Stories, results, love notes and testimonials from my incredible clients

Meet Aimee

“I went from charging an hourly rate to my first £20k month and am now planning my first £40k launch”

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Aimee Browne

Time and Business Strategist

Five figure months and a new level of ease in business

“Working with Laura has been the best investment ever for myself and my business!

I’ve had my first $10k month and then I hit $13.6k month which is unreal! I now have such ease in my business, which I think might be a bigger win than the financial win. Knowing that my system works, that clients want to work with me and that it all feels easy is SO nice. I also look super visible with strategies we’ve implemented and delegating to team members, but for me, I put minimal time into my visibility efforts.

Laura is incredible. She connects strategy and mindset really well and making mindset a tangible part of my goals has really helped me. I’m so proud of what we have done over the 5 months. I was struggling to call myself a coach, now I have confidence in how I work with clients. I have a system and I know how to recognise who I want as my clients and how I can help get them the best results. Before Laura I was doing SO much random shit. It was crazy, I was saying yes to everything. Now if someone wants to work with me there are three ways and that’s it. This clarity has created so much ease and space for me. It really is incredible.

If I had to describe my coaching experience in three words they would be; magical, fantastic, I-love-it-and-working-with-Laura-has-been-the-best-investment-ever-for-myself-and-my-business.”

Tori Kopke

The Rural Business Coach

0 to 5 clients in 3 months and my first $5k cash month

“In our time working together I have completely shifted my business with a clear focus on 1-1 coaching. I now have a clear strategy for marketing and sales and it works! I have so much more confidence in myself and my business and my mindset is stronger than ever. I also went from 0 to 5 clients in 3 months as well as a number of intensives and have so many more people interested in working with me. I also had my first $5k cash month…. And most importantly I believe so much more is possible for me! I know my success is inevitable and that I’m only just getting started!

What I loved about working with Laura is her down-to-earth & relatable energy, the blend of strategy and mindset, how simple and clear she makes things. There is no fluff at all which is so refreshing! If I were to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be simplifying, expanding and life-changing.”

Sarah Lewis

Intuitive Business Coach

6 clients in two months!

“Laura is an incredible coach.

When we started our sessions I had a goal to sign 3 clients and to gain confidence in the online coaching space. By our last session I had 6 signed clients and a clear goal of where I wanted my business to go in 2020. I have already made it a mission of mine to work with her next year because our time together was invaluable.

Thank you Laura – you’re so much more than I could have hoped for!” Anna Veale

Coach, Fresh Coaching

Income doubled, successful pivot, signing clients with ease and a next level life!

“Working with Laura was lifechanging!

During the time we worked together I completely transformed my business and in turn, my life. I successfully pivoted my business in only 6 months and now confidently own my new title as a Small Business Consultant & Coach – something I would have baulked at only months ago. I am consistently booking clients for one off sessions and 3 month programs, and am confident I will continue to do so. In 6 months I have made the same amount of sales that I made for the entire last financial year.

 Working with Laura gave me permission to dream big and realise it was possible. I’m doing work that feels effortless and self actualising. I’m excited about the direction my business is headed, the exact opposite of the feeling of dread that I was experiencing 6 months ago. Thank you Laura for helping me take my business and my life to the next level!”

Kristen Vink

Small Business Coach + Consultant

“I am well on my way to living my coaching business dream”

“When I first connected with Laura I was really at the beginning of my business. I wanted to grow my social media following/audience, develop my coaching programmes and get some proper clients!! The biggest change I have noticed in myself is my mindset and my professional and personal momentum have really shifted. I am more confident and more relaxed, and that is opening up more opportunities! The ball is starting to roll.

We worked together as the global pandemic just began and being coached by Laura over that very challenging time kept me focused and working towards my dream of having a thriving coaching practice. I shifted personally and professionally, I created three signature programmes for my coaching, and I signed 4 high-level Executive Coaching clients! I am well on my way to living my coaching business dream.” 

Julia Harig

Executive Coach

Content plan, control and 2 new clients!

“Working with Laura has helped me feel in control. For the first time in two years, I have a clear strategy and a plan I can stick to. I have content coming out of my ears and scheduled in advance! I also have two paying clients in my program! Whoohoo!

I just wanted to thank you, Laura. I learnt a lot from you in our time together. I have a clearer vision of my business and feel in a short time I have made leaps and bounds!” Ashley Winning

Post Partum Doula and Motherhood Guide, The Motherhood Circle

Strategy, client funnel and confidence to boot

“Working with Laura has resulted in me creating a clear business strategy, a funnel for growing my clients and the confidence to connect with new people, run workshops and I ran my first webinar! – all things that felt like pipedreams before I started working with Laura.

Laura has also helped me work ‘on’ my business and realise and believe that I am the CEO of this company. That was a huge mindset shift for me, one that would never have happened without her. She also helped me with operations and turning the business in to a Company, she walked me through it within her own capabilities and referred out (to an accountant) when necessary. Laura’s professionalism, expertise and support never waver. She is on hand whenever I need her. It’s great to have a business coach that can help with both your own mindset and mental well-being as well as have the business experience to back up all the coaching advice and strategy.

Since working with Laura,  I have noticed I am so much more positive, in general. I’m more resilient to stress and the little voice in my head telling me that I am an imposter. Laura helped me realise that what I am doing is enough and important and that there is scope to do it and create a great living from doing the thing that I LOVE. I feel like I have someone constantly in my corner and she is such a great support whenever I need it!

