused content on the regular 
  • welcome gift shipped straight to your door (but I can’t tell you anything else or it won’t be a surprise)

Imagine in the next 6 months being able to walk away with:

  • The ability to market yourself authentically, with ease and stand out as a leader in your niche so you are constantly attracting new clients
  • A content strategy that connects into the heart of your dream clients making their decision to work with you a no-brainer
  • Signature programs, courses and packages that work for you and your clients moving your people from ‘audience’ to ‘client’
  • An uplevelled version of you, the empowered and impactful CEO and Coach who is no longer standing between herself and success, who works with clients, changes lives and makes the money she knows she was meant for
  • Proven business strategies that will work for your business model so that your business is growing, the clients are coming and your bank account is growing
  • A pathway to growing your business to six figures

Your Investment

AU $10,000* (a monthly payment plan of A$1,695 is available) plus 10% of new revenue generated through our work together

* Includes GST for Australian residents.

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars so don’t forget to convert this into your local currency. There are significant savings to be had when converting the Australian Dollar into Pounds, US Dollars or Euros as well as a number of other currencies. While the exchange fluctuates the monthly coaching fee equates to approximately US$1,165, in the UK approximately £965 and approximately €1,115.

If you are feeling the pull and ready to explore growing
your business and setting the path for 6 figures or scaling into multi-6 figures then the first step is to book a call together
by clicking the button below.

From there you will receive an invitation to book you 60 minute Business Breakthrough Discovery Call where together we can asses your current situation and make personalised recommendations to take your business to the next level.
I am all about right fit and results, so if I’m not the best person to support you,
I will always let you know and advise what specific support you need in your business.

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