Your journey to elevate YOU into the impact and income you know you’re meant for 

What would life look like if you finally had the business you’ve been dreaming about?

You know the one.

A booked out roster of clients, a consistent flow of cash coming in and a knowing that you are making a difference in the world?

The business where you are quite literally living the dream. Working as a Coach fulfilling your passion, prospering in business and profiting doing work you love so that you can have the freedom and life you’ve always wanted to.

What would you be doing then? Quit your day job? Spend more time with your family? Live wherever you want rather than being tied to a city for work? Paying off debt? Living life on your terms and springing out of bed each day knowing that you’re helping people, changing lives and making the impact you always wanted to as a Coach.


You started out with a big vision and dream for your business, right?! It was all about doing work you love and helping people. There was so much passion and enthusiasm, you couldn’t wait to get out there and become a Coach.

If you’re honest though, the response was underwhelming (maybe even your crickets heard crickets). A few of your friends hit ‘like’, you had a (little) spike in traffic when you published your website and very little in the way of leads, enquiries or clients. 

You started to question everything.

  • Are you really any good at this?
  • Is everyone else lying?
  • What do they know, that I don’t?
  • Can I even do this?
  • Will I ever make enough money to make this work?

And instead of running your dream business, coaching people and making a difference, you’re lurking on Facebook, forever watching Instagram stories and resentful AF at anyone who shares their success and wondering how this is ever going to change. You’ve got an inbox full of freebies, courses you’ve signed up for, a podcast in your ears whenever you have a minute…..


But no clients (or the occasional one here and there and even then you offer them a discount, bend over backwards and do just about anything to make sure they sign up to work with you). It doesn’t feel good and you’re left with no money coming in and the sinking feeling that maybe your Coaching business isn’t going to work. Up until now, you’ve had success in most things you’ve applied yourself to and this new business is the ONE thing you want most in your life. So why isn’t it working?

  • Like everyone else seems to be killing it and you’re struggling to figure out what to do next?
  • Like you’re tried a tonne of different strategies in your business and nothing’s stuck?
  • Like your work is needed and your dream clients are out there but you don’t know how to connect with them, let alone bring them in as clients?
  • Like you’re being ‘punished’ by the algorithm and your not being seen by anyone, let alone the people that matter?
  • Like you have money goals that you’re now wondering if you are EVER going to reach?

If you nodded your head yes to ANY of the above, than guess what?

You’ve arrived here for a reason. This is exactly what I do. I help Coaches like you master their mindset, get visible and sign clients (even if you feel like you’ve tried everything) so you can make the impact and income you know you’re here for.

Passion, Prosper and Profit

My 6 Month Coaching program your path to Passion, Prosper and Profit is exactly what you are searching for.

What if in the next 6 months you had the clients and the cash coming into your business that right now you’d give your left arm for?

What if you were out there living the Coaching life, working your dream business and making the impact you want to – you know, nothing too small, just changing people’s lives for the better and making the money you know you are meant for!

Working together in my signature program Passion, Prosper and Profit

Will focus on results like:

  • Getting your mindset working for you with a deep belief in yourself and your ability as a coach so that you can consistently sign clients
  • Giving you the confidence to share your message, make offers and step up as the Coach you’ve always wanted to be so that you can make more sales
  • Solidifying the foundations of your business; your niche, signature program, marketing plan, content and selling so that you are growing a sustainable business and income
  • Mastering money so that not only are you confident managing money you are able to breakthrough any limits you currently have on yourself so that you can be beautifully rewarded and compensated for the work you do
  • Moving you into action so you’re no longer watching on from the sidelines, you are actively, confidently and strategically executing in your business so that the clients and cash actually come to you
  • Growing your client base, your business and your bank account so that you can live the life you currently have pinned up on your vision board!

Real results from clients include:

  • Quitting their 9-5 day job
  • Five figure cash months
  • Their first six figure year
  • A £4,500 week
  • Doubling the income in their business
  • Booking out their coaching business
  • Signing 6 clients in two months
  • Signing a client and booked a further Discovery Call in 1 week after our session
  • Running their first webinar
  • Signing their first two clients into their group program
  • Being published in large media outlets like Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Medium
  • Empowering themselves financially to hire their first cleaner book an overseas trip for their entire family

I’m the best person to help you because I’m on a mission to help heart-driven coaches make the vision for their business their everyday reality – that means signing clients and making more money in your business baby. I’m here as your mentor and coach to support you to master your mindset, get visible and sign clients consistently, so you can grow your business and make the impact and income you always envisioned you would.

