Meet Laura

Mindset Coach + Business Strategist. Entrepreneur. Multi 6 figure business owner. Mum to two.
You’ll find me sipping coffee, wine or kombucha depending on the time and day and
when I’m not behind my desk, I’m most likely beachside.

Hi gorgeous and welcome to my online home.

I’m Laura and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. In my work as a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist I help Coaches grow their impact and income so they can live life their way, doing work they love and carve out success on their own terms.

I do this through my role as a Coach and Strategist working with Coaches in either my Simply Sold Out Method Group Mentoring, inside my high level Private Coaching or my exclusive invite only Supercharge Mastermind.

When I work with you my job is to come onto your team to mentor, coach, advise and strategise with YOU so that you grow the business you were meant for.

While I have frameworks and proven strategies that work, I also recognise that you’re an individual, your business is unique and your clients have individual needs so there’s no cookie cutter approach to success here, just strategies that work, tailored to you and your unique business.

For you to understand why I’m the best Coach you could hire, you probably need to understand my story.


I’m so grateful to live on the Gold Coast in Australia, but this was all once a faraway dream.

I spent years living in a big city so that I could work in Corporate roles in management consulting, corporate advisory and performance improvement with my background as a Chartered Accountant.

I always knew I wanted more. More impact, more freedom, more choice.
The power to call the shots in my own life and see the direct impact on the lives of others
through the work I do.

All things that I didn’t see slaving away in my 9-5. The thing I didn’t realise?

Something different was available to me. That was until I discovered the online world of business
and coaching and a completely new way of living and working revealed itself to me. 

Now I’m not saying it was easy, leaving a 6 figure salary, secure job and embarking on something no one else I knew was doing. But it has been totally worth it.

In April 2019 I had an epiphany, I drew a line in the sand and as they say, “I went all in” on my business. I no longer wanted the life I thought I had to live to be successful. I’d unexpectedly lost my dad just as he finally left working life to not ever get to enjoy his retirement.

I wanted to set my own hours and not be at the demand of anyone else and I wanted to live in a location that wasn’t teeming with opportunities in my previous line of work. I also realised that if I was EVER going to do this, I had to commit and treat this idea like the real business I wanted it to be!

Let’s just say a number of things collided all at once that truly made me realise you only live once and I either got to live my life on everyone else’s terms or, as cliche as it sounds, design my own dream life!

I decided it was my time, I had something to offer the world and I’d had enough
of standing in my own way.
I wanted a life and business that gave me what I valued most;
freedom, independence, success, impact and spaciousness!

Here’s what’s happened in
my business since then:
  • In the first 6 months with two children under 5 and only 1 day a week with no kids at home with me, I had my first $5k cash month
  • Within 12 months I was fully booked and had my first five figure month (which came in at a whopping $14k)
  • I’ve been fully booked with private clients for the last 18 months and have maintained a waitlist for most of this time
  • I expanded my offerings beyond 1-1 and my first group coaching program was a five figure launch
  • Working an average of 20ish hours a week my business had it’s first $100k year
  • Since then the business has hit multiple 6 figure years. I’ve experienced not only consistent $10k months but as the business has grown we’ve seen $20k and $30k months all while I’m still working an average of 25 hours a week!
  • I’ve been published and featured in online publications and podcasts including Yahoo Finance and The Elephant Journal

My Method

After taking my own business to multiple six figures and supporting dozens of clients to grow their coaching business,
there are 4 main stages in the growth of a Coaching business that I see people like you in.

Unseen: You’re excited about starting your business and quickly compile a long list of things to do but marketing is vague and you don’t really know what to do. Procrastination, ​ imposter syndrome, and self-doubt have moved in and you’re feeling unseen and unnoticed (and have very little in the way of clients)​

The Contender: At this stage, you’re visible, consistent, and working with clients (yay!) but you’re never quite fully booked and it feels unpredictable (boo). Your current pricing and structure aren’t compatible with $10k months so you want to raise your rates but potential clients come to you price shopping and interviewing 4 other coaches so it doesn’t seem an option. Something is a little ‘off’ but you can’t quite articulate it.

Building: Here you are fully booked and building future demand. The money is good and you’re feeling solid in your processes with clients, however, time has become scarce, there’s a lot to keep up with and as clients have increased a whole new round of challenges have presented and you know boundaries and business savvy is being asked of you.​

In Demand: You’re fully booked with a waitlist and have expanded your offerings to scale. People come to you already decided they want to work with you and you trust yourself as a Coach and as a CEO. You have a team that has freed up time and capacity meaning you innovate, create, and have time to think. You are seen as a leader in your niche. You feel that sense of freedom, success, and impact and your business has scaled into multi 6 figures. You realise you are living the vision you created this whole thing for. ​

Understanding these 4 key stages is why I created my own signature frameworks,
The Simply Sold Out Method™ and the Six Figure Success Framework™.

These two methodologies combine mindset and strategy and support you to take your business through all the
key milestones from initially getting fully booked through to multiple 6 figures.

This is why so many of my clients stay working with me in the long term. I can support you through all the phases of business
and into scaling towards a million dollar coaching business.

However you do not need to be at the beginning of your coaching journey to benefit from these methods. My clients come to me
at varying stages and together we diagnose strategy and mindset gaps and apply the methods most relevant to you. 

The Simply Sold Out Method™

This method is the foundation of booking out your business initially and on repeat to 6 figures and beyond. Initially we focus on building out your 1-1 coaching practice and from there we can repeat the process as you scale your offers and broaden out your business model.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Design Your Dream Business so that you build a business that matches your vision for life
  2. Simple Client Attraction so that you know how to consistently attract clients into your business on repeat
  3. Successful Sales so that not only can you attract clients, you can convert them into your business to create that win-win for you and your client all in a way that feels good
  4. Uplevelling Mindset so that you can expand and catapult into your next level success.

Once you know how to attract and sign clients on repeat,
we move into 6 figure growth utilising:

The Six Figure Success Framework™

This method has four elements making up the complete framework. They are:

  1. Support and Structure so that you have the support mechanisms to ensure you don’t work harder or more hours as your business grows
  2. Money Making and Mastery so that you have a business model that is sustainable and scaleable to achieve your goals and your confident with the financial pieces to do so
  3. Exceptional Client Experience as the best marketing is happy clients
  4. CEO and Leadership so that you step into self leadership, community leadership and client leadership. Your business can truly only grow as much as you do personally.

“What I loved about working with Laura is her down-to-earth & relatable energy, the blend of strategy and mindset, how simple and clear she makes things.”

There is no fluff at all which is so refreshing! If I were to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be simplifying, expanding and life-changing.

– Sarah Lewis,
Intuitive Business Coach

“Laura made me feel so seen and understood from the get-go, and she made it her mission to help me get the clarity I was seeking– and I did!”

Now I feel like I have so much momentum because I finally have confidence in my message, in my ideal clients, and in the next steps that I need to take to generate more leads and start serving at a bigger level!

Mandy Sciacchitano,
Life Coach

“I loved everything about working with Laura. I felt she just ‘got’ me and I resonated with her practical approach.”

Laura has a lovely way of knowing when to pump you up and support you and when to challenge you and hold you accountable. This allows you to both move forward as well as identifying & breakthrough any limiting beliefs you have.

– Dee Maisey,
Mindset Mum Coach

I know you’re here because yes, you want to get to know me,
but more importantly you care about how I can help you get  results!

Here are some of the wins I have been so proud to cheer on with my clients:

  • In the last year 2 of my clients hit six-figures while pregnant and preparing for maternity leave (and we created a plan to continue income flowing after babies arrived)
  • A number of my clients creating consistent 5 figure months and often finding they’re working less rather than more
  • Creating a group program that sold out twice and having a successful five figure launch
  • Going from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months
  • One client started her coaching business to expand on her existing business in which she has unique expertise and earned back her investment into our work together in just 3 months
  • Another client came to me on furlough during the pandemic and went from charging an hourly rate as an OBM to £20k cash months

While I’m so proud of these monetary results, so much of the work we do is unquantifiable. 

 Often my clients comment that they trust themselves so much more, that the way they see themselves has completely changed, that they realise how unlimited they are, that they feel ease in their business and no longer need to worry about clients. That they’re able to hire support in either their home or business (or both) and get time back, so they’re earning more but actually working less!

All of these results have been created with my signature blend of
Mindset, Marketing and Money Mastery combined with my direct, no BS, no fuss approach
all the while taking into consideration what makes you, your life and your business unique.

This is the place to be if:

You have a mission for more impact, more freedom and
more success on your terms.

You want to blow the lid off what you think is possible for you
in terms of income, business and life.

You believe in doing the work, you don’t shy away from taking action and you’re all in on working smarter not harder!

You WANT the level of freedom, choice and potential that
only comes from having your own business. 

I’ve shared all of this with you to say that if I can do it and
my clients can do it, you can too.

With the right strategy, support and success mindset I promise you
the business and vision you hold for yourself is yours to claim!

Professional Bio

Laura is a Mindset Coach + Business Strategist. She works with coaches to make an impact and an income through Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery, so they can create the business and lifestyle they first dreamt of when they decided to become a coach (and to change the world in the process – no biggie!).

Laura is passionate about supporting transformational coaches on this journey after realising when she first launched her coaching business how much more there was to creating a sustainable business than having a website.

Laura believes that yes, business strategy is crucial and this needs to be combined with the important work of stepping into our power, owning our value and taking on the CEO role in our business. Mindset is key!

Laura loves helping coaches grow sustainable coaching businesses so they can get on with changing peoples lives and avoid frustration, burnout and save a hell of a lot of time on their business journey.

Creating a business that is authentic to her, Laura was able to leave her 10 year corporate career to move to her dream location where she now lives with her young family on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Certified Life Coach – The Life Coach School

Life Coach – Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand – Ongoing

Graduate Certificate in Chartered Accounting – Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ

Masters of Professional Accounting – University of Technology, Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Development) – University of Technology, Sydney

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