Laura you have helped me kick goals! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, and my business would not be evolving and growing like it is without your guidance and support. Thankyou.”

Rebecca Hall

Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach, The Wellness Hall

“I refuse to hold myself back anymore”

“The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is letting go of perfectionism and second guessing everything. Our work together has helped me show up and get visible online, which always felt so scary! I have a goal that I’m working towards. I know that I can achieve it and I’ve had a huge shift in mindset – I refuse to hold myself back anymore!I feel really excited and hopeful for the future!”

Heather Burns

Mindset Coach

1 New Client and a Discovery Call booked in a week! Craft Content with Ease Intensive

“I recently pivoted my Coaching Business and was looking for clarity with my messaging, what to post, where to post and how to be more visible outside of my current network.

 The most important thing I am taking away from the ‘Craft Content with Ease Intensive’ is clarity on how to move forward with my new niche, an action plan that I’ve already implemented and so far I have 1 new client and 1 further Discovery Call booked – and that was in just 1 week!” Kaia Hunter

Money Coach

“I wholeheartedly believe that I am in the right place doing the business I am meant to be doing

When I first connected with Laura I was at the beginning stages of my business and I didn’t really know what the next steps were. I knew I needed direction, accountability and a plan. 

In our time working together I booked my first paying clients, had the courage to run a webinar I’d been procrastinating, have a process to create engaging content, have implemented business systems and structure and my social media following has increased. I also have confidence, clarity, and self-belief in myself and my business.

I wholeheartedly believe that I am in the right place doing the business I am meant to be doing. I have direction and know the steps I need to take to make my business a success. I am now starting to look at my business through the eyes of a business owner as opposed to someone who has a hobby.

I loved everything about working with Laura. I felt she just ‘got’ me and I resonated with her practical approach. Throughout our time working together I appreciated her mix of mindset work with business strategy. Laura has a lovely way of knowing when to pump you up and support you and when to challenge you and hold you accountable. This allows you to both move forward as well as identifying & breakthrough any limiting beliefs you have.

If I were to describe my coaching experience in 3 words they would be: Empowering, Insightful, Valuable.”

Dee Maisey

Mindset Mum Coach

“As a result of working together I have more confidence getting visible.”

I began working with Laura because I was struggling to get clients, I was unsure where I needed to direct my attention and I felt overwhelmed by everything I needed to do.

During our time working together I created an email list and had my first 10 sign-ups! I also signed my first external client whereas previously all of my clients had come through people I knew. Initially, this client said they needed to think about working with me in our Discovery Call and Laura was able to guide me through following up and overcoming objections and that client signed up! I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do that client if it wasn’t for Laura’s suggestions and support.

If I had to describe my experience in three words I would say inspiring, careful and helpful.”

Kiara Johnson

Health + Wellness Coach

Clarity + Content Intensive

“If you are struggling with getting clarity in your business, I highly recommend working with Laura!

Before our session, I had spent about 9 months going through a “rebrand” and trying to pinpoint my new message and ideal client. I had invested thousands of dollars in programs, but felt like the coaches weren’t really hearing me or asking the thoughtful questions to help me gain more clarity.

Laura made me feel so seen and understood from the get-go, and she made it her mission to help me get the clarity I was seeking– and I did! Now I feel like I have so much momentum because I finally have confidence in my message, in my ideal clients, and in the next steps that I need to take to generate more leads and start serving at a bigger level!

Laura is perceptive, thoughtful, and her follow-up was invaluable to keep me from just “setting it and forgetting it” after our session. Thanks Laura!” Mandy Sciacchitano

Life Coach

Possessing the ideal combination of professional expertise, real life experience and a genuine desire to see her clients succeed, Laura was able to expertly identify the gaps in my business operations and work with me to address them. Pamela Patane

Life Coach

“Laura’s energy and drive to help coaches is infectious. I highly recommend her!

I recently worked with Laura in her Craft Content with Ease Intensive. I was struggling with creating content as well as marketing to my clients. As a result of working together I have a clear, easy process to use to create content for both social media and my website effectively. Laura was fabulous and answered all my questions with confidence and great knowledge, I highly recommend her.”

Laura Kolomyjec

Mumma Zen Health Coaching

“I’ve noticed my following and engagement has increased and I have more people responding and reaching out.

As a result of the Craft Content with Ease Intensive I’ve noticed my following and engagement has increased and I have more people responding and reaching out.

The biggest takeaway from our session is that I now have a practical way to plan and create content. I’m able to target content for my ideal client and because we spent time brainstorming ideas I find I’m avoiding procrastination and am more intentional with my content.”

I am so grateful I did this intensive session. It certainly exceeded my expectations and has made a huge difference in my business. What I learnt in this session, I will be able to take with them throughout my entrepreneur journey.”

Renae O'Neill

Life Coach

More results my clients have achieved during our time working together:

  • Quit her 9-5 day job and going full time in her coaching biz
  • Many five figure cash months
  • Her first six figure year
  • A £4,500 CASH week
  • Doubling the income in her business
  • Booking out coaching businesses
  • Going from charging $40 per coaching session to having her first $10k month
  • Being published in large media outlets like Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Medium
  • Empowering themselves financially to hire their first cleaner and book an overseas trip for their entire family

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