After first starting my coaching business in 2016, I realised there was more to being a successful coach than I initially thought. There is proven strategy to implement, new beliefs to form and a requirement to step into the CEO role of your business.

When you work with me, you get my unique blend of Coaching, Mentoring + Consulting, giving you the full package that’s needed to become a successful coach running your thriving business.

I bring my decade long career in Management Consulting and Accounting (as well as being a Certified Coach, I’m also a Chartered Accountant and have a Masters in Business). I’ve worked in top tier ‘Big 4’ accounting firms, Australia’s largest insurer in Corporate finance and accounting, business performance improvement and strategy consulting. I totally GET coaching and 100% GET business.

 I know that my signature framework of Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery paired with my experience is THE fastest route to you getting seen, connecting with clients and getting hired so that you make the money you want (and more) in your business.


Five figure months and a new level of ease in business

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!

I’ve had my first $10k month and then I went on to have $13.6k month which is unreal! I now have such ease in my business, which I think might be a bigger win than the financial win. Knowing that my system works, that clients want to work with me and that it all feels easy is SO nice. I also look super visible with strategies we’ve implemented and delegating to team members, but for me, I put minimal time into my visibility efforts.

Laura is incredible. She connects strategy and mindset really well and making mindset a tangible part of my goals has really helped me. I’m so proud of what we have done over the 5 months. I was struggling to call myself a coach, now I have confidence in how I work with clients. I have a system and I know how to recognise who I want as my clients and how I can help get them the best results. Before Laura I was doing SO much random shit. It was crazy, I was saying yes to everything. Now if someone wants to work with me there are three ways and that’s it. This clarity has created so much ease and space for me. It really is incredible.

If I had to describe my coaching experience in three words they would be; magical, fantastic, I-love-it-and-working-with-Laura-has-been-the-best-investment-ever-for-myself-and-my-business.”

Tori Kopke

The Rural Business Coach

Income doubled, successful pivot, signing clients with ease and a next level life

“Working with Laura was lifechanging!

During the time we worked together I completely transformed my business and in turn, my life. I successfully pivoted my business in only 6 months and now confidently own my new title as a Small Business Consultant & Coach – something I would have baulked at only months ago. I am consistently booking clients for one off sessions and 3 month programs, and am confident I will continue to do so. In 6 months I have made the same amount of sales that I made for the entire last financial year.

Working with Laura gave me permission to dream big and realise it was possible. I’m doing work that feels effortless and self actualising. I’m excited about the direction my business is headed, the exact opposite of the feeling of dread that I was experiencing 6 months ago. Thank you Laura for helping me take my business and my life to the next level!”

Kristen Vink

Small Business Coach & Consultant

I had my first £20k cash month

I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch”

Aimee Browne

Time and Business Strategist

How this Coaching program works

Passion, Prosper and Profit is 6 month journey that is completely tailored to you and your unique business.

This includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute kick-off session so we can dive deep immediately in your business
  • 17 x 50 minute 1-on-1 Coaching calls – set weekly with one week off every month for implementation and integration (3 weeks on, 1 week off per month) to breakthrough mindset blocks, strategise and set action tasks
  • Unlimited support and ongoing access to me between sessions and to review documentation using our own project management app between sessions. This ensure you are constantly moving forward and previous clients have commented that this is AS VALUABLE as the coaching sessions themselves. Think of this as having access to me daily at the end of your fingertips to strategise, celebrate, ask questions and review any documentation including social media content, plans, web copy, sales pages, follow up emails and more
  • Worksheets, workbooks and personally recommended resources that have been created and curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business
  • BONUS: Both my paid programs the 3 Step Sales Funnel and Craft Content Ease are included for you
  • A welcome gift shipped straight to your door (but I can’t tell you anything else or it won’t be a surprise)

Imagine in the next 6 months being able to walk away with

  • The ability to market yourself authentically, with ease and stand out as a leader in your niche so you are constantly attracting new clients
  • A content strategy that connects into the heart of your dream clients making their decision to work with you a no-brainer
  • Signature programs, courses and packages that work for you and your clients moving your people from ‘audience’ to ‘client’
  • An uplevelled version of you, the empowered and impactful CEO and Coach who is no longer standing between herself and success, who works with clients, changes lives and makes the money she knows she was meant for 
  • Proven business strategies that will work for your business model so that your business is growing, the clients are coming and your bank account is growing

Do you know what all this leads to? The cash and clients that means you are making your impact and the income you desires so that you can truly thrive as a Coach.

