Visioneer the ultimate version of your business and create your most profitable year yet.

The next twelve months can be your most lucrative in business. 

Finally live the life your business was designed to create for you…

Elite is exclusively for service based business owners in the health, beauty and professional services industries who want to create profitable growth in their business and get the financial reward that spells SUCCESS.

Elite is not just a coaching program; it’s a roadmap to success for service-based business owners seeking profitable growth, financial abundance, and the coveted lifestyle that signifies true success.

Success to you is creating that highest vision you hold for your business, paying yourself a 6 figure salary from the business (at least) and knowing that your business no longer demands more and more hours from you to generate profit and growth.

If your ambitions align with:

  • Extracting more financial reward from your business in the next 12 months,
  • Growing your business strategically with a high-performing team,
  • Attaining elite status in both financial and business performance,
  • Having your business seamlessly provide for the lifestyle you deserve,

Congratulations! You’re already part of the Elite.

Elite is designed with the ultimate version of your business, financial reward, profitability and lifestyle in mind.

This is created by reverse engineering your ultimate vision into quarterly plans, Profit First in your business, supporting you with mindset growth as you become the CEO and leader of your business, honing in on your offers, strategy, time and team. 

If you are serious about creating an elite level of business, stepping into your vision and extracting more financially on the way, book a call below. 

Right now you’re caught between two worlds

You could Do It Yourself

On one hand, you could create a plan, buy Profit First, put deadlines in your calendar and slog away at it like you have been already.

But learning everything and then coming up with all of this on your sounds like a painfully dry, not to mention absolute time sucking way to change the trajectory of your business.

And there’s no guarantees it will actually change the trajectory of your business.

Plus you’ll have to tackle the process of learning the complexities of financial benchmarks and where your business should be aiming for on your own

You could keep spending on Marketing

On the other hand, you could hire another social media or marketing agency to come up with yet another marketing plan that either you execute on or they down with you. 

The truth is you’ve already been doing this and while sometimes it works better than others, what it doesn’t take into account is that your spending lots and having to deliver more as a result but you’re already out of hours and profitability is not heading up. In fact the costs of your marketing spend is making you feel sick when you look at it over the last 12 months and you’re still not getting the financial reward you expected to. 

This keeps you on the constant hamster wheel of spending more to generate more and then finding more hours in the day to see these new clients.

Whichever way you look at it, the cost to you in time, learning and the cost of NOT paying yourself more and taking home profit is high.

What if there was another option?


One where you are guided to increase profitability, to plan your most profitable year, to uplevel your mindset and become the ultimate leader you know you can be and grow your business in a way that brings your version of success into reality?


Sounds too good to be true?


It’s time we met.

Hi! I’m Laura O’Hagan

Business owner, mum, gym junkie, secret reality TV lover (hello Selling Sunsets), Profit First Professional, Chartered Accountant and certified mindset coach. I’m your Profit and Growth Consultant. 

I’ve spent my entire career helping businesses drive improved financial and business performance. From my Corporate Career working as a Management Consultant and working with businesses in the multi-multi-millions through to the last 5 years working with clients in the health, beauty and professional services industries, discovering what it takes to run a truly profitable business, to grow sustainably and to scale into the ultimate version of their business. 

I know the passion and purpose you bring to your business. I know you love the work you do with your clients, providing exceptional services to them that truly help them AND I want to see that translate to financial reward to you.

I no longer want you crossing your fingers and hoping for “payday one day”, I want to see you paying yourself a 6 figure salary now, I want to see you taking home profit and paying it out in cash to you (and any other owners of the business) every quarter, I want to see you growing your business in a way that protects your time and gives it back to you and know that profit is built into your business every step of the way.

I want you to run a fiscally elite business and I want you feeling elated in life too.


No more spending your time and hard-earned small business dollars hoping for the pay off one day.

No more sleepless nights worrying about your tax bill, payroll or being able to pay yourself enough to cover your own living costs.

No more headache when you think about money and leaving the stress and overwhelm that you once felt about business finances behind and instead feeling calm, confident and in control.

Introducing you to….

Elite: Your Most Lucrative Year in Business

Your twelve month journey to completely transforming the financial position of your business, becoming confident as a money manager and with your money mindset and growing your business into the dream business you know it can be.

Elite is an experience designed to give you the tailored to you business strategies, dedicated time for CEO thinking and planning, practical implementation support including full implementation of Profit First, mindset, confidence and leadership development. It’s the fast track to the success you have for your business in your minds eye.

Here’s how we’ll create your most successful and profitable business:

Financial Health Assessment and Complete Implementation of Profit First in your business

Our first month together will include clarity on the current state of the financial performance of your business and a series of completely bespoke recommendations that will guide the first quarter of our work together.

2 Luxe Immersive CEO Retreats

Leave the day to day of your business and home life behind as we carve out time to strategise and develop your business.

Hosted over two days this includes some fun and surprise R&R, Business Development Session and Quarterly Planning Session and Business. Hosted over two full days all inclusive, all you need to do is pay and orgainse your flights and accommodation. We will agree on a location in Australia for each of these retreats.

2 Quarterly Growth Planning Sessions

These sessions are held in the alternating quarters to the in-person retreat and are a half day online experience where together we review, refine and plan your activities and focus for the next quarter, ensuring you are on track to creating your most profitable and growth filled year. 

 Private Coaching Sessions a Quarter

These are set as two sessions per month in the first two months of each quarter and one session in the final month of the quarter with the retreat or Quarterly Growth Planning Session to take place at the end of each quarter. This is where the magic happens, working on designing and implementing strategy, accountability and planning as well as breaking through big blocks as you elevate your business into your ultimate vision, increase profitability and create your most lucrative year yet.

You will be supported every step of the way.

Private Communication Channel

This is a dedicated private space where we track work, share documentation and continue to answer questions and ensure you are moving forward between sessions. Think about this as having me available for chat in your back pocket. 

Ongoing Document Review and Support

Want my eyes on your financials, your growth plan, a sales page or an email you’ve planned to send. You get dedicated review time from me every week providing feedback, insight or commentary on your work.


Ready to have your most lucrative year in business?

Due to the high-touch nature of this experience, places are extremely limited with only 3 places available a year.

Book your call here and let’s discuss your transformation to Elite.

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