Immersion Day

You want to set your path forward from here to your next level of success and you want to do it fast.

You’re the kind of person who likes to dive in, get it done and get to work and
you don’t want to be waiting months to do it.
You’re here because you’re looking for an intensive day of support to work on strategy,
mindset and planning in your coaching business.
While this Immersion Day will be tailored to you and what’s going on in your business,
ultimately I’m here to help you become fully booked, hit six figures or scale beyond
your one-to-one model to reach multiple six figures.
If you’re thinking about spending a day together to deep dive into your business, you’re likely experiencing one or more of the following:

– You’re tired of watching on while everyone else seems to be killing it and you’re spinning figuring out what to do next in order to start or take your business to the next level and you’re not sure what your strategy should be or what you actually need to do each week to make that happen (including your niche, marketing strategy and offers)

– You’re working with clients so you know you deliver on results but need support moving into mastery in your business and are thinking about things like pricing, next level messaging and bringing in team to support you. Basically, you’re ready to take what’s working in your business already and scale it (whether that’s reviewing your business model, creating scaleable offers and/or planning your next launch)

– You’ve had enough of hearing about everyone else’s ‘ease’ in their business and you want to take time out to review your business to make it simpler and bring some of that ease into your life, so you’re looking for a strategic review and planning your next 6 or 12 months

– You’ve had some recent challenges in your business and you want to soundboard and create solutions to minimise these from happening again and create a system and strategy to make sure you not only minimise those challenges but know exactly what to do to scale to the next level beyond them 

This is exactly what this Strategy Immersion Day is for.

Combining strategy, planning, mindset, mentoring and space for you to move forward quickly  all in a luxurious setting.

Think of this as your CEO business planning day where you get to step away from the day to day doing and dive deeply into
strategising and planning for hitting the next level in your business, mentoring, mindset and a touch of luxe for you!

This day isn’t a one-size-fits-all so there’s no way I can tell you exactly what the day will look like until we have our initial call.
It will be tailored to you and your unique business and the goals you want to work to.

Some of the topics we
could cover include:
  • Setting the foundations for your first year in business so that you walk away with clarity on what exactly you need to do hit the ground running and start your coaching business, including your messaging, visibility strategy, marketing plan and creation of your coaching offers
  • Reviewing your business model and creating scaleable options and together develop your first group or mastermind experience including launch strategy, planning and how to launch your first one-to-many offer with confidence
  • Pricing strategy and review and setting the plan to raise your prices and elevate your income (without adding more right now!) including leadership and planning the key elements to become the stand out choice in your niche
  • Creating a 6 or 12 month plan to achieve your next income goal and getting to work on strategic decisions required to implement it
  • Mastery of your client journey, successful sales and handling sales calls like a pro and creating exceptional client experiences in your business so your clients become raving fans and stay working with you over and over again

How the Strategy Immersion Day works:

In the week prior to our day together, we will connect for a 1 hour Zoom planning session so that we are crystal clear
on our biggest focuses for the day and I’m up to speed on all that’s going on for you and your business.

We’ll meet at our agreed location on the beautiful Gold Coast at 9am and deep dive into our agenda.

At midday we’ll break for lunch at a nearby cafe, we can chat business, relax or ask all the questions
you’ve wanted to know about running a multiple 6 figure business.

After lunch we’ll continue with our immersion; setting plans, taking action and coaching through
anything that comes up.

At 4pm we’ll go to a beautiful oceanside location to wrap up the day with celebratory sunset drinks.

Two weeks after our day together, we’ll have a follow up Zoom coaching session so you can get feedback on the work
you’ve been doing, to make sure any implementation questions are answered after you’ve returned to your business and
to coach you through any mindset pieces that have come up.

What’s included:

1x 1 hour pre-day planning session

A full day together for 8 hours

All food and drinks for the day included

1x 1 hour post planning day session set two weeks
after the strategy immersion day together

This is a full day of hands on in person support with someone who has been exactly where you are.

Together we’re going to plan your next steps, set the strategy and work together on assets, copy and collateral
for your business so that you leave the day not only inspired but also knowing exactly what you need to do.

The Strategy Immersion Day is a VIP experience.
You’re all inclusive day is $4,400 (includes GST)

As you can imagine hosting an in-person immersive day is something that has very limited availability.

If you’re serious about getting to work and setting the path for your next level success and can deep dive together
on the Gold Coast, Australia, schedule a connection call to ensure this is right for you.

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