I’m Laura O’Hagan. Mindset Coach, Money Mentor and Business Strategist.

I help coaches launch, grow and scale their business so they can create their heart-driven business, create freedom and success on their own terms AND make the impact and income their business was all about in the first place.

I know the three most important aspects of creating success in your online, service based business are Mindset, Marketing and Money Mastery and that’s exactly what I help with.

If you’re driven to make a difference, do meaningful work every day and live a version of success defined by YOU…

Welcome, I’m so happy you’re here.


A bit about me

Hi, I’m Laura. I wasn’t always a coach, I didn’t always run an online business and sidenote – I wasn’t always confident about what I was doing and whether it would work.

I spent a decade working in the Corporate world in Human Resource Development, Management Consulting, Business Improvement and Financial Management and Accounting. I even worked for one of the Big 4 global accounting firms, a GO8 University and Australia’s largest personal insurance group.

I worked my way up and did the things I thought would bring me success in life. I noticed I had this ongoing feeling that I was meant for more. That I was destined to help people and make an impact beyond my corporate career. I’d been a bit of a personal development junkie for years and in contrast to my Corporate career I was living a fairly minimalist life, focused on my values of financial freedom, personal growth and my family. I discovered the secret sauce to living a joyous life and I desperately wanted to share this with others – I could see how unfulfilled, stressed out and in survival mode all those around me were.

I discovered coaching and I was hooked. 

I began working directly with women first on business strategy and then as a Life Coach + Self Worth Mentor. I helped them rewrite their worthiness stories and go for what they truly wanted in life (exactly like I had).

As my business and personal profile grew more and more coaches were reaching out to me. Wanting to work with me, so that they could share their message, get seen, make an impact and an income so they could help people long term and live their wild dream as their day to day life.

I had everything; the experience, the training, the strategy to help coaches grow their business, their impact and their income.

I’d love to work with you.

I know you’re an amazing coach. I also know you’re tired of feeling frustrated, burnt out and overwhelmed and wondering when this thing is actually going to work for you. What you really want is someone who has walked the path before you – someone who can uncomplicate the business building process (hello shortcuts!) and support you to get out of your way and get out there.

If you’re done wondering when your coaching business is going to work for you…

If you’re ready to get visible, stand out as a leader and connect with your future clients, and…

If you’re ready to sign clients consistently and make the leap full time as a coach…

You’re absolutely in the right place head right this way to find out more about my coaching services and how I can help. Let’s make those dreams of yours a reality. 

Professional Bio

Laura is a Mindset Coach, Money Mentor + Business Strategist. She works with coaches to make an impact and an income through Mindset, Marketing + Money Mastery, so they can create the business and lifestyle they first dreamt of when they decided to become a coach (and to change the world in the process – no biggie!).

Laura is passionate about supporting transformational coaches on this journey after realising when she first launched her coaching business how much more there was to creating a sustainable business than having a website. Rewriting her own beliefs and learning how to get an online coaching business off the ground, Laura loves helping coaches do this so they can avoid frustration, resentment and burnout and save a hell of a lot of time on their business journey.

Creating a business that is authentic to her, Laura was able to leave her 10 year corporate career move to her dream location where she now lives with her young family on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Certified Life Coach – Beautiful You Coaching Academy 2016

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand – Ongoing

Graduate Certificate in Chartered Accounting – Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ 2013

Masters of Professional Accounting – University of Technology, Sydney 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Development) – University of Technology, Sydney 2007

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