“I am well on my way to living my coaching business dream”

“When I first connected with Laura I was really at the beginning of my business. I wanted to grow my social media following/audience, develop my coaching programmes and get some proper clients!! The biggest change I have noticed in myself is my mindset and my professional and personal momentum have really shifted. I am more confident and more relaxed, and that is opening up more opportunities! The ball is starting to roll.

We worked together as the global pandemic just began and being coached by Laura over that very challenging time kept me focused and working towards my dream of having a thriving coaching practice. I shifted personally and professionally, I created three signature programmes for my coaching, and I signed 4 high-level Executive Coaching clients! I am well on my way to living my coaching business dream.” 

Julia Harig

Executive Coach

6 clients in two months

“Laura is an incredible coach.

When we started our sessions I had a goal to sign 3 clients and to gain confidence in the online coaching space. By our last session I had 6 signed clients and a clear goal of where I wanted my business to go in 2020. I have already made it a mission of mine to work with her next year because our time together was invaluable.

Thank you Laura – you’re so much more than I could have hoped for!”

Anna Veale

Coach, Fresh Coaching

“I refuse to hold myself back anymore

“The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is letting go of perfectionism and second guessing everything. Our work together has helped me show up and get visible online, which always felt so scary! I have a goal that I’m working towards. I know that I can achieve it and I’ve had a huge shift in mindset – I refuse to hold myself back anymore!I feel really excited and hopeful for the future!”

Heather Burns

Mindset Coach

Your Investment

AU $1,550* per month for each of the six months or AU $8,835* when paid in full (includes an upfront discount of 5%)

There are BIG currency benefits in many countries outside of Australia. While currencies do fluctuate from day to day, the monthly coaching fee is approximately US $1,180, GB £875 and €965.

*Australian residents plus 10% GST

If you’ve made it all the way to the end and HAVEN’T booked your Discovery Call yet, you’re probably thinking one (or all) of these.

  • I don’t know if this will actually help me.

  • I haven’t made any money yet and I’m not sure about investing in my business.

  • Maybe, I’m not ready, but I want to do this, I’m not sure!

  • I’ve invested into other courses and programs before and they haven’t helped

  • What if it actually works and I become successful, who am I to do that?

First up, I want you to know you have permission to bring in support BEFORE you get results. In fact that’s the way business has ALWAYS worked and is a smart, CEO decision. 

Think about cafes, restaurants, even Henry Ford. They all invest in the process of starting up their business. Whether it’s a cafe fit-out, retail leases, stock or a production line and factory, these are done before the business has a single customer.

It’s just the way business works and while we are blessed to live in times where business has changed and the barriers to entry have come tumbling down. 

The principle of investing to grow your business remains.

It’s just that instead of machinery, leases and stock though, we’re investing in skills, knowledge and processes that get us to the result we want faster and easier. So if you’re wondering am I good enough, am I ready, can I invest in my business even though I don’t have consistent (or any) clients and income, then yes! That is the smartest and fastest ways to create the business you want. 

Second thing, is will this actually work for you? My clients often wonder the same thing and do you know what, when I made the decision for the first time to invest in a Coach, I wondered it to. When I track back now over the history of my business, I can see that all the big leaps forward have come when I’ve had a coach. Did I have a pile of cash sitting in the bank to hire my first coach? No! I had to sell shares (stocks) to fund my first coach because my business wasn’t generating that level of income. I decided that not creating the success I could see in my mind was not an option and I’d tried enough things that it was finally time to get myself my own 1-on-1 coach. Guess what? It’s the best decision I’ve made in my business, in fact, I now consistently work with my own coaches because I know it facilitates growth in my business.

My clients also achieve significant results when working with me. They’ve doubled their income, booked out their practices and transitioned to a point where they sign clients with ease. That doesn’t mean the process is going to feel comfortable – that’s exactly why I believe coaching is the fastest way to get new results in your business. My job is to call you out when I can see you’re limiting yourself, developing strategy and actions plans with you and holding you accountable to that and calling you back in when needed. You invest in you and I’ll hold you accountable to rising to the new level you have set for yourself.

You have full permission and Coaching is the fastest way to get new results. You can trust yourself on this decision. I know it can feel scary, exciting and a bundle of nerves all rolled into one. That’s the sign you are in exactly the right place. You already know.

So now the question is, are you ready to follow that pull?