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Profit and Growth Consultantat
As a business owner myself I know the passion and purpose you bring to your business….
What I want to see that translate to? A six figure salary to you, an optimised, efficient and profitable business that gives you time back….
And a new sense of calm and confidence when it comes to managing the money in your business. 

Hello and welcome.

You’re here because you know it’s time to level up how you manage the money in your business. You want more time freedom, to optimise your business and to get more of what the business brings in landing in your pocket. 

If this is you, know you’re not alone and I’m here to help you!

I’m Laura and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. In my work as a Profit and Growth Consultant I help service based businesses like you get financial clarity, pay themselves a 6 figure salary, improve profitability and efficiency in the business and grow their money management confidence.

I do this in multiple ways. Our overarching framework is Profit First and as a Profit First Professional with a background as a Chartered Accountant, consulting and mindset coaching, all of this comes together in a way that is practical, tailored to your unique business and results focused so you can achieve your ultimate goals (and financial rewards) in your business.


About ME

I spent the first decade of my career in the Corporate world. I started out in HR and Training but once I was in business, I saw that the strategy, key decisions and ultimate stewardship of corporartions was driven by the numbers – and I knew THAT was what I wanted to be involved in, so I went back to University and studied accounting and ultimately became a Chartered Accountant. I worked as a management consultant, in budgeting and planning and strategic business advisory working in a Big 4, one of Australia’s largest insurers and in the University sector. We’re talking advisory, strategy and the numbers that were in the hundreds of millions and even billions.

What I started to realise was that I wasn’t seeing the ultimate impact of my work. I wanted to be working with smaller businesses and seeing the impacts translate to them, seeing the actual owner’s face glow as their business doubled or tripled, hear about what it meant to them to land the contract or the client, how their life was different as a result of being in business or doing work they loved and so, like you, I took the leap, started my own business and started working with my own clients.

While I did the most incredible work with my clients and business grew, I started noticing themes. Many of my clients wanted to keep growing their revenue so they could pay themselves, get out of the month to month cycle and hopefully make some kind of profit. Which is great, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to grow – in fact, I’m totally here for it – but what I noticed was that no matter how much we worked on growing revenue, the profit didn’t seem to come. This meant they were often getting into a place of working more or harder to generate more revenue without any additional reward flowing to them.

Enter profit first.

I read the book and really saw myself in many of the traps that book outlined too. Not setting enough aside for tax, overspending or overinvesting and ultimately breaking even year after year (although I was paying myself) no matter how much my revenue grew, my business seemed to be that ‘cash eating monster’ and I couldn’t extract the profit and financial reward I was wanting to. 

I implemented the system in my business and I started including profitability in the work with my clients. Suddenly my business was turning a cash profit each and every month, my expenses were back in my control and I even had my tax set aside for end of year and wasn’t scared about lodging my return because I already had the money. My clients were also seeing the benefits; realising they actually didn’t need to earn as much as they thought, sometimes they could work less and take home more (I KNOW!) and the stress of living month to month in business was disappearing. Not only that, they were able to make smarter intentional decisions and enact strategic plans because we no longer needed to bring in future revenue to pay past expenses.

This system was key, the key is to work with our entrepreneurial habits and when combined with the mindset and strategic coaching I was already doing, my clients started banking profits immediately and growing their business from a place of actual desire to (rather than securing a client to pay something that was already due).

This is what I want for you to. Profit on every invoice and quarterly profit distributions to you as the owner of a business. To end the month to month cycle. To pay yourself for the work you do in your business consistently (that means every week). To not get tax bill shock and to not be yelling “show me the money” when your Accountant circles your end of year profit and you have $0 in the bank to show for it.

Are you ready to get in control of your cashflow, increase profit and grow your business your way? Hit the button below and let’s connect to discuss your goals and instantly assess your business.

Professional Bio

Laura is a Profit and Growth Consultant. Using a multi-modal approach Laura  blends Profit First, Business Strategic Advisory and Consulting along with mindset to help health, beauty and professional services business owners to pay themselves a 6 figure salary, increase profitability and business efficiency and become a confident money manager in their business. 

Laura is passionate about this work after seeing business owners create incredible businesses delivering the most wonderful results and services for their clients but putting their own financial reward down the list, hoping that “one day” they’ll get to to that. Laura knows that with the right framework, processes and business performance improvements any business with a minimum turnover of $200k pa can pay the owner a healthy six figure salary and generate more financial reward to the owner – without having to compromise on the quality of services provided. 

Creating a business that is authentic to her, Laura was able to leave a 10 year corporate career in accounting, finance and consulting to move to her dream location where she now lives with her family on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Profit First Professional ANZ

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand – Ongoing

Graduate Certificate in Chartered Accounting – Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ

Masters of Professional Accounting – University of Technology, Sydney

Certified Life CoachThe Life Coach School

Life Coach – Beautiful You Coaching Academy


Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Development) – University of Technology, Sydney

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