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Looking to increase profit, reap more financial reward from your business and confidently manage cashflow? Check out these free resources.

6-Figure Salary Blueprint

How To Pay Yourself a 6 Figure Salary From Your Business.

This guide gives you the exact steps to pay yourself a 6 figure salary from your business. Use the simple Yes/No flowchart to be pointed to what YOUR business needs to pay yourself that dream salary.

Profitability Performance Benchmarks

Instantly assess the profitability and performance of your business with target benchmarks tailored to the size and scale of your business. Includes a step by step guide so that you can instantly understand how your business is performing.

Five Ways to increase profitability

This guide details 5 ways spa, salon and clinic owners can increase the profitability of their business without having to cut costs or acquire a tonne of new clients. Are you ready to work smarter instead of harder to take home more from your business?

Unlock your profit potential quiz

Discover how to increase profitability, pay yourself six figures, and master cashflow with our interactive quiz designed for small businesses. Gain valuable insights to understand Profit First and unlock your business’s profit potential.

Four Steps to financial health in business

This free guide reveals 4 financial health strategies to improve the financial health of your business. Simple and easy to follow this guides will empower you financially in your business with immediately actionable steps. 

Get the core chapters from the profit first book

Curious to hear what all the fuss is about? You can download the core chapters from Profit First and have them sent straight to your inbox to read right now. Sign up and I’ll have the core chapters sent straight to you.

Tools and systems I use to optimally run my business

When you’re looking to start or upgrade the systems in your Coaching Business, it can be utterly overwhelming.
I get that and some of the most commonly asked questions for me from both my clients and community alike
are what systems I use to run my 6 figure coaching business.

Here I’ve created a resource for you of the systems I use to save me time and headache
and allow me to focus on my core work, working with clients to grow their business.

Satori is the program I use for end to end management of clients. I use it for the complete client journey including Discovery Calls, pre-coaching and pre-session questionnaires, contract acceptance, session scheduling, billing and as a CRM.

It’s the perfect solution to reduce administrative work in your business relating to booking, accepting, invoicing and managing your coaching programs. 

Sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

Email Marketing: ConvertKit

Convertkit is the email provider I personally choose to use (and love) in my business. It’s streamlined, easy to use and affordable and allows me to offer freebies, deliver paid email programs and fully integrates with WordPress to create landing/signup pages, as well of course as making sending regular emails a breeze.

I also love that while it’s easy to use in terms of setting up landing pages, seperate lists and nurture sequences, it has sophisticated capabilities like tagging users, recording which readers click with the ability to create further sequences for them, creating automations and rules and easily allowing for many different freebies, sequences and ways to segment your list suiting users from beginner all the way through to advanced features with large lists.

Sign up for a 14 day free trial here.

This page includes affiliate links for some of the recommendations I have made.
This means if you sign up or purchase from this page, I may receive a small commission.

Please know I only recommend systems or products that I am currently using in my business
and that I love and personally recommend to my clients and community. 

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