Welcome. You’re wondering if I’m the Coach for you? Let’s find out

I’m Laura O’Hagan. I’m a yogi, mum of two, I love the ocean (I’m a water sign) and that’s where your most likely to find me, by the water. Most importantly for YOU if you’re here, I’m a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist. 

What is a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist?

Great question and I’m so glad you asked. I work specifically with Coaches and service based business owners to grow their business, this means sign more clients and make the money they know they’re meant for using sustainable and proven business strategies. My job is to come onto your team to mentor, coach, advise and strategise with YOU so that you grow the business you were meant for. While I have frameworks and proven strategies that work, I also recognise that you’re an individual, your business is unique and your clients have individual needs so there’s no cookie cutter approach to success here, just strategies that work, tailored to you and your unique business. 

I started Business Coaching in 2016 and I loved the work I was doing, working with incredible heart-driven women to create freedom, success, financial abundance and so much more in their lives. I drew on my decade long career as an Accountant (yes! Don’t worry, I am fun!) and working in management consulting to provide insight, strategy and advice for these women to grow their business. While I loved the work, I noticed there was something missing. A theme continued to emerge with my clients. 

They were holding themselves back – unintentionally of course – but the biggest thing stopping them from kicking the goals they wanted to in their business, was them! All the strategy and accountability weren’t enough when self sabotage, fear of success, fear of failure, imposter syndrome #allthethings reared their head. I could clearly see there was a missing piece to creating success as an online coach or solo-preneur. Mindset was critical.

Knowing this, I enrolled in my own Coaching Certification – I’m now certified with the best in the world, the Life Coach School – so that not only could I support my clients with the very practical business strategy side, I could also support them in getting out of their own way and finally creating the business they wanted. I realised we needed all of it. That’s why I created my own signature framework for business success: Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery.

It’s clear to me, after implementing this with my clients to create results that blow their mind, that we need all three to create success beyond our wildest dreams.

Since I started my coaching business, I’ve had my second child, relocated my family to the Gold Coast and get to live in the location of our dreams. I’ve created the life I used to daydream out the window about in my old grey, Corporate life. I’ve also supported numerous clients to create success on their terms and ultimately a life beyond their wildest dreams. You can read more about the kind of magic my clients have created whilst working together here.

Want to know more?

I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with the vision of living a fairly conventional life. Grow up, go to Uni, get a job and work my way up the Corporate ladder. It was what I’d always seen myself doing and was the only way I knew to make the money and live the lifestyle I wanted to. Except, once I was in it, it wasn’t. It was unfulfilling, long hours and ultimately I felt like I had lost my purpose and was not living out my dream for MY life.

Sound familiar?

During that period I found personal development and started seeing how much I was living out everyone else’s version of success, not mine. A lot happened over the course of 7 years that led me to finally create my business. My partner and I moved to a small city in Australia to live a quieter pace of life, I suffered from crippling anxiety and felt like I was never living up to the expectations I set for myself. I was doing well in my career but personally it never felt like enough. I had our first child and in the first three weeks of being a new mum, my dad had a stroke and I became his responsible adult until he eventually passed 18 months later. It was a hugely stressful and transformative period. Everything that happened cemented for me that really, we just get one life. Why live out someone else’s version of it if it doesn’t feel good?

I knew I had so much to offer and finally got the courage to start my own Coaching business. The path wasn’t the overnight success we often read online, the funny thing was, with all my business experience, I knew what I needed to do, but just like I saw in my clients, I was holding myself back from really going after what I wanted.

So much of my journey has been mindset. This work has been the thing that has allowed me to show up for the strategy and ultimately create everything I have now. So I totally get it. I get the fear, the frustration and I also know EXACTLY what changes this and causes the breakthrough. I’ve lived and breathed it. I now am the CEO and Coach in my own successful coaching business. A business that allows me to set my own hours, create an income higher than I ever earnt as a Corporate Accountant (which was over 6 figures by the way) and live in the location of my choice – no longer forced into big cities for my career and have the time to walk my daughter to and from school everyday. It’s possible!

Every day I get to live the dream and I love helping passionate, purpose driven coaches do the same. I’m on a mission to support Coaches to go out and make that impact through changing lives and the income they desire, likely MORE than they need or believe is possible as I know from that place of overflow, a special kind of magic is created!

Why I do what I do

It excites me like nothing else because I know that when I support my clients to work with their clients, the end result is that person’s life will be transformed. The work we do as Coaches is literally LIFE CHANGING. Our clients lives are changed from the work we do. Whether it’s helping them with their health, mindset, parenting, money, career, finding purpose, business, relationships or anything else, I’ve seen it enough to know that the transformation that comes through working with a coach 100% changes lives. And you know what? That person with a new outlook, mindset and energy in the world sparks a ripple effect, touching their family, friends, colleagues and community. 

I know it to be true when people are living more fulfilled, healthy, happy and prosperous lives, their vibration alone makes an impact. Let alone all the very tangible flow on effects. 

What I also see time and again is that when my clients are hired by a client, they are empowering themselves financially and you know what I know? Money in the hands of conscious women is circulated in ways that increase abundance for all. When incredible women like YOU are living from abundance jobs are provided for other people in businesses and homes, conscious money decisions are made and that money is spent in ways that make a difference, whether it’s organic food, handmade or ethical clothes and toys, higher end groceries with less plastic and packaging, it all comes from the overflow of moving beyond surviving. They donate and contribute to causes that matter and they get to gratefully splurge when THEY decide to. That is power and I personally want to see more of it.

I want you to know that what you’re dreaming is possible and I’m here to help you create all of it and MORE.

Are you ready to get out of your own way and have the best person on your team to help you create the business and life you know you’re meant for?

If you’re done wondering when your coaching business is going to work for you…

If you’re ready to get visible, stand out as a leader and connect with your future clients, and…

If you’re ready to sign clients consistently and make more money in your business…

You’re absolutely in the right place head right this way to find out more about my coaching services and how working with me can create all of this and more. 

Professional Bio

Laura is a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist. She works with coaches to make an impact and an income through Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery, so they can create the business and lifestyle they first dreamt of when they decided to become a coach (and to change the world in the process – no biggie!).

Laura is passionate about supporting transformational coaches on this journey after realising when she first launched her coaching business how much more there was to creating a sustainable business than having a website. Laura believes that yes, business strategy is crucial and this needs to be combined with the important work of stepping into our power, owning our value and taking on the CEO role in our business. Mindset is key! Laura loves helping coaches grow sustainable coaching businesses so they can get on with changing peoples lives and avoid frustration, burnout and save a hell of a lot of time on their business journey.

Creating a business that is authentic to her, Laura was able to leave her 10 year corporate career move to her dream location where she now lives with her young family on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Certified Life Coach ~ The Life Coach School

Life Coach – Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand – Ongoing

Graduate Certificate in Chartered Accounting – Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ

Masters of Professional Accounting – University of Technology, Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Development) – University of Technology, Sydney