DO IT DIFFERENTLY: Simple Sales Strategies for SIX FIGURES

Are you ready to make six figure level sales and do it differently (like WAY less complicated than everyone’s making it)?

In this workshop we will cover simple sales strategies for your coaching business so that you know exactly what action to take, build your success mindset and move into becoming a sales master.

Not only will you be selling like a six-figure business owner, but you’ll be doing it differently than most of the industry tells you to- leaving you not only feeling amazing about sales, but standing out too.


All the details

Date: 26 August 2021 (AEST)

Time: 10am AEST (25 August 5pm PT/8pm ET)

Your Investment: AU$49

I know you want to bring more clients into your business, you want to do your amazing work coaching people and you want to get paid really well for it (and often!!)

While you’re amazing at what you do, the bad news is that being an incredible, certified and life (or business) changing coach DOESN’T make sales happen alone.

Neither does following 100 other strategies, grasping at sales scripts, or trying to do what everyone else is telling you. 

What does? 

Powerful yet simple sales strategies that allow you to do it differently and make more sales because of it.

Let me take a guess.

You’ve already done a number of things to make more sales in your coaching business:

  • You’ve taken a money mindset course,
  • You spent countless hours working on an email ‘funnel’
  • You’ve done all the things you thought you ‘should’ like a website, slick branding, a million canva templates and business cards
  • You’ve even written affirmations, set intentions under the full moon and worked on your ‘receivership’
  • You’ve possibly downloaded scripts about what you’re supposed to say, but find them hard (or gross!) to follow

But none of that seems to be translating into more people saying ‘yes’, paying you and becoming a client.

What you need instead?

Practical sales strategies.

All the manifestation in the world isn’t going to work unless it’s coupled with clear and intentional action. Sales is really a simple process where you bring your clients through a journey, make offers and invitations and ask for the sale. 

While most Coaches I speak to want to make sales, they haven’t built their skills IN sales and all of that is going to change in this 90 minute workshop where you’ll walk away feeling like a six figure sales master;

Do it Differently: Simple Sales Strategies for Six Figure Sales

Together over 90 minutes we will:

  • Clarify exactly what sales are and simplify it for you
  • Create a clear sales process for you to bring your clients through
  • Look at specific examples of HOW to ask for the sale (the number one thing everyone is telling you to do but you don’t know what they even mean) in the most common places you are missing this opportunity
  • Give you strategies to build your no tolerance so you can jump into the sales conversation without the apprehension of people saying no
  • Hotseat coach and answer your questions live in this workshop style event

This isn’t your normal Masterclass.

While yes I will be providing you with loads of value and teaching you things you can immediately go and apply in your business, this is more of a coaching experience and includes LIVE coaching and Q&A within the workshop because I believe the difference in feeling empowered and confident applying these strategies is to be coached (and often witness others be coached and shift things you didn’t even know you had going on for you)!

You will leave having had the opportunity to clarify your questions, witness others be coached and even be coached yourself so that you have the strategy, steps and transformed mind on sales so you can finally do it differently and approach sales like a six figure Coach with your new skills.

And your seat is only $49! Imagine the return on that investment when you apply these and make just one new sale (let alone have the ability to go and repeat!)

I’m going to be teaching you specific sales strategies that I have applied in my business and taught clients again and again AND it comes with the opportunity to be coached and guided by me.

Why me?

Well, great question! I’ve grown my business to multiple 6 figures in just 2.5 years by focusing on a handful of core activities – one of them of course being sales – and I get feedback all the time from clients that my sales calls don’t really **feel** like a sales call. I make sales consistently which has translated to my business being fully booked on repeat (often with a waitlist and booked out months in advance) in private coaching and I’ve successfully launched group programs resulting in five figure sales launches. You are learning directly from someone who walks the walk day in and out beside you. 

I’m also seriously qualified in business having worked on profitability, growth strategies and business improvement in my previous life as a Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant and work with Coaches just like you every week to start, grow and scale their businesses. Ultimately growth in business comes from successfully making sales. 

I’ve also supported dozens of clients with these strategies and have clients get results like:

  • Going from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months
  • Hit five figure months and six figure years
  • Sign 4 high ticked clients in 3 months working together with no website, email list and a small social media presence

How do we get these results?

Taking strategies sales actions week in and out – the exact strategies and steps we will be covering on this workshop.

It’s happening live 26 August at 1oam (AEST) on Zoom.

I can’t wait to see you there, if you’re ready to use proven strategies, do the work and make more sales in your business, then seriously you need to join us, sign up now by hitting the button below. Upon signup you will be sent further details including a pre-workshop questionnaire in the lead up as well as the Zoom joining link prior to the workshop beginning. 

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