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You’ve got a big vision for your life and business?

And you’re here because your business isn’t giving you the financial reward you know it could.

You got into business because you’re passionate about the work you do with your clients in your health, beauty or professional services business.

You’re good at what you do. 

In fact, you’re excellent at what you do.

You’re not alone in delivering an amazing service to your clients and still feeling stressed, overwhelmed and maybe even ‘out of your depth’ when it comes to the financial performance of your business. In fact, it’s really, really common.

    That’s why I created this guide; Four Steps to Financial Health

    Because I want to see you getting the financial reward, feeling calm and confident in your business and knowing your on the path to realising the full potential of your business.

    This guide will walk you through:

    • Why continuing to work harder doesn’t lead to more profits (and what to do instead)
    • How improving your businesses financial health is just like improving your physical health, with clear takeaways on what that actually looks like for each of the four principles taught inside
    • Two easy action steps you can do immediately to start banking cash profit from your business (or more cash profit from your business) even if you’ve never had an actual cash profit before.

    What are you waiting for? Your new financial future is waiting. 

    Hi, I’m Laura!

    Your Profit and Growth Consultant and helps health, beauty and professional services business owners to pay themselves more, consistently, increase profit and reap more financial reward from their business while they grow the business aligned with their ultimate vision, ensuring profitability is prioritised every step of the way. She is a Profit First Professional, a Chartered Accountant and certified coach and brings a unique multi-modal approach blending strategic advisory, the Profit First framework, mindset coaching and consulting